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  1. That's a great price for an 800, glwts.
  2. I actually quite like these
  3. I have a Diane also, although mine is the nn version (Dianne). Do what she says, Dian(n)es are not to be trifled with as you well know!
  4. Nicky

    Dali 2.8 suite I had a pair of these, great speakers fot the money
  5. Nicky

    Oracle Delphi

    Thought this might be of interest
  6. ....other than the fully working pair which only have one tweeter...
  7. A look at his other items reveals that he only deals in speakers with SUPERB SOUND!!!!!!
  8. Uzzy the Ushers don't vibrate in anyway the whole setup is rock solid, I think hski was talking about speakers he had. I agree with you about the footprint but I love standmounts.....for the time being anyway.
  9. Agreed, it all sounds good as and any benefit would be minimal to non existent I guess. I shall point my idle fingers elsewhere.
  10. GRAY you have probably hit the nail on the head, I could well be fiddling for fiddlings sake.
  11. I did wonder if it was purely a question of the design of the Usher stands making an accident a possibility if bolts were not used. I should say I have not seen a pair in person so that would be a guess.
  12. Daft question that I should probably know the answer to but... do the spikes also constitute coupling?
  13. My Usher 718 DMDs currently sit on Partington Broadside stands, gel blobs on top and spikes below onto a cement floor. I thought I might try drilling the stands and bolting the speakers to them as Usher intended with their dedicated stands. Any thoughts on the merits of this? Also if I was to bolt them together should it be speaker to stand directly or would it be best to have something in between, neoprene tape maybe? Any thoughts or advice would be welcome. N
  14. I've had my rcd 991 for yonks, a great cd player which I now use as a transport. The drawer mechanism is at times hilarious in operation!
  15. Or you could save up a few more pennies and aquire this
  16. Daft price, but that thing is really clean.
  17. Pick up the pieces - Average White Band
  18. One benefit of the spiked feet (and this can be measured 😏) is that it shortens the depth of the the amp just enough that it fits on my rack, to the millimetre.
  19. Jules, as a long time Tinnitus sufferer myself (commercial diving caused mine) you have both my sympathy and my hopes for your recovery from your new condition. I still hope for a cure one day myself, it would be lovely to be able to sit in silence now and again.
  20. I run an nv 600 into stand mounted speakers and from that pespective it is more than adequate, I agree with Von Krolock, you get sucked into turning it up pretty much constantly, or I do anyway. Makes my Ushers sing. 600 or 800, nice decision to have make, good luck!
  21. From the first time I heard it and to this day, I cannot listen to Spirit of Eden without tearing up. RIP Mark.