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  1. Bump for NOS Mullard ECC83. Reduced to £60 delivered by RM 1st class signed for.
  2. Matched trio of used ECC83s now sold stp. Only the NOS ECC83 at £65 plus postage remains.
  3. Mullard ECC83 x1 - Bought NOS. Never used. £65 plus postage. Mullard M8137 x1 - Bought NOS. Never used. SOLD Mullard ECC83 x3 - Bought NOS as matched trio. Used for around 6 months. SOLD
  4. Prices reduced. EQ-88 phono stage - £850 plus postage. MT-88 SUT - £550 plus postage Buy both £1350 plus postage.
  5. The items for sale are all in perfect working order and very nice cosmetic condition. Only selling as I have bought an Aurorasound Vida. I was shocked how close this Luxman gear came in terms of performance to the Vida. Really very little between them. Luxman EQ-88 Valve Phono Stage (MM only) complete with OPEQ-88 power supply and umbilical - £895 plus postage. I bought this as New Old Stock in November 2017. I have the original Luxman boxes for both the phono stage and the power supply. Supplied with a trio of brand new JJ ECC83S valves. Input Sensitivity/input Impedance: 1.5mV/47KΩ Gain: 40dB Output/output impedance: 150mV/600Ω Inputs: RCA, one pair Outputs: RCA, one pair Vacuum Tube Compliment: ECC83S x 3 Dimensions: 4.3 “ (W) x 4” (H) x 12.4 “ (D) Weight: 5 lbs. Luxman MT-88 Step Up Transformer - £595 plus postage Some design info System|LR independent autotransformer Core Type|Toroidal Core Material|Nano-crystal soft magnetic material Coil|OFC and shellac varnish impregnation Gain|26dB Frequency Response|10Hz ~ 100KHz (+0, – 0dB) Total Harmonic Distortion|0.050% (100Hz), 0.003% (1KHz and 10KHz) Channel Separation/Deviation|Above 98dB/within 0.1dB Input Impedance|3Ω Output Impedance|2KΩ Load Impedance|Above 47KΩ Dimensions|3.5” (W) x 3.3” (H) x 9.4” (D) Weight|4 lbs. Luxman AD8000 / 8020 silver wired Step Up Transformer - SOLD A much sought after and rare vintage silver wired Luxman AD8000 SUT base with 8020 step up transformer. A silver SUT of this quality and performance would cost an arm and leg today. A flagship Luxman SUT from the late 70s which provides an option for quick exchange of step up for different impedance pickups (you can find 8030 low impedance transformer and simply plug it in instead of 8020. There is also an 8025. More info: Step-up ratio : 1 : 10 = 20dB Optimum primary impedance : 20...40 Ohm Input overload voltage : 70mV Optimum secondary impedance : 47kOhm...50kOhm Frequency response : 10Hz...100Khz (-1dB) THD : 0,003% (1Khz, 200mV output at secondary side) 1Khz separation : > 90dB Electromagentic shield : -95dBm (1œ standard magnetic field) Weight : 100g. Some internal photos of the EQ-88 and MT-88: