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  1. Downunder it is a buyers market. So I have picked up some bargains when buying and taken some baths when selling. The result of a small market I assume. What I am coming to is that I have hung on to a bit of gear that I should really have moved on - at least if I was being fiscally responsible. I will give you an example: Can you believe I have a Daniel Hertz M6 Preamp on my desktop - desktop? This is the single best component I own. It has a usb input and drives a pair of modest desktop speakers (antediluvian B&W MM1s). I do not use it in my main rig as I prefer a Pre with a remote. It is so good that I fancy it is an heirloom product. My kids will fight over it when I am gone. So - coming to the point: If the AF is that good, and I suspect it is, just keep it. On the other hand Flash there is another way of looking at this. Do not be offended by lowball offers. (They are actually helpful.) In the great scheme of things there is a satisfaction in knowing that your 'children' have gone to a good home. If the dosh is less than you would like ... C’est la vie. I just sold my latest model W4S DAC for some fraction of what I paid for it but was gratified by the buyers excitement of owning an 'unaffordable' component.
  2. Had not seen that clip - thanks for link. It has a slightly exaggerated artisan look, but impressive all the same. I do have a niggle and that is with the platter. I see they show a rubber underlay of the aluminium platter. Of course a rubber underlay is an improvement over a bare aluminium platter. My concerns are twofold. One is whether rubber is the optimum material - surely things have advanced over the 1970s. Second the method of attachment of that underlay. In the Mk2 (all the way to the Mk5) there were just a few squirts of glue to hold the platter to the rubber underlay. So only about 25 - 33% of the rubber underlay was bonded to the platter. I know this because I have stripped half a dozen platters of their rubber underlay (and replaced it with dynamat or different epoxys). You may wish to hold the platter by the center and tap the edge with a spoon. With any luck you not hear much resonance. Actually I would love to have such a TT as well but I have two working SL1210s already, one in my main rig and one in my office. The ridiculous thing is that I am fantasizing about a third TT when I even have a third TT - another 1210Mk5g even! It is just sitting in storage (when I bought a 'second' it was actually a pair). Anyway, I still want the vicarious pleasure of hearing of the new series. PS what are the strathbone feet? (I have used isonoes and maglevs but have not heard of the strathbones).
  3. I have a 1210 Mk5 and a 1210 Mk5g. Both in use and have various upgrades. Very interested to hear your impressions Al. I suspect the new motor will be a good thing.
  4. Or, as I once heard in Parliament: 'Does the carpet match the drapes?'
  5. Agreed. Most make you look like a public toilet.
  6. No no! Don't stop there - full review requested George. You don't know until you have tried it! Also it needs running in. I suppose the running in period is just a little less than the warranty period.
  7. Salvatore Licitra (Italian Tenor, died young in a bike accident. He is the tenor in The Man Who Cried) Johnny Cash Roger Whittaker Neil Diamond Dimitri Hvorostovsky Matthais Goerne (Der Leiermann is heartbreaking)
  8. That is not a good state of affairs. A couple of suggestions: First is something I have just experienced - Soundstage. I have a decent soundstage from my gear but recently heard another system where the room was larger and finely tuned. The separation of voices was just remarkable and it was quite an involving experience. I cannot change my room but am thinking about re-arranging speakers and listening position and improved / more paneling. Second, maybe expand your musical catchment to other genres. There is lots of great stuff out there, unfortunately it is hidden in mountains of dross. Have a go at Mexican Danzon No.2 by Arturo Marquez. Have a go at Turkish: Black Earth by Fazil Say. Happy hunting!
  9. The sound is so good that even the speaker wires are moving into a sine wave!
  10. Andrei

    which streamer ?

    Matrix Audio is worth a look.
  11. Agreed. I have subscribed to zevnikov YouTube channel. He does a nice Moldau with good visuals on the flutes.
  12. Andrei

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    Psst ... wanna know my fetish?? I knew you would!! I love good looking gear. In Hi-Fi we get good looks and good sound and the forum doctrine is 'so long as it sounds great I don't care what it looks like'. My position is that there is so much gear out there that we can choose to have both - ie good looks and good sound. But this baby is in another league - one gorgeous slut. I want. Don't care if it is not working, so long as the lights come on and the wheels go round.
  13. Very tasty! What is the gear in the rack?
  14. I agree with Rab. I have gone SS to valve and back again several times. My experience is this: unless you are going very high up the level then go for SS. Given that the signal from a MC cart can be magnified 10,000 times you will hear some tube rush from your speakers.