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  1. You can say that again! Hynes power and Jelco Arm. Arm and power are the two most expensive upgrades one can do.
  2. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Naughty - Best? Incoherent!
  3. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    turned into a
  4. Andrei

    Origin Live tonearm

    More like excruciating than a fiddle. No great shakes in the sound department either. I sold my Conqueror and went back to a Jelco. (Have not heard an SME in my own system though).
  5. Andrei

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Pretty good Chris. I was expecting cymbal crashes for the Eruption. But it starts with drums and is followed by dense chords played on the brass. All in all it is typical Hovahaness. I followed it with The Flowering Peach. I'm on the lookout for the Guitar Concerto now.
  6. Andrei

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    I've got Exile Symphony, Mysterious Mountain, City of Light, Mt St Helens, and Star Dawn. I give No 50 a go tomorrow night! Interested in the guitar Concerto as that is my favourite format.
  7. Andrei

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    How do you find Hovhaness Chris? I have a couple of the popular symphonies and find they start well. I love the thick chords but so far I have not been able to listen to a full symphony in one go. What is your take?
  8. Tristan Nice implementation! I also like the look of that armboard. May I ask what you are using as feet? One thing I have done with a platter that was a bit tatty was to clean off the black content with acetone and a firm brush.
  9. Andrei

    SP10 advice

    1. Is there no way to strengthen the sideboard? 2. My experience with the SL1200 family (I have three) is this: Keep to tonearms of a certain vintage: Fidelity Research for example. Avoid Origin Live - I put on the latest Conqueror but my Jelco 750D was better and I ended up putting it back on and flogging the OL.
  10. Andrei

    How many Brands/Manufacturers in your System?

    Forgot to add Marantz (Tuner), Oppo (Disc player) , Sennheiser (Phones) - 30 brands all up.
  11. Andrei

    How many Brands/Manufacturers in your System?

    Technics, Jelco, Charisma, Benz Micro, Michell Engineering, KAB USA, Long Dog, Yamamoto Sound, Perreaux, Benedict Audio, Ayon, Pass Labs, ATC, Daniel Hertz, Wyred4Sound, Magico, Spendor, Bowers & Wilkins, Wharfedale, Jamo Pink Faun, Audioquest That's 22 and 5 more brands for cables below. Oyaide, Furutech, Kordz, Nordost, 1877 Phono,
  12. Andrei

    Your top 10 war films

    +1 One of my favourites
  13. I agree. To OP: First establish if both components are internally balanced - then a balanced cable with XLR connectors will be an improvement. If both components are internally unbalanced then a balanced cable will be a downgrade. If one component is internally balanced and the other is unbalanced then I would surprised if you would hear any difference. (If your silver RCA cables are unshielded you may get a benefit from the balanced cable).
  14. Andrei

    Advice on screw