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  1. Agreed. It would be interesting to see how your big room looks with the treatments if you'd feel comfortable putting up a photo.
  2. I get the urge to clip my dog to their ear.
  3. I expect it will be somehow up to snuff
  4. Done with esoteric Jack, now trying mordant and short
  5. I think we're all impressed by the lengths you've gone to in pursuit of a superb analogue front end (and the Lector of course but I've barely heard that). In fact, I haven't heard the Bardo or Tron yet so that will be a pleasant experience for next time no doubt. If it's even half the sound of the LaGrange/10.5 and EMT I heard it should be sublime. The Vida is undoubtedly a superb phono stage but everything has it's limits. I'm not surprised you think you've surpassed it. Some lovely-looking kit as usual. Nice to see Oleta as well as the obligatory Dave Brubeck (says he with quite a few copies himself). As for the lady 'who has to sing her song', my much-loved cassette is currently getting extensive plays in my 30 year-old B&O radio by my son (on vinyl please Jack, toot sweet!) Hope to meet faces new and old next time, best regards to everyone.
  6. Sounds like an interesting bake off John, glad you got the amps sorted in the end. It's hard enough staring at a Vida let alone when it's got its emperor togs on
  7. 'Braised Shindo had a lovely sound, cellos in particular having a appropriately sinewy sound. The Châteaubriand interconnects in particular (into their Bon-Appetit 6V6 electric warming plate) have a rare, melting lyricism. But give them even a minute too long on the cable toaster and colours turn to grey and textures harden.' 'The Aberdeen Atlas was altogether meatier, with a more direct approach - some might say almost 'in yer face'. Aberdeen's top cable - the 'Heid-bummer' - had a tiny degree of additional authority, but an unmistakeable air of superiority.'
  8. There's also OCTC - Oh-no Continuous Thread Crapping But I'm betting you're a six-nines pure COC kind of guy. Maybe, but your tone in many threads comes across as grating, unnecessarily pugilistic and holier-than-thou.
  9. Many greats on the lists above (Hvorostovsky and GM both brilliant) Mark Padmore John Tomlinson Ian Bostridge Frank Sinatra Harry Connick Junior Paddy McAloon Donald Fagen
  10. Me too Matt - Warm Sound indeed
  11. What a piece of history. My sister and I were in raptures over the SQ* aged four and five. Camptown Races never sounded so - camp. This had Ivor scratching his head in the 70s until he came up with the Linn Klokwerk power supply and oddly enough, the Plinkiplonk cartridge, AKA the K9. I'd love to hear Radiohead's 3D-printed 15 Step on one of these. * Squabble quotient
  12. Are you sure the Quads aren't just ticking? I'm really looking forward to hearing them but are they up to it for Sunday?
  13. With your knees? Mind you, we could just send Badger down to fetch you out. Would you like a lend of the Modwright 36.5 or would that be too much temptation?