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  1. Thanks Phil and Keith. Definitely on the audition short list.
  2. Thanks guys all very helpful, especially how they have developed from model to model.
  3. Thanks Craig. What were the main differences you found between the Unison and Primare? BTW , I like your classic race car icon picture. Thanks Phil, I will be interested in your thoughts.
  4. My Harbeth HL-K6 (built for Eastern market - Compact 7 main driver and P3 tweeter).
  5. I'm looking for a second hand integrated amp for use in the summer as my Jolida valve amp (2 pairs of el34s in push pull) makes the room rather hot. The 3 amps in the title (Copland CSA29 vs Unison Research Unico vs Primare i30) seem to have a similar sound to my Jolida from reviews. I listen to a wide range of music from female vocals to Pink Floyd and some classical. Any feedback from someone with experience of the above amps or another that fits the bill would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Just looked them up and they are now in Stoke on Trent. A bit too far to audition. There are so many small floor standing speakers it's difficult to do a comparison. PMC are too detailed and tiring for me, so perhaps Spendor may fit the bill (easier to get an audition).
  7. Thanks. What way would you go for a small floor standing speaker?
  8. I quite fancy trying a smallish floor standing speaker having had stand mounts so far. The Usher Mini Dancer One looks like it could fit the bill. Is there anyone around the Milton Keynes area using these and would be happy for me to have a listen? cheers
  9. Hi Phil     re valve integrated amp.

    I may be selling my little Jolida JD102B in the near future (playing with a different solid state setup as gone to less efficient speakers) which will be a little above your budget £350.

    Let us know if interested.


  10. I do not have the boxes but could wrap in cardboard quite securely. I have sent stands before with success. The postage would be quite expensive due to the weight.
  11. Target Audio Speaker Stands made in England. Excellent condition. Black. Suit Spendor, Harbeth, Quad, ATC, etc., speakers. Height 16.5” (42 cms) Top Plate 7.5” x 7.5” (19 x19 cms) Bottom Plate 10” x 12” (25.3cms x 30.5 cms). £55