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  1. Nice clips there hifinutt!
  2. Beethoven 7th symphony, extra?

    You can partially confirm what Chris has said by length of the music. It can be anything between 7 and 10 minutes. If the difference in length is larger than can be allowed for by the tempo, then it is likely that the performers are observing the 'repeat'.
  3. Too neutral sounding...

    This is one of the great mysteries of the universe. It is as if two magnetically repelling forces attract.
  4. Just when you think you've seen it all

    I think handling the LP from the edges is a good habit.
  5. Too neutral sounding...

    And the chance to ogle the album covers would be purely coincidental, I am sure.
  6. Too neutral sounding...

    Also the entire 'oeuvre' of Diana Krall.
  7. Ampregen - Fantastic service

    Never met him but he stands out for the perspicacity of his input.
  8. Pass Labs XA 30.8

    This matches my experience with the Pass X150.8. Negatives first: It is a monstrosity. Moving it is a two man job and even then you will need strength and care. The 150.8 is towards the bottom of the line so I the bigger brothers will be even heavier. It also gets hot. In winter you can keep your hand on it, but not quite in summer. In the odd lingo of Hi-Fi it gets hot before it has warmed up! It is the best part of an hour before it sounds at its best. Positives: Quite a good looker in my estimation. The power meter is not too blingy. As George says it only moves when it goes into class AB. This has only happened a couple of times. It is biased to about 13 Watts which is pretty loud on my speakers. You wanna annoy the wife? infuriate the neighbours? damage your hearing? No problem, just turn the dial to 12 O'Clock. Sound quality is all there. I still have the highly respectable ATC P1. I could have lived with that amp. The Pass is a serious step up from that. One of its good features (that the P1 also had) was that it still sounds good at low levels. It is not an auto purchase because the difficult features are not trivial, but if you can live with them then it is a good 'un.
  9. How locally made is your setup?

    Japanese: TechnicsTurntables, Jelco Tonearm, Oyaide Interconnects, Marantz Tuner, Furutech RCA connectors, Yamamoto Sound Headshells Chinese: Oppo Disc Player New Zealand: Perreaux Phono Stage, Hawkes Bay Cabernet Music Enhancer English: Power Supply, OL Tonearm and Record Mat, ATC Amp and Preamp, Spendor D1s, Record Clamp, Benedict Phono Stage, Isonoe TT feet, Funk Firm Record Mat French: Triangle Speakers, Austrian: Ayon Preamp Greece: Tonearm Wire Swiss: Benz Cartridge Canadian: Charisma Cartridge USA: Pass Amp, W4S Dac, Nordost Cables All of the above are in use. Would love to have an Australian Weston Accoustics Pre-amp. I have an Australian aftermarket bearing for the Tecnhics, but I don't use it as it is not as good as a modded Technics bearing - or an unmodded one for that matter.
  10. I'll have one them too please!
  11. gjm of this parish got his daughter a Technics SL1200 Mk2. How do I know this? I sold it to him, or rather swapped it for something - a camera lens? bottle of moonshine? I can't recall. I don't know about the lass but Graham was happy with it. He had some aftermarket feet and it worked a treat. In effect this echoes the modern DD recommendation above, that I would also endorse. Why muck about with rubber bands? On a more practical level the criteria as I seem them are: (1) ease of use and (2) avoid the plastic crap out there that will take the vinyl to an early demise, (3) something that is easy to setup - think Azimuth, VTA, VTF, WTF, CIA, KGB - again to keep the vinyl from snap, crackle and pop as long as possible.
  12. Integrated for MA PL100 ii

    Marantz is good, but a Perreaux Eloquence 150 would be a step up. Another couple of goodies I've heard would be Prima Luna Prologue or Doge - lovely valve integrateds, but the Perreaux would likley be more forgiving of being left on.
  13. Treating my wife this Christmas

    Dear Confused Have I got a deal for you my son! A beautiful, and I really do mean beautiful, Television. More like a work of art than a TV. Its got a remote control, hi-res, low-res, 4K, 5K. Can play Blues Music, Blue Ray, Blue Movies - you name it. Best of all it is 18 inches. Less is more!
  14. Are you not able to copy the old driver to the new OS? This sort of thing was not uncommon round the era of Win 95, 98, XP. I have not had to try it out for a long time.