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  1. what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Don Giovanni is just wonderful. Quite apart from the fact that I love villains. In fact it so darn good that most of the Opera is highlights. The overture is a concert piece in its own right. Some prefer Figaro or The Magic Flute (inane plot) but for me it is Don Giovanni. I'm not much of an opera buff but I will always attend this if it within a few hundred Ks.
  2. Cartridge Choice

    Danged if I can remember where but I read a comparison between Charisma Audios 103 and their MC1. Their 103 being, as yours, a well tricked up DL103. The conclusion was that MC1 was indeed a step up. Go to for a list of reviews of the MC1. About 750 squid I believe. I know all this as I have been looking for a cart for my second system. My shortlist was ZYX, Benz, Hana, & Charisma.
  3. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    He's got 7k posts
  4. Classical Club #8 Respighi: Roman Trilogy

    Heard a live performance of the 'Pines' in the Auckland Town Hall. A long time ago but the memory of the occasion was one of a feeling of power. There is much non-opera Italian music: Respighi - Vivaldi - Rota being my favourites.
  5. Focal Utopia speaker clone with active crossover

    Very interesting!
  6. Spendor Owners Club

    Yes D1s it is! I listed the associated mid range gear to give an idea of the level. I have so far only listened to these speakers in my main system. They are much smaller than the Triangles. So the first impression I got was: Where is the bass? Apart from that they have a fresh and clear sound. They will go into my office and I am sure they will improve after being run in for a bit. The bass issue might go away with being in a smaller room, closer to the back wall and my getting accustomed. On the strength of what I have heard so far I am sure I could live with D7s or D9s in my main rig.
  7. Spendor Owners Club

    I have decided to put a Turntable in my office. I have an exquisite minty condition Technics SL1210Mk5g. It has to look good and this specimen is in top notch condition. I have an ATC Pre and Power combination spare and also a mat. But I have had to purchase a Phono Stage, Tonearm, and Cart. (Went for Perreaux VP3, OL Conqueror, & Carisma Ref 1). I can upgrade the bearing, platter and feet myself. So what speakers? Thank you for bearing with me so far. As mentioned it has to look good. They also have to sound the goods and not be large - as my office is not big. All right then: You have the clues - What speakers have I just purchased?
  8. Classical Club album #6 - Soledad

    That was my intention, but of course you are free to listen to them all. I also love Sur Regresso Al Amor. Yo Yo Ma (an up-and-down personality I suppose) put out a lovely album based on Piazzolla called Soul of the Tango and his cello is perfect for Sur Regresso.
  9. Your top 5 favourite ever albums

    1. Zero Hour - Astor Piazzolla. Tango at its best. With tracks like Milonga Del Ángel you are in another world. 2. Cold Fact - Rodriguez. Raw but very meaningful. "And don't try to enchant me with your manner of dress 'Cause a monkey in silk is a monkey no less" 3. Virtue - Emmy the Great. Quirky lyrics, lovely voice. 4. Abby Road - Say no more. 5. Restored Returned - Tord Gustavsen. Calming.
  10. I think Soledad is Spanish for Solitude. There are several pieces with this title but my album choice is from Piazzolla's album La Camorra. It is about 8 minutes long and had a profound effect on me when I first heard it. For some reason I never seem to tire of it and I keep playing it regularly. It helps that Piazzolla's music in general lends itself to being transcribed and so there are many versions. I have about a dozen but the best is probably that by Gidon Kremer.
  11. one word daily

  12. Done a CD vs Vinyl test on your system recently?

    Yeah I've done this a few times. Generally re-issues of on CD of material originally destined for LP is always a vinyl winner. Striking example is Le Sacre on DG with Claudio Abbado conducting the LSO: LP Fab - CD Dreadful. Adele's '21' has more 'presence' on LP. Sibelius Violin Concerto on RCA label with Dylana Jensen doing the fiddling - LP (and the playing) is fab. CD reissue is so-so. Other times the CD is better. With some I prefer the greater dynamic range, occasionally the lower noise floor allows a bit more detail. Hard to make a comparison because there are so many other variables but I guess overall there is material that benefits more from being analogue.
  13. Guest, It does happen that a person is not the best at knowing what is the best for themselves. So friends and family may point you in the right direction. For my part a change was good for me. Almost overnight I dropped a practice in criminal law and engaged in property law - drop in income but my missus was clear that I was a happier person for it. As to whether it was the job I always wanted - the answer is that I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought things like Learned Arguments, taking on noble causes etc. It turns out that litigation is soul destroying because you spend your working life trying to get lazy judges to care. It is not impossible but it is an unending swim against the tide.
  14. spendor d7

    I see they are described as in 'prestine' condition. They look pristine as well. I have just just taken possession of a pair of D1s and I have to say they are pretty darn decent in the flesh. In terms of sound quality it is as you would expect - silky highs, accurate mids, but lacking bass. Presumably the D7s cover that bass issue.
  15. I had the Perreaux Eloquence in my system for a week's trial. The defining feature for me was effortlessness. There was substantial review in Hi-Fi News or Hi-Fi Choice that I recall thinking was exactly on the money.