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  1. batteredhaggis

    Notre Dame Cathederal fire

    Hotworks are a constant source of risk on historic building sites, even when elaborate precautions are taken. There are cries of arson all over the internet today, but the fire is much more likely to have been accidental. Unsurprisingly there are other conspiracy theories. One news organisation claims 2/3rds of the building has been totally destroyed It's not surprising some of the stone vaulting has failed with heavy oak timbers falling on to the very thin skin, but I'm amazed how much of the fabric has survived, including the organ - a minor miracle. The fire fighters appear to have been extremely careful in the way they used water. One picture I saw this morning of the remains of the scaffold tower over the crossing after the fire was extinguished seems particularly poignant. There is a perfect inverted vee remaining, a ghostly after-image of the roof. One Parisian cathedral architect interviewed today seemed to be saying it will be restored as closely as possible to how it was. I disagree with that approach, as I see these as living buildings that periodically experience catastrophes but which usually rise up again, often in altered form as a consequence of more evolved building techniques. The spire which collapsed so dramatically was after all built as part of Viollet-le-Duc's nineteenth century restoration. Mediaeval gothic architecture was all about maximising the glorification of God by creating seemingly impossible structures and light-filled spaces with the best materials and technologies that were available at the time. I wonder what the master masons would have made of our modern materials and abilities. I suspect they would leap on the opportunity to make their great creations more luminous than they could ever have imagined. I'm not religious, but it seems fitting as Easter approaches there is already so much optimism amid the devastation and understandable outpourings of grief.
  2. A plephora (sic) AKA, a metric schitt tron.
  3. batteredhaggis

    Notre Dame Cathederal fire

    By coincidence, I was listening to Olivier Latry's recent album 'Bach to the Future' (sounds much better than the title) when I saw the news. I couldn't believe it. Latry and Dubois must be in tears now, although the irreplaceable Cavaillé-Coll organ is situated at the west end and mostly away from the current extents of the fire. I'm struggling to keep them away myself having visited the cathedral and heard the marvellous organ many times. To hell with Brexit, this will take a massive, international effort to rebuild. The correct architectural approach will take much time to determine. As a former student of the burnt-out GSA, I will be interested to see how that will take shape. As a young graduate, I spent six months climbing the north-west tower of St Pauls daily after John Paul Getty 'bestowed' $5m on Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London - and on a whim - to clean the West Front, despite other more pressing works. The sense of connection with Wren's stonework and with the nation's heritage was immense. Can you imagine how the people of France feel tonight? Edit: I've just seen the most recent drone images showing the building's roof engulfed by fire from the chancel to the west towers. This is an absolute tragedy. I doubt the organ can be saved now, although it is but a small piece of what was one humankind's finest achievements. Solidarité
  4. batteredhaggis

    F/S: SME Model 10a turntable and arm

    As I've had interest in the Model 10 arm as a separate item, I would consider separating it from the deck if anyone wanted the turntable without arm for £1625.
  5. batteredhaggis

    The Gallery - photos only !

    Kenneth had been worried about the big teapot but was pleased it hadn't harboured any rebel scum. Now it was nearly four o’clock. His Kendal mint cake had gone in the first hour and his cod-piece wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the NCOs had lead him to believe.
  6. batteredhaggis

    FREE Gerbil cage, 7200RPM wheel included.

    Cat 7 didn' t see Nigella, or we wouldn't have had all the antics. Replaced Cat 7 with Dachshund 1 and all Cat problems have been resolved.
  7. Surplus to requirements (Nigella ate Delia, then disembowelled Prue and ate three of her feet). Transparent gerbil tank with cage top, suitable for up to three gerbs (don't get three girls). Wheel made such an awful noise I replaced the plastic axle with a 7200RPM fluid dynamic bearing from a Western Digital hard drive. The gerbs would regularly accelerate to insane wall-of-death type speeds before being hurled out and running back to do it all again. Best of all, we were completely oblivious at night. It's in the cellar, so no photos, but free to anyone daft enough to keep the little buggers.
  8. batteredhaggis

    F/S: SME Model 10a turntable and arm

    Further pic:
  9. SME Model 10a TT, dedicated Model 10 arm and PSU for sale. AT/33 mono cartridge in photos not included. (And no, the big blue square is not an SME alignment protractor or free with the deck, for the chancer that asked). Excellent overall cosmetic condition and in perfect working order. Unused (new condition) SME strobe disc included. There is a mark on the lower plinth to the left of the wire stylus guard hoop which has been repaired by the previous owner. It is visible in some angles of light and not at all in others. I've tried to show this in the first two photos. It did not concern me enough aesthetically to reject buying it, and I do mind the appearance of my kit. It is still a completely stunning-looking deck, IMHO of course For the truly fastidious, there is a miniscule mark on the sub-chassis adjacent to the left-rear elastomer suspension tower caused by the grub screw that fixes the after-market Timestep dual armboard to the tower. I set this armboard up briefly on this deck but didn't in the end use it as intended. The mark is completely invisible in use as it is covered by the platter. Please note the O-rings that secure the sub-platter to the suspension towers are missing in the photos but will be included in the sale. Tonearm has usual rub mark from the arm rest but is otherwise pretty much perfect and very little used by me as I changed up to a Series IV soon after I bought it. The deck has had little use as it is not my primary source. It had a new belt and oil from SME about 18 months ago. Arm will require set up by the purchaser as per above, the deck has mostly been used with a different arm. Arm cable supplied is the standard SME cable as supplied new with the arm and deck and is in excellent condition. I have the transport screw and correct packaging which could be used to send the deck and arm properly boxed, but it would be on condition the packing would be returned to me in good condition as it belongs to the replacement I bought. If you require the deck to be sent, I would charge a £150 deposit to be refunded immediately upon safe return of the packaging (new box from SME is £304 incl. VAT). Transport by fully-insured courier at cost, or you can arrange your own at your risk. I may be able to deliver within a 50 mile radius but time is limited at the moment. I recently sent a £2k+ DAC using Overland Express which was economical and worked very well. I realise I have not photographed the PSU, but it is in similarly good condition. It differs from the more recent decks in having only 33 and 45RPM settings; the newer version has 78 as well. Collection preferable from TN38. £2250 Will split if buyers for both can be found: Model 10 TT £1625, Model 10 arm £650
  10. Can't make this one John, sorry. Have fun lads.
  11. batteredhaggis

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Big up the Coulsdon massiv! That's a tiny room for those bass monsters though. Hope you and family are well Harv
  12. batteredhaggis

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Nice set up John. Only the one bass trap? Hope the lovely new Bardo went well.
  13. batteredhaggis

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Grace Jones + shiny PU7 = Baggawire. Bandit - lovely tangential and fairy lights, top wamming. Well done chaps. Sorry I couldn't go this time, hope you had a great show
  14. batteredhaggis

    Harbeth or Revel

    Plenty of warmth on all of mine (perhaps with the exception of M20s) - if it's there in the music. Ann-Sophie von Otter singing 'He Was Despised' has the kind of burnished, autumnal mezzo voice that puts the hairs up on your neck. (Handel: Messiah, Trevor Pinnock, English Concert Choir, ARCHIV 0289 477 5904 1) If she didn't sound close enough to how she sings in the concert hall, I wouldn't have auditioned six pairs of Revels, owned four and still have two, one of which is the best-balanced and most evenly capable speaker I've yet to hear at home, and possibly elsewhere. The only speakers I've heard to beat the Ultima series on vocal/instrumental timbre in particular are electrostatics. They are simply neutral to me. I believe neutrality is something of a mission for their designer Kevin Voecks, for whom I have a great deal of respect. I don't know which Revels the OP is considering, but IME only the smallest need any assistance to fill in lower down. I do use a sub with the Gems as it makes them bloom, but with the floorstanders you are more likely in British rooms to have to use the boundary compensation control. My room is luckily of sufficient volume that I can just use the Studio 2s unfettered. I find that of the many speakers I've had at home or owned over the years they are the least fussy or genre-specific; they just get on with truthful music-making. I believe the latest incarnation of the Performa series has a beryllium tweeter. Whether its the same incarnation as the Ultima series I don't know, but IMHO that unit is the best tweeter I've heard, again short of electrostatics. The original version F208s I heard were very impressive (as were M106s), so if they now come with a better tweeter I'd imagine they'd be excellent. It has none of the character I'm less keen on with some beryllium Focals, but that is not to disparage them. Just not my taste. Revels shouldn't be underestimated - perhaps we should have an owner's club