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  1. Guest, It does happen that a person is not the best at knowing what is the best for themselves. So friends and family may point you in the right direction. For my part a change was good for me. Almost overnight I dropped a practice in criminal law and engaged in property law - drop in income but my missus was clear that I was a happier person for it. As to whether it was the job I always wanted - the answer is that I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought things like Learned Arguments, taking on noble causes etc. It turns out that litigation is soul destroying because you spend your working life trying to get lazy judges to care. It is not impossible but it is an unending swim against the tide.
  2. spendor d7

    I see they are described as in 'prestine' condition. They look pristine as well. I have just just taken possession of a pair of D1s and I have to say they are pretty darn decent in the flesh. In terms of sound quality it is as you would expect - silky highs, accurate mids, but lacking bass. Presumably the D7s cover that bass issue.
  3. I had the Perreaux Eloquence in my system for a week's trial. The defining feature for me was effortlessness. There was substantial review in Hi-Fi News or Hi-Fi Choice that I recall thinking was exactly on the money.
  4. Gorgeous Gadgets

    Beautiful To me that is kitsch
  5. Amplifiers and the End of Science

    Maybe he heard the original sound. Or he just knows for example what a Steinway piano sounds like. Even if I did not know what he gives of his time (more valuable than money) to the DIY community I don't see any inference to draw from that.
  6. speakers

    6) Paid Speakers; 7) Public Speakers; 8) Loud Speakers. Actually as far as I am concerned there are only two types: Type one is Boring Speakers.
  7. A new cable range launch by Wammers

    That's well and good for the wire, and for the shielding and outer braiding I propose my Clear Order Neutral Domain Outer Material. I should add that failure to implement it properly could have unexpected results.
  8. A new cable range launch by Wammers

    The BUMS works of course, but only for lower frequencies. The complementary Tuned Irradiation Technology Soundstage (TITS) is used for the midrange frequencies.
  9. Triangle

    Nice to hear you are enjoying the Triangles. I've had my Cellos for about 5 years now. The dealer informed me that Triangles love power and having gone through four amps in that time I would have to concur.
  10. Classical Club album#3 - Scheherazade, Reiner

    I was surprised to find I only have one version of this - Kirill Kondrashin conducting the Concertgebouw. Maybe I have Gergiev on vinyl. I have heard this as the music for Ballet and excellent it was too. Now that I come to think of it, it reminds me just how evocative the music is.
  11. Audiophilia - The Guardian

    Nice article to be sure but not really aimed at us.
  12. A new cable range launch by Wammers

    I concur with Cheatham et al, but you need specialist firm for this. As consultant partner in Gooch, Gooch, Gotch and Gooch I advise in Cable Defamation cases. Clients include Hard Ass, Nor Dust, WiresTwirled, Anal-Isis Pus, AudioQuiz, Black Rhinoceros, Van Den Skull, Uranium Q*, Audio Bloat, Acoustic Hen, Ekoss, Egad! Please do not trouble your souls with such things as our fees. We are feeling people too and understand. Yes we understand that it is not about the money but your reputation. As such we are prepared not to accept payment in advance but will place a mortgage over your private homes at no charge to you. * Their 'Depleted' line is very good you know.
  13. one word daily

  14. A new cable range launch by Wammers

    Oh! so a mere £144.00 then?
  15. A new cable range launch by Wammers

    Yes I like a full loon please. Have you settled on pricing yet?