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  1. Hi Dom, If you might be considering Musial Fidelity, I have an MF X-AS100 power amp that's been in storage for the last ten years or so, owned from new. Pretty neutral to these ears, perhaps a tad warmer than ATC or Bryston integrateds which I compared at the time. Primare A30.1 about the same for 'warmth' and muscle but the power amp gave me more options than an integrated. 100W Class AB, bit of an MF classic. Would be £300 or so, pretty mint. Used to run it into Kef Ref 201s back in the day (£2k in 2001), it drove them beautifully - my first foray into fairly high-end audio. Worked well with valve preamp (MF Nu-Vista) and SS pre (MF X-P100). Was more neutral with the X-P100 but the Nu-Vista was fairly euphonic. You could turn the X-AS100 into a monoblock for more current but the differences were small, I sold the second one I had. An A3.2 preamp had more detail but seemed to suit the power amp less well - a backwards step. My take on the MF lineage around that time was A1 series = very warm and soft, XA series = just warm side of neutral, A3 series getting cooler... the A308 series I didn't enjoy. I do like neutral valve pres and class A power amps though! All subjective of course.
  2. Out in the sticks here but whooping could be heard at 8pm (along with a couple of fireworks). My wife added her thanks out in the garden with a heartfelt rendition of 'Under Pressure' on the watering can.
  3. Also you'll find yourselves sudden experts in fire walking. At least the Covidiots of Coventry did
  4. Good luck dropping the hot dogs into the buns with the two-metre tongs Nigel
  5. I think Gary is doing one of these a day. Alfie Boe doing 'Don't Stop Me Now': utterly fantastic:
  6. Hard to know which thread to put this on but this was just lovely:
  7. In happier news, President Alberto Fernandez of Argentina has ruled that the Tooth Fairy is exempt from the national lock down and can go about work as normal.
  8. Now that's what I call Social Isolation!
  9. Sorry to hear you have symptoms, hope you feel better soon. Bloody envious of £8 of squid though.
  10. Congrats on downsizing the speakers Martin!
  11. Hi John, My folks are in isolation in London now with my 81 year old dad coughing and having a temp of 102. My mum has been hospitalised with pneumonia twice in the last 18 months, we are worried about her. I have respiratory problems too, Diane will still be going in to school to support the kids that need to be there and everything (literally) is up in the air. No way of knowing. I'd love to but no point saying yes just now. Other viruses are available.
  12. You are generous to a fault and most ingenious. I like your thinking. When I take up my living room floor I have similar plans for supporting my speakers, and possibly system too. Mrs H doesn't know that - yet! In our house we have a saying that something isn't worth building if you can't stand on it. Not always true but there's a cookbook shelf I installed somewhere in Eastbourne that could probably shelter the whole flat from a nuclear blast. You are an asset to this forum Julian. Stay safe fella. PS I have a Diane too. If the name's anything to go by, you're in luck - but watch out for 'The Badness'
  13. Equipment first. Always bloody equipment
  14. You too Richard, but the Wam will indeed prevail. As for bake offs, if Tony can manage it from Mull, you'll have to schleck it down to the south before too long! I think it's a safe bet you'd fit in...