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  1. Brilliant design and perfect finish !
  2. Cambridge Audio AZUR 851N - Network Music Player/Streamer Just over a year old and in perfect working condition. Supplied with all/full accessories (lead, remote and wifi dongle) and all packaging as supplied by Cambridge Audio. It was bought brand new and it comes with original receipt. Brand new they about £1350-£1400. You can read about how good this unit is by starting here :- https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/en/products/851/851n What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year - Three Years Running "Offering award-winning digital and streaming performance – the 851N is an outstanding network player. Its features include; 24-bit/384kHz upsampling from all sources, native 24-bit/192kHz playback, USB, digital audio inputs and streaming over wi-fi including UPnP and NAS drives, Tidal, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, and DSD." Asking £999 + postage.
  3. woodlands

    Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE

    Next in line , contact me if the other buyer falls away.
  4. Sorry price is £490 + £10 recorded delivery.
  5. SOtM sMS-200 Mini Network Player and mBPS-d2s battery pack offered for sale in perfect operational condition. Also incduded is usb wifi option. Complete with superb packing , 2 uk mains adapters and all documention. Description:- The significance of sMS-200 comes from the dedicated ARM processor board developed for only audio purpose, it is definitely not the similar kind of those ready-made processor boards in the market offered with dazzling low price but not that much of high sound quality, of which the most of audio product manufacturers experience deterioration of sound and are forced to use unnecessary features from the ready-made boards, but now it’s gone with the sMS-200. SOtM developed the product just for audio sound performance, getting rid of all unnecessary features concentrating on the high quality sound tone at a reasonable price. sMS-200 is particularly designed to provide the best sound quality based on our own unique technologies accumulated to date since those days of media players, and it is probably be the only one capable product exceeding the current network players on the market in terms of functionalities. As to the player software, Roon Ready, MPD, DLNA, SqueezeLite and others are available. And the music files from an external USB storage device, network shared folders and streaming services are also available. As well, the more functions can be easily added via software upgrade. Plus, the simple and nice looking animated Web GUI allows users to choose the desired audio function, setup and control playing music file through Apps on users’ smart devices. Recorded Postage will cost £10.
  6. woodlands

    SALE Celestion SL600 pair.

    Are these still available ? Perhaps ypu would let me know ? Philip
  7. woodlands


    Hi, Could we keep an open line on these , just in case another buyer does not turn up for you , can you keep this in mind please. I am at BT36 , uk. regards Philip
  8. woodlands


    Hi, Lovely speakers, I don't suppose you would post/courier them to N.Ireland ? I have always wanted to listen to them. regards Philip
  9. woodlands

    For Sale - Lyngdorf/TacT TDA2200 Amplifier

    Sold pending the usual. Thanks
  10. woodlands

    For Sale - Lyngdorf/TacT TDA2200 Amplifier

    Bumpty Bump
  11. For sale is my beloved TDA 2200. I am having to sell most of my kit due to the smaller domestic arrangements. Mine does NOT include Room Perfect software , but with the appropriate pc can run the DSP software. There are many fantastic reviews about the Lyndorf systems and the TDA is at the heart of them. It is much more than an amplifier, is a preamplifier, digital crossover and power amplifier in one. It has five digital inputs and seperately one analogue input. This is then passed to the 200W amplifier section. There is also a built in digital crossover that can drive subs or used in biamped speakers. The 200W amp ( into 8 ohms) will drive any load with headroom and hold bass lines with an iron grip, plenty of detail, wide soundstage and dynamics. The unit works very well and is in very good condition and sounds very good indeed. Please see all the pictures to be aware of minor blemishes that have accrued over the last few years. I also lost the Lyndorf remote in a house move. I believe they are available direct from Lyngdorf for about £50 but I have another version there for the operation via remote. Will be sent "signed-for" and insured delivery. Seeking £850 and delivery to anywhere in the UK included ! [ATTACH]15667[/ATTACH][ATTACH]15668[/ATTACH][ATTACH]15669[/ATTACH] I believe they are available direct from Lyngdorf for about £50 but I have another version there for the operation via remote. Will be sent "signed-for" and insured delivery. Spec wise: Inputs: 3 x digital coaxial on RCA, 1 x digital on AES, 1 x digital on Toslink (to 192kHz) Seperately I am including a RCA (L/R) input A/D Converter. Outputs: Variable DAC out Coaxial digital on RCA Output power, 8ohms 2*200W 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N Output power, 4ohms 2*375W 1KHz, 0.1% THD+N Nominal load impedance 4 Ohms-8 Ohms It is safe to operate the amplifier with no load. Frequency response 0.3Hz-33KHz -3dB points, 8ohms load. Frequency response -0dB/+0.2dB 20Hz-20KHz, 8ohms load Frequency response -0.2dB/+0dB 20Hz-20KHz, 4ohms load Output impedance 0.035 Ohms 20Hz-1KHz Output impedance 0.4 Ohms 20KHz THD+N, 1W/8ohms 0.015% A-wgt. THD+N, 1W/4ohms 0.02% A-wgt. THD+N, 100W/8ohms 0.008% A-wgt. THD+N, 180W/8ohms 0.01% A-wgt. THD+N, 375W/4ohms 0.07% A-wgt. S/N ratio 107dB A-wgt. Ref. 200W/8ohms. Dynamic range 133 dB A-wgt. Ref. 200W/8ohms. Channel separation 90dB 1KHz, 200W/8ohms. Peak output current ±40A Output common mode voltage Max 33V DC Ref. Ground. The amplifier can not be used in bridged mono mode. Output DC voltage ±5 mV All audio measurements, except frequency response, are measured with a 20KHz lowpass filter in accordance with AES-17. Protection Parameter Value Note Grounding Mains earth, chassis and audio ground are connected internally. Output short circuit current ±40A Output DC voltage ±5V @ <0.1Hz Over temperature All heat sinks and mainstransformer. Auto resetting thermal fuse in mains transformer. Physical: Width 450mm (17.72") Depth 435mm (13.39") Excluding loudspeaker connectors (over wheel) Depth 455mm (14.21") Including loudspeaker connectors (over wheel. Height 88.8mm (3.5") Excluding feet. Height 100.6mm (3.96") Including feet. Net weight 18.0Kg (37lb.) Shipping weight 20.0Kg (41lb.)
  12. woodlands

    Wanted - Harbeth P3ESR

    Thanks very much ! I will try them.
  13. woodlands

    Wanted - Harbeth P3ESR

    Still looking...
  14. woodlands

    For Sale - Harbeth P3ESR se in eucalyptus

    I am next in line to buy these in case the original buyer does not work out. regards Philip