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  1. Three Words Daily

    McCreedy is greedy
  2. Random image of the day 3

    That orange is something! Incredibly focusing.
  3. PMs not working and my mail to the to the mods not acknowledged. Just email me at with a postal address.
  4. Following this thread there is IMHO sound advice. I cannot add too much but will limit it what I have experienced: Concur with the Focal vs B&W comments. I have heard them both and the Focals are a clear preference to me. I would even prefer the Focal Arias. I think there may be a better bang for buck with amp or DAC given your budget. (Had your budget been 5K then go for speakers). I endorse your choice of the Yamaha Amps. I had a Yam 701 (or 700) in my system for a couple of weeks on loan from the dealer while waiting for a new amp. It is a little champ so I can only assume better from amplifiers up the line. (If you will allow me an indulgence I consider that the amp / speaker combination should really be considered as one - think 'active speakers' to take it to its logical conclusion). A better amp will get more out of your B&Ws. And if you can find your way to an ATC SIA150 you will definitely be swimming with bigger fish. Finally I do like your idea of putting your budget into just one of the triumvirate - Source, Amplification, Speaker. If you split it between two you would more as likely be going sideways, if not backwards.
  5. The MQA debate

    My take from the antipodes is this: We have three good source formats: Vinyl, PCM, DSD. Do we need another format - no, of course not, unless it is really better. Do we know MQA is 'better'? Not yet. Assuming it is 'better' should we go for it? No, I do not it believe it to be the Holy Grail. Maybe a bit better - who knows? It appears I have to pay for it But rather than pay for an improved source why not rather put my money towards Amplification or Speakers rather than source?
  6. one word daily

  7. Oops spelling. It is Kaitaia Fire from a small town in the far north of New Zealand. Heat varies from year to year. Actually it is better when it is milder as the chili flavour comes through better. It is fab stuff but TBH 15 squid is not worth it when Cholua is almost as good. KF is cheap here. PM me and I will send a couple of bottles.
  8. A rather nice Chili sauce. Not too hot. If by any chance you can get chili sauce called Kaitia Fire then go for it. A bit hotter than Cholula but very flavoursome. Cholula (or Kaitia Fire) and avocado are a match made in heaven.
  9. Three Words Daily

    Quoth, the woman
  10. one word daily

  11. Three Words Daily

    unless you risk
  12. Pi Id Jriver I2S W4S ?

    Buy some expensive interconnect cables - brand does not matter too much, just so long as they are marketed very well. Extract the snake oil from them and apply that to affected parts of the anatomy while listening to the soundtrack of Hair.
  13. Check out Perreaux VP3. Should be within price. It is a 'last' mc phonostage for me.
  14. Belt driven Turntables

    A stitch in rhyme, saves time
  15. Three Words Daily

    waiting for opportunity