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  1. Yamaha MusicCast WXA50

    Ah, not really understanding of your use of 'Sam Vimes' then as your Wam moniker, unless you really ARE called Sam Vimes. It's a surprising name to borrow if you're not - you know - on the Watch. I only mentioned MF as I understood that you were a MF user from your visible sig - 'Wigwam Info' - below your name to the left. I've enjoyed many MF products over the years, and a few I haven't felt so positive about. I've heard and enjoyed several Proac speakers with MF gear. I'm sorry I couldn't help directly with your query but I'm glad someone else has been able to. I rather assumed you'd share the humour that Vimes would have. Never mind, this is the Wam. As Carrot would say, better put your 'Protective' on
  2. Yamaha MusicCast WXA50

    Can't help you, sorry. But anyone called Sam Vimes is welcome in my book. If I could just use your occasional recommendation (as in 'Sam Vimes has joined the Wam - he reckons the *xyz* monoblocks sound amazing and are a cut-your-own-throat steal'), my wife would have no issues whatsoever with my 'hobby'. One disc spinner to another, of course. Do you think she would know you weren't the real deal? FWIW, I've had a few Yam items over the years and they haven't always been at the very top of the tree but for what they cost, they all gave immense pleasure. This coming from a long-time MF fan. Welcome to the Wam, Sam.
  3. Random image of the day 3

    Great photo indeed, though obtained at great cost Even more beautiful after a very cold snap and with ice on the moat. I've been visiting every year for 44 years; if it weren't so damn draughty I'd regard it as the other castle. Until recently you could park for a small fee, perfect for a short walk around the perimeter, often followed by tea and cake in the cafe. Maybe something for the lad in the NT shop. Now in their wisdom the National Trust have imposed the full castle entry fee on anyone wishing merely to walk around it. £3 car park fee and £24.50 minimum (£27 gift aid) for the three of us. Now we have a dog, we would have made use of it much more. £30 for a scone-free short walk in a beautiful but well-known landscape? Not on your figgin' nelly. £25 cake 'donation' maybe every 6 weeks, and feel we'd had something more than just a walk? An enthusiastic young lady tried to explain to me last summer (placing her hand on my shoulder) that the NT needed to 'monetarise' their property (not trained in the art of selling then). I asked her to remove her hand and told her I wanted my 3 quid back as I couldn't venture further than the car park and suddenly had no need for tea, cake, a will to live or any other NT services. She obliged and then asked me to wait a moment as she'd just run out of NT membership forms. When she returned, as if by magic, I wasn't there. Really, just muppets.
  4. Refreshing thoughts from a dealer. I've tried a few expensive options and I find my £20 second hand Van Damme 6mm2 'adequate' with the speakers I have. There are differences - not necessarily improvements - with more expensive cables, but I never found them significant enough to warrant the cost (eg Furutech speaker cables up to £1.5k/3m, Cardas Clear I/Cs at about £1k). Properly-designed electronics/drive units in good boxes is where it's at. Connect 'em up at reasonable cost and you are golden. Have a few fooey items and they make some but inconsequential difference. Keith, don't know whether you're coming, but I'd strongly recommend you 'don't go'. As my dear dad would say, the chips taste of onions. In any case I'm bringing my dog. There won't be any. And they aren't worth eating. At all. No, nada. Really man, just don't. Closed shop type thing. Awkward parking. You hearing me? I'm sure you'd be very welcome as are all comers at Johns - it's why we love him.
  5. You too Chris. I'll PM you re: power blocks.
  6. I re-read your post and realised ..then had visions of Badger at a bake off. There would be utter chaos, shorted (or shortened) cables and no chips. He would absolutely love it. Scamp isn't adequate for him. Socks offender more like.
  7. What is the most expensive hi-fi purchase made?

    Robust and unfussy pretty much nails it. I regret getting rid of mine (ahem - the one my parents bought back in nineteen canteen and gave me when my mum's tinnitus got too much). Anyway, best wishes for a successful room at the new show. Regretfully I'm double booked so won't make it this year. Have a good one Paul and don't forget your bandit fork BTW - my dad may have given me permission but he still charged me for the rawl plugs, making some pronouncement about living costs....
  8. What is the most expensive hi-fi purchase made?

    I think we all know where Jane is now.
  9. Pass Labs XA 30.8

    Any of the ones that come in two boxes.... It's amazing you can type one handed with your wife twisting your arm like that Phil! Sure you haven't been on that 'special Pass' website again?
  10. If you mean the 'Plenis', then no, unless it's that or a Behringer. That makes me wonder, put such an amp on the end of P3ESRs and you have a Harbinger of Doom. No offence to anyone of course - crikey, it's not Serge is it?
  11. What is the most expensive hi-fi purchase made?

    I'm not a fan of the Focal tweeter either but strangely I find I can tolerate the ones in my Wilsons. Wrong electronics though and it all goes tits up.
  12. What is the most expensive hi-fi purchase made?

    I can relate to Beobloke's TT thoughts; I blew most of my pre-uni summer earnings at Doug Brady Hifi on a LP12 with black Ittok and Karma cartridge. My folks weren't so impressed - but bought their own Linn Axis a year later. I'd been selling an average of two a week, so the boss let me have it at a very good price. A mate at the shop came back and set it up beautifully - proper Target wall shelf an' all. Tracy Chapman was first up and the feeling of pride and anticipation as the needle dropped was huge. As lifetime achievements go I will probably never surpass getting permission for the holes in the wall from my dad. I wished later I'd bought the Roksan Xerxes, but it was the start of a long journey. I was sorry to see it go, even if it did fetch considerably more 25+ years later than it had cost... As for Wilson speakers in a flat... We have wonderful neighbours, identical twins living above who grew up on a hop farm in the '50s and haven't really ever left. Sometimes it feels we live with extras from Foyle's War. One day one of them was scanning the shelves while I made her some tea. 'Who's this Waggner (sic) chappie then?' Fair question, I thought, grinning just a little inside. I contemplated handing her Deryke Cooke's famous recorded introduction to the Ring but the Siegfried Idyll seemed gentler. No need - she had another CD already in hand ('gutter demerara dung' was I believe how she said it, but then they are known for using 'molluscado' in their baking without apparent irony). Perhaps channelling my inner Loge I thought 'in for a pfennig...' I will say she listened attentively. After Anne Evans' Brunnhilde had been grilled to perfection and night finally fallen on the Gods, she sat up, looking slightly dazed. 'Right.' There was a pause. 'I thought he was the one with the candelabra on his piano.' We have agreed I will not play the Immolation scene again. I might just let some Valkyries loose though if she doesn't oil the squeaking treadle on her sewing machine this weekend.
  13. Sorry guys, been a bit down in the dumps. Fuckin' January again as Flanders and Swann were wont to sing -- but couldn't. I like that there are so many new faces - and mine is decidedly not new, so I'm very happy to bow out. But equally happy to bow in if there is room. Happy to bring kit (except Wilsons) and equally happy to just eat chips. Love to all.
  14. Anybody heard a Moon P8 preamp?

    Sorry for late reply: 1) In order of preference: ARC 3, Mod 36.5, Esoteric C-03x, Ayre K5xe-mp. ARC - very little over the Mod 36.5, perhaps a little larger scale, but more to do with operation. I suspect the 36.5 DM is likely better - Phil would know. The number of balanced inputs compared to the Mod was of use to me, the large display was welcome if a bit garish. Modwright volume control is a little crude by comparison, but overall it is still a very well-built unit with wonderful sound. Customer service is exemplary with Modwright and shouldn't be overlooked. I had the Esoteric the longest (> 2 years). Pinpoint detail, exceptional bass and quite a way with 3D sound but once you'd heard the valve amps it sounded a little tight, unwilling to let loose. Not dull, just not as alive. (The X-03SE sacd player I had could be surprisingly soulful though and I don't hold that all Esoteric kit is sterile-sounding). The Ayre is nipping at their heels and a giant-killer, but it cannot quite compete with them. My example once belonged to Stuart (our esteemed Cambs12) and I think he remembers how good it is. I'd be very interested to hear an Ayre K-1 preamp which should be better still. Oddly there are more of those around on the 2nd hand market at about £3k than the cheaper K5xe-mp. Some are fairly old now and they are complicated internally due to the belt-driven volume control. I've heard of some needing expensive repairs - maybe that's why. Newer Ayre stuff seems as pricy as Moon - if not more so. 2) Yes and no. The Ref 6 is the most compelling of all the preamps I've heard yet; balls-out, big sound and proud, yet with great luminosity and subtlety. I didn't dare hear it at home. It was part of a system costing multiples of mine but you know when you've heard greatness. The C-900u was heard separately - more impressed by it than expected. Excellent, no-nonsense build and quietly impressive looks that belied a sound more dense and exciting than you'd think. It might seem odd to compare a DAC with a preamp, but I like my DA-06 a lot and thought with a C-900u it would be the bottleneck. I'd be delighted with either amp: Lux, Bordeaux and Bach for the head, ARC, Burgundy and Beethoven for the heart. Accuphase is appealing but more money still. Maybe look also to European makers - AudioNet, Accustic Arts, even Nagra, Gryphon and Vitus spring to mind amongst others. There are many more quirky outfits that may offer yet higher SQ but which haemorrhage residual value.