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  1. Andrei

    Boys and their Toys.

    Clearly you should have been an astrophysicist. Time speeding up, or is it slowing down?
  2. I'm sure I know that episode of Father Ted you have in mind - something to do with Cows as I recall. Congratulations on the birth of your heir.
  3. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Prefer happy hour
  4. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    a filthy state
  5. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    the Town Bike?
  6. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Please cycle responsibly
  7. Andrei

    best class d amp

    Check out Wyred4Sound. Reputable and popular American manufacturer. They make Class D Amplifiers. I have a few of their products, though not an amp, and am impressed.
  8. Andrei

    A BIG ASK! - Help Required

    My style: I would send him an email stating the bare facts and asking his input. Be extremely polite, do not directly threaten, and end with something like ... 'may I get back to you again in about a week?' So a sort of one step at a time approach. As 'haggis says he may well shift the blame but wait and see.
  9. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    with Carl Orff?
  10. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Wife is expensive.
  11. Andrei

    Any experiences/photos of veneering to share?

    There is no way I would be veneering £1000 boxes. I wonder if a little wood filler would do. I have worked a lot with recycled timber and fillers just do the job. One curious thing is that is is not actually necessary to find the perfect match. I have a table in my office where I have actually used a dark filler (think something like faux mahogany) on a light coloured timber (kauri). As an aside, and I'm not sure this would work for speakers, I saw someone restore a wooden table with bright coloured fillers; bottle green and scarlet. It made a real feature of the of the 'defects'. Another person used a black filler and that looked good too.
  12. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Exhausted. Tabula Rasa.
  13. Andrei

    DAC recommendation

    An absolute Bull's Eye!
  14. Andrei

    Optical Cable

    Won't even have to sell my daughter to afford it.