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  1. batteredhaggis

    Kef R3 demo thoughts

    I’m not recommending any particular anp. You did, earlier, emphatically recommend Class A amps to the OP. Hence my post.
  2. batteredhaggis

    Kef R3 demo thoughts

    There’s been a lot said about Class A amps in this thread and (with respect to the posters) I feel this is perhaps being overplayed. There are excellent amps out there, regardless of what classification they have. I use Clones Audio chip amps into old and inexpensive Dynaudios for near-field listening with great results. I’ve had spellbinding and less good results with a Class D Gato DIA-250 into a very wide range of speakers. Ditto very powerful Primare pseudo Class D mono amps. On occasion exceptional, but not consistently. I’ve had great results from famous-brand integrated SS amps, but sometimes they have disappointed. Possibly better yet from one smaller-scale maker with its hybrid valve/SS solution. Some of the best sounds I’ve heard came from a highly modified 75W push-pull valve amp, whilst another (much more expensive and with MUCH beefier transformers) 75W SET amp actually sounded - only very slightly better. In short, there is no definitive answer. The best amp is the one that suits your speakers best - sounds trite but that’s how it is. I can say (and this might upset some) that if you defeat the Class A operation on a Plinius SA-103 power amp, the world does not end. In fact, it still sounds absolutely great and lets your electricity meter cool off a touch. If you are into a serious session and let the amp warm up, then without a doubt, the Class A presentation is irresistible, it has a liquidity and naturalness that is unmatched (IME) in A/B solid state amps. But it is NOT night and day. If anything, it is slightly softer. Oft used but the word that comes to mind is organic. If you are looking to be instantly impressed by flipping a switch into Class A, you will be disappointed. If you listen over hours though, the difference is very worthwhile and unmistakable. My speakers are fairly sensitive (93dB) with a challenging impedance curve, but the way the amp controls them isn’t anything to do with it being Class A per se, rather it’s the pair of large transformers and availability of instantaneous power. Lovely as they were, my Musical Fidelity Class A MA-50 monos couldn’t possibly have driven them in the same way, they didn’t have the requisite power supplies. Whereas an MF AMS-50 Class A amp most certainly could. Same power, both amps. The phrase ‘there’s valve watts’ (I used not to believe this) and ‘there’s are solid state watts’ also has some credence. It’s all in the power supplies. SS Class A watts aren’t in my understanding inherently any ‘stiffer’ (than normal SS watts). Designers of Class A amps are courting with an inherently inefficient topology in expectation of SQ gains. With a higher-than-usual component budget (in part granted by the knowledge that the user must accept the necessarily high power consumption), they tend to over-specify accordingly, and hence many, but not all, are stronger than their ‘on paper’ specs would suggest. As Cno suggests, not all Class A amps double down into lower impedance loads but then neither do the majority of any kind of amp. There’s a lot of (very) hot air surrounding Class A. The low down is it’s frequently excellent-sounding, but not inherently better than a well designed ‘normal’ amp unless all the demands of heat, materials and power consumption are acknowledged and met. And even then, I’d assume nothing.
  3. batteredhaggis

    Classifieds - I would buy this if....

    I think people often chime in out of sheer enthusiasm. Kind of what this place is all about. If your ad is getting bumped down the list, apply reason and bump it back up. I bump mine fairly infrequently compared to some but reserve the right to bump every ten minutes should the orangery be in desperate need of repointing Personally I'm glad that a degree of commentary has been allowed again in classified threads, it keeps them turning over and we all know that folk turn away if draconian controls are applied. Although occasionally some still seem to descend into fairly pointless 'discussion'.
  4. batteredhaggis

    Kef R3 demo thoughts

    Once inserted it quietens them down enormously I find
  5. batteredhaggis

    Kef R3 demo thoughts

    Chario speakers come to mind and rather nice they are too. One speaker I would really rate at the sort of price level the OP is looking at would be the Revel Performa M106. They are about £2000 but I've seen several pairs for less. There is now an improved version (the M126Be) which has the in-house Revel beryllium tweeter I'm a big fan of, but they are £4k new in the UK. The original had excellent treble in the first place and fantastic midrange. Bass was excellent and plentiful but not overblown in any way in my room. As with all Revels IME they are essentially neutral and well balanced through the frequency range with no glaring deficiencies. Sounds boring but they are anything but. They are rear ported and like a little free space. They work with most amps I've tried (including various SS integrateds and a Pathos Logos) and respond well to more serious amplification if you should ever go down that route.
  6. batteredhaggis

    Speaker stands for Dynaudio Special 40?

    Square steering wheel. Triangular speaker stand. Mornington Crescent.
  7. batteredhaggis

    Speaker stands for Dynaudio Special 40?

    "La "massa" principale dello stand è suddivisa in sezioni più sottili per consentire il passaggio di luce e colore. Questo crea un ambiente più armonioso che permette al tuo sguardo / attenzione di fluttuare piuttosto che concentrarsi su una massa solida." Spot on Chronicals, that's exactly what the designer said
  8. batteredhaggis

    Speaker stands for Dynaudio Special 40?

    No need
  9. batteredhaggis

    Speaker stands for Dynaudio Special 40?

    Designers have been replicating them in everything for years indeed - I still hate our crappy Habitat tripod lamp from about 12 years ago. I blame the person who invented the milking stool. And Alvar Aalto.
  10. batteredhaggis

    Speaker stands for Dynaudio Special 40?

    It's always a personal thing but I'm perplexed by the various suggestions the Solidsteel stands look modern. If you compare them to the Q Acoustics stands, they are as different as chalk and cheese; the Concept 300 stands certainly have (as claimed) something of a 'tensegrity' structural feel about them, although I think the company's understanding of what tensegrity is maybe stretching Kenneth Snelson's structural principle a bit (it was later that Buckminster Fuller coined the famous portmanteau). Think 'Skylon' and you've got it. Q Acoustic's idea is elegant but as the struts terminate in a fixed metal block, it's not a true tensegrity structure and has more in common with a cable-stayed bridge. IMHO (Anyone remember the fantastic Neon Tower wind sculpture by Paul Vaughn that used to be on top of the Hayward Gallery in London btw? - not tensegrity but inspiring nonetheless and a great shame it's not being restored as promised). Either way, compared to the SS-6s, they look 'modern' to me and the Solidsteels have more of the Mana rack look about them. YMMV! Also, from experience with heavy things atop tripods (cameras!), three legs does not necessarily equate to more stability, though it certainly eliminates any wobble. OP - again, my thoughts but you might find your dealer's support somewhat less willing in future if you try to extract every last penny from his pretty generous offer - personally I'd go with whichever appeals the most to you and leave it at that. Both look likely to do the job well. I'm sure you'll get a lot of pleasure from the Special 40s - congrats.
  11. batteredhaggis

    Speaker stands for Dynaudio Special 40?

    I'm with MartinC. Solidsteel do make some pricey but excellent racks and I doubt these would be any different in terms of quality. It absolutely must be Italian and nothing less than Vialone Nano will do. Carnaroli is starchier and gives lumpy bass, while Arborio gives a creamier midrange. If you should go with British stands, then you want some quality pudding rice; something like three and a half cans of Ambrosia per Dreadnaught works well, really filling out the midriff.
  12. batteredhaggis

    F/S. Thorens TD 125 Mk 11 turntable.

    A lovely turntable and a very fair price. Jon knows his stuff. Having both met (twice whilst visiting and exhibiting at Scalford) and bought from him before I can vouch that you won’t find a lovelier or more straightforward guy to deal with. Sorry Jon to embarrass you... not
  13. Sounds class-a
  14. Bloomin' hope so Joolz Jack - I can take you if you come over my way first.