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  1. Hello Des I didn't get a pm, I'm not chasing you though, I mention it in case there's a technical glitch. I'll send you a test... wait out. Steve
  2. Hello Des, I'd like this/these, a question though... I assume you just plugged the M2 boards into the same psu and that the output transistors of those match up with tapped holes in the heatsinks? That's a nice job you've done by the way. I'd get a refund on that salesmanship course if I were you :-) Steve
  3. Hi Steve,

    The Wam site has changed quite a bit since I last used it, so I'm not sure how the messaging system works, but hopefully this might find you.

    If you're still interested in the plinths, then give me a text or call on 07921 495 187 or an email on




  4. Hi Colin, I'd like these please. I live in High Halstow so just down/up the road. Happy to collect but we're heading up north on holiday tomorrow, coming back on Thursday week (19th). Are you able to wait until then?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. stax92


      Excellent, cheers Colin, will do.

    3. stax92


      Hi Colin, I've sent a couple of texts. Did you not get them? Cheers.


    4. jibberjab


      Hi Steve,

      i haven't received the texts, no sorry.

      I have been away in France (although I did have my phone) so perhaps that's the problem. I got back y'day. The number looks right 07921 495 187. Try again or send me an email



  5. I was already sorted (cheers doc) but...... JFK that looked good, and the Ruark popped up a fair bit in my research. Can the mods please archive this?
  6. ... your offer being this (the exact picture you sent me) for £95. I replied to the other PM's and was going to challenge you on that but couldn't be bothered. If you want to turn a few bob from a site with a good natured and benevolent membership that's your business but you won't make anything from me. To everyone else, thanks again for the offers and apologies for being away from the site for a while, I think I'm sorted now.
  7. Sorry all, I've been away for a while. Pm's have been or will be answered soon. I don't fancy the Kef but I see that you've listed it separately so good luck with that, the reviews are good but something else caught my eye. Thanks for the offers.
  8. Cheers Paul, something to think about there.
  9. I'd like to upgrade from my Gale 10 so anything better than that would be cool. Up to £150 but a bargain more than that would be considered (by me... people talking about themselves in the third person should be flogged senseless with a knotted rope). Thanks in anticipation.
  10. I've seen some different types for an old back injury. The first was an old fashioned 'crack it' session that I got on the NHS on the ground floor of a piss-stinking tower block just outside Leyton Orient football ground - it worked wonders. Second was in Harley street, funded by an occupational medical plan - that was pants, a bit of manipulation and some acupuncture (whilst he subjected me to syruppy classical guitar music and played Lemmings on his computer) with no discernible effect. Third was a 'new age' clinic in the City (similarly funded) that was very good, they even worked on 'issues' around a foot injury that had apparently worked through my back. I also had some cranial osteopathy with those people and that was a very strange feeling. In summary, I think it's worth a try particularly if you're in chronic pain, it might work, might not. Strangely after a disappointing acupuncture experience with the Harley St practitioner I recently had some treatment following a knee operation and that worked a treat. My doc at work, former international rugby player and doctor to a premiership club (who knows trauma injuries) said that in his experience these sort of things seem to work for some ailments with some people.
  11. Aye, all that dressing up and running around is a bit tragic. Yep, thumbs up for joining a club, instruction and practice is everything.
  12. You've completely lost me with that video Yuk. The other benefit would be if you can use the pellets again, some people take to target shooting quickly but you need hours upon hours of practice and thousands upon thousands of rounds to get really good.
  13. Ex forces here too (but Navy - RM) and was a marksman as well. I used all sorts of weapons as tools like Chris and also have had no desire to shoot another weapon since I left but I understand the attraction of target shooting for youngsters. I also understand a dad wanting to engage with his son and to learn a new skill with him. Matt, you seem responsible enough and you know that whatever happens will be your responsibility so go for it on that basis. I don't know anything about airsoft guns but I had a go of one with my son in an Army demonstration tent at a county show a few years back. We shot at tin cans on string and I was surprised at the accuracy of it over the short range, almost enjoyed it in fact. You never know, he might have a talent.
  14. stax92


    For those who weren't there and wonder what this elephant thing is, here's an explanation... [video=youtube;7Bz0AU5_dWQ]
  15. stax92


    Aye, I reckon. But hold on.... you could have just invented a show to rival Monkey Tennis! Pro-celebrity boxing. First bout from the veterans category for me would be Frank Bruno v Sandy Toksvig. Sadly not now possible from the golden age of Parkinson, boxing and comedy would be Ali v Rod Hull and Emu... have you seen those two kick off? Ali would have his hands full. Mind you, back to the point... Billy Bragg was in ‘the Army’ so, whilst not a member of the Super Army Soldier Regiment he may have some moves up his sleeve. I saw him once playing a benefit gig in a working men’s club. A friend had been drinking all day and decided to regale the audience with his white eared elephant impression on stage. The music stopped and Billy launched into an apology for some sort of blatant display of male sexuality. I thought it was a bit harsh considering: (a) if we work on the basis that there were 200 people there, then I reckon at least 99.5% found it funny; and (b) the gesture was offered with good intentions, and in the spirit of entertainment, as all white eared elephant impressions are