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  1. BTW: I thought you might be amused to hear about Marvin, the handsome chap sitting on the end of my tonearm. He flew through the french doors into our living room in rural East Sussex on a beautiful sunny afternoon this summer and spent about 90 minutes sizing up our place, much to my delight. After some great photo, video and measuring opportunities, he flew on to my shoulder, then on to my hand while I was drawing at the computer, where he stayed for a good five minutes. Then he fluttered over to the turntable beside me on my desk, landing on the yoke brace of the tonearm, before strutting nonchalantly down the arm tube and taking up position on the headshell like a supermodel reluctant to give up the catwalk. I thought 'why not' and held my breath; he didn't flinch as I unclamped the deck, removed the strobe disc I use as a dust cover and discovered to my shame (and delight) I'd left an LP on it the night before. I screwed up the clamp, switched the turntable on and held my breath as I gingerly lowered the arm. No need, apparently SME is the ride of choice if you've got unexpected royal guests. He seemed to enjoy the vibes - perhaps literally - as 'Let's Get It On' began to play. The additional downforce of a 73mm wingspan adult male Purple Emperor - I would guess perhaps 0.75g - didn't seem to upset the cartridge. He stayed for the next two tracks and let me change the record - I couldn't find a Prince album to hand but Grover Washington Jr's 'Mr Magic' didn't offend, perhaps that's what he hears all day at Court. At the end of the track, the King of Cool took a step backwards resulting in an unexpected spin round the platter, then bounced off the arm before flying away, apparently none the worse for having engaged with the human world. I hadn't got much work done and was left buzzing for the rest of the day. I want to put the videos up but I think YouTube will quash them for the music copyright.
  2. That's a very special thing to give away Julian, what a wonderful gesture. My 12-year-old son would absolutely love to look at these and learn, as would I. As a youngster, I loved going to the Natural History Museum and was lucky to occasionally have an inside view of its workings thanks to a marine biologist family friend. I well remember seeing drawer after drawer of such things ad being completely fascinated by it all. Even if we could give your beautiful collection a home, you've spent a lifetime building it and it seems a shame that a wider spectrum of youngsters couldn't benefit from it. My wife (who is a teacher) thinks that they would not necessarily suffer in a school environment. She reckons most science departments would absolutely treasure something like this but the risk would be that without an entomologically-enthused teacher, the collection might just gather dust. Unless you can find such a match, she thinks your idea of gifting them to an interested youngster might make sense, although the idea of them going to g8ina's NNHS also seems good.
  3. Likewise late response, I missed the OP. I'm a fan of Ron Sutherland and his pared-back way with phono amplification. I love my 20/20, although it's mains powered. Ron has designed a new linear PSU for it to replace the laptop-style PSU packs it uses. It was being manufactured under licence but I think it is now a Sutherland-branded product. If they start making 240V version I'll be giving it a go, it apparently elevates the performance a fair bit. Reading around the web I've noticed occasional comments about battery leaks in various Sutherland phonos but they are few. The 20/20 was in part designed for those who preferred the idea of mains power, but that's not why I bought mine. I cannot comment on the battery-powered amps other than to say I've read they major on transparency and quietness, perhaps a little at the expense of body and heft. You'd need to hear them side by side. I can say the 20/20 seems to do all those things well to these ears. It gave a well-regarded Ayre P-5xe a serious challenge in a direct comparison with no clear winner, both refined yet exciting to listen to. If I were to buy a new Sutherland I'd be having a serious look at the 'Little Loco' phono stage, though it certainly costs more than a PH3D.
  4. Ric, you're stirring now Some nights it's a pleasure to jump around a bit on a streaming service. Most of us are quite capable of concentrating for a whole album at a time, and do.
  5. Indeed! I listen to Tidal (or the radio) a lot while I work and I don't need the best SQ or the distraction of changing media. Saves wear on the expensive MC cart too. When I do stick a CD in the player or put an LP on it's more of an occasion and I find myself enjoying it all the more.
  6. Both here too. I don't buy so regularly now, more when something interesting enters my field of vision. I might buy 6 LPs at once and then none for three or four months. I do buy new and used CDs every few weeks. 2 LPs a week could easily be £150-£250 a month. I know some here exceed that.
  7. Lots of good advice here Andrei. I use a REL S3 in my system, with two different Revel speakers. It has the most obvious effect with the relatively small Gems but certainly isn't wasted on the larger Studio 2s. It seems fast enough to keep up and as Matt (Manicatel) says, it's a revelation for improving the ambient side of things. In fact, pretty much everything seems to improve if you take a bit of care to dial it in. Keep it subtle being very much the idea. I'm sure the G2 is superb but if it were my money I'd look to get two subs as the results will be even better. The 'S' series were (are?) no slouches in their own right, not too far below the performance of the Gibraltar series (at least that's what my dealer said!!) Jamie
  8. Having two bonded ruby Blues, one old, one less so, this information makes me nervous. Nonetheless, it’s a very well-written thread from all who contributed and very useful to those interested. I have thought about moving up to the Bronze as I think it’s ‘flavour’ would suit me but I was also thinking of the Windfeld Ti. Someone I respected reckoned the ‘plain’ Windfeld was one of the great cartridges out there. Not so sure now.
  9. We tried a Mini DSP at a bake off using my then Wilson W/P 7s in a fairly transparent system, albeit in a small room for those speakers and with fairly rough-and-ready mic measurements. General consensus was that there was more evenness to the sound using it but there was indeed an audible loss in transparency. Too much so for these lugs. I have heard it work well in other people's systems.
  10. From your post, I initially thought you had worked at Harman and had developed products there for 40 years. Then I remembered reading about Greg Timber's fate. Is there nothing REW can compensate for syntax suckout?
  11. Strange day indeed Chebby, each in their own ways influenced my wife and me. Rhodes with his verbal ticks but passion for his subject and precision. Miller, so many facets, I was lucky to see a couple of his productions at ENO. A favourite of my parents, contemporaries of the ‘Beyond the Fringe’ cast, and not lost on my sister and me a generation later. James - read his autobiography for a masterclass in economy of language, yet there is plenty of room for ribald humour and pathos. He once likened Arnold Schwarzenegger to "a brown condom full of walnuts" and said motor racing commentator Murray Walker sounded "like a man whose trousers are on fire.” He was a gift, and will be missed.
  12. Thanks for that Peter, when I get a chance I'll try Wilmslow.