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  1. I'll be in the final stages hopefully of DIY kitchen works then so I'll miss thanks John but hope you are all disgusting as usual If you haven't heard from me by then I'll be lying under a fallen RSJ. The guy who is helping me build it is a horn fanatic so I'm hoping we'll have under-counter 18" horn subs to complement the kitchen radio.
  2. batteredhaggis

    Kef 203/2 Reference Tweeter Fuse??

    Sounds like a happy outcome. Set your phaser to stun next time
  3. batteredhaggis

    Random image of the day 3

    I can't credit this photo (my wife sent it to me and I don't know the source) but this was the view from Morar across to Rum last week.
  4. batteredhaggis

    Random image of the day 3

    Top choice Ben. Hope you all have a fab holiday. We're off to Morar again - similar beaches, though hoping for late sun in October. It has been known. Wish we had gone this half term - all week was stunning apparently
  5. batteredhaggis

    A BIG ASK! - Help Required

    Believe me, I am not afraid to confront people when I've received bad service. Just ask Michael Dell's PA in Texas who I eventually reached after ordering a high-end CAD workstation in the late nineties that failed to materialise after three months of utter BS from Dell in Ireland. The workstation arrived from the US two days later - significantly more powerful than the one I had first ordered too It was a miserable process though. In the end it's up to you - I find I can leave things as I get older that I certainly wouldn't have done before. Some things (family injustices) I find much harder but I try to keep my blood at an even temperature these days. Sometimes tenacity isn't about winning the fight. I don't always succeed, mind!
  6. batteredhaggis

    A BIG ASK! - Help Required

    I'd leave it be Ade. It's an expensive hobby and you win some and lose some. More hassle and stress if you pursue it. In the big picture it's not too much and you sound very happy to have your old amp back. In the process you got to play with some interesting kit (at both ends of the spectrum) that gave you pause for thought. Hope you enjoy your renewed amp.
  7. batteredhaggis

    Jokes, old or new

    Oh no you aren’t!!
  8. batteredhaggis

    Jokes, old or new

  9. batteredhaggis

    What are you listening to right now?

    I have the same one Dave, but it'll need a go on Spider's RCM when it arrives! Nigel Kennedy did a cracking version of Little Wing on the BBC Biggest Weekend concert at Coventry a week or so ago. Edit: Oh no it won't - clean as a whistle. Those Nagaoka Anti-static sleeves I bought 30 years ago have really worked.
  10. batteredhaggis

    Jokes, old or new

    Mrs Grant seemed to be doing just fine back in 1982 Years ago my wife had an elderly and famously rude customer in her branch of Oddbins. He marched up to the counter one day and asked for the manager. Unimpressed at finding himself speaking with the manager, he looked her up and down and demanded "Chablis. White wine." She looked him back. "Arsenal. Football club. Your turn."
  11. batteredhaggis

    What are you listening to right now?

    On vinyl
  12. batteredhaggis

    Cannot pass the Hifi News Test LP tests

    We are fortunate on the Wam to have considerable expertise on hand, especially when it comes to the delicate matter of turntable set up. Here is one such master hard at work recently, observing the tiny lateral movement of the cantilever on my Cadenza Blue at lift-off whilst honing the anti-skate setting. Plently of cake and biscuits were sacrificed for the Great Fettling, with many an (entirely reasonable) appeal being made for the beneficiary of the lengthy process to stop jogging the flipping table!! Not only did Bigfool manage to correct a slight channel imbalance that I had introduced when transferring the cart to a new arm, but there was a noticeable improvement in overall sq to boot. I’m hugely grateful Dave, that is some talent you have.
  13. batteredhaggis

    Days out

    Ex it is Rich, although we are neither spring chickens. To be fair, she was gutted (and loaded) so I had a new one toot sweet. I stupidly sold that one for a Nikon F3. I do still have a T1 though - don't know whether it still works.
  14. batteredhaggis

    Days out

    Lovely idea Rabs. These days I am mostly satisfied to look at the landscape as one's visual memory is not half bad. I also have a propensity to acquiring unnecessary anoraks, nevertheless I should make more of an effort. I do wish my old girlfriend hadn't left my Contax T2 on that train to Arkangelsk!
  15. batteredhaggis

    A BIG ASK! - Help Required

    Ade, your original repair man will almost certainly dispute EAR's diagnosis. No knowing where the blame lies, although a couple of hundred for the earlier repair sounds a bit steep from what little I know. Getting him to compensate you in some way might be nigh on impossible. I'm not saying you can just forget about £200 but it's a high-value amp in context. In this case I would chill and try to put it behind you - put on that gentle Nachtmusic you treated me to the other day - what was it? Qemists Stompbox Spor remix IIRC In future, if it's valves there is only one man for the job - @Valvebloke (AKA Graeme at AmpRegen and well-known to many a wammer). He does an extremely thorough job at very reasonable prices and will always explain carefully what the problem is and what he can do about it. He's based in Didcot so a Wam taxi is often possible with delicate or valuable gear. I hope you get it back soon but at least you have that lovely Marantz for now.