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  1. ABC*

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    I sold the Focals some time ago but they were collected so packaging is still in my loft.
  2. ABC*

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    I have some boxes from my old Focal 714V's - I'll have to dig them out and see if I can adapt them.
  3. ABC*

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    I only just realised you require shipping, I don't have the original packaging.
  4. ABC*

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    Yes, that's correct Yes, that's the correct model.
  5. ABC*

    Wanted "new" speakers 100/300£

    I have a pair of Tannoy XT6F if you're interested? Slight knock on the back edge of one but not noticeable from the front, looking for £300 collected.
  6. ABC*

    SALE Naim NAP100 Power Amp

    Would you accept £325?