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  1. Andrei

    Quad ESL 2912

    Don, try this experiment. Downsample your hi-res to, say 44.1 khz or 48 khz and see what happens. Could the problem be that the quads are trying - and failing - to play frequencies out of their range?
  2. I auditioned Focal Sopras to replace my Triangle Cellos (also French). It was more of the same, only better. Also Canton were similar and I thought better than the Focals - better looking to my eye as well. In the end I went for a sealed cabinet design and would now find it difficult to go back to a ported design.
  3. On the money there Hector. My experience is that DACs do make a difference. However the correlation between price and performance is not a straight line - far from it. I have recently upgraded to a cheaper DAC.
  4. I recently had a good session with TAD reference speakers. In terms of looks you can see photos. To my eye they are gorgeous. But bear in mind they are huge! They could dominate the room. They do female vocals well. The timbrel accuracy is phenomenal. Their accuracy is such that they will play everything well. They are best I have heard of the viol family - the most difficult instruments to reproduce. They were a good step up from my magicos.
  5. Happy with source and happy with amp. Speakers ok. Room needs improvement.
  6. Benedict Audio Hothead phonostage. 500 squid and bears comparison to my Allnic. Sadly they are no more.
  7. One of the things on my bucket list is to find out whether airlines charge her double. Anyway forget Dante's Inferno - picture this: you take your seat on a long-haul flight. The seat next to you is empty. Down the aisle come the whale ... Sorry lads I can't continue this. I think I am going to be sick.
  8. I have a friend who has GoldenEar Tritons. Refined sound and bass without effort. Probably on the cusp of portability.
  9. As this is a stop-gap why not use some double-sided tape?
  10. These measurements are just nominal values right? Can you get to see the impedance graph for the Monacor and the originals? Maybe there is not such a difference. Another thing - and TBH I do't really know what I am talking about - maybe it is that other drivers eg Scan Speak would actually be better??
  11. I'm afraid that answer is incorrect. You score zero points. The correct phrase sought by the Rt Hon Rabski was: "I would not touch that with a bargepole." Thank you for playing and I will get my coat :->