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  1. Something about this reminds me of Chick Murray.
  2. Spanish-teachy-wifey is having that one. Cheers Ears. Chears.
  3. A quality underwired valve cage should put a stop to all that. Really, who would want to put their cheeks against a nice pair of warm mullards (it's Friday - hope I haven't infringed any 2 Channel rules of etiquette )
  4. JOINER REQUIRED Been let doon by a joiner I paid him up front tae build me a double bed and he's done a bunk
  5. We have a lidl bit every December. Joking apart - highly recommended, as are their lebkuchen, best ones we've had short of visiting a Weihnachtsmarkt. Eat rapidly for freshness, but this isn't usually a problem for a Wammer.
  6. It was probably about a year ago - probably explains why your pie rates are higher
  7. Dat was my joke Ears (at least that's my story). I'm sure it was only about three pages ago, but then you are on a bit of a roll (probably stollen)
  8. How do you titillate an ocelot? You oscillate its tits a lot.
  9. As a Polish friend always says, 'Damn, wwrong house!!' Received with many thanks after my idiotic attempts to track the parcel. Our lovely postie tucked it into the porch and it went unnoticed for several days! Deal with Dave with confidence.
  10. Happy to help in the food department too Joolz, please just say what would be useful to bring. That said, maybe some prepaid cards for the meter - the whole area from Chatham to Maidstone to Sittingbourne is going to be like the Bermuda Triangle for lecky that day.
  11. Ah - the crafty devil! I know Trevor, if they came from him they will be sound as a pound, as is he. Very few know Wilsons as well as him. The numpty who first had my WP7s apparently burnt the crates!
  12. Great speakers, I'm sure these won't hang around long. Having had WPs they are surprisingly compact and domestically-acceptable (I'm told!), especially in this paler colour and in comparison to many larger alternatives that offer similar performance. For any interested parties, do these come with the original crates?
  13. Could be down to the little-known fact they were collaborators, Dave. 'Remember you're a womanizer' 'Bulgaria 1 more time' 'Underground, Overprotected' 'Oops Bungo I did it again' 'I'm not a girl not yet a womble' 'Madame Cholet, work bitch'
  14. Krell's vice-like grip apparently extends beyond mere speakers to nearby pc peripherals. GLWTS, lovely amp, sold one or two of these a while back. Bit of a beast.