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    Modded Technics 1210
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    Jelco, Charisma Ref1
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    Benedict Hothead C
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    Custom PC
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  1. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Don't kick Pass
  2. Nice find. Put these on those B&Ws, paint the woofers yellow with acrylic paint, polish the cabinet, put some Chinese calligraphy on the side, confirm they used to be owned by Liberace and I'm sure you could sell them for 100 quid.
  3. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    percent germ free
  4. Andrei

    How much snake oil can one buy?

    That is so depressing. We all have a larf about snake-oil but I found that really sad.
  5. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    REM are cool
  6. Andrei

    For Sale - Aurorasound Vida LCR Phonostage

    My research with the aid of Uncle Goog tells me the reason these beasties are so desirable is because they have an LCR circuit.
  7. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    she wasn't alone
  8. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    with much noise
  9. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    is battery powered
  10. Andrei

    Cause of a very loud click/pop on Vinyl

    Balloons too, and weasels.
  11. Andrei

    For Sale - Aurorasound Vida LCR Phonostage

    Jake Looks like we are on the same voltage. Will send PM
  12. Andrei

    For Sale - Aurorasound Vida LCR Phonostage

    Hello from the antipodes! Can you tell me the voltage?
  13. Andrei

    one word daily

  14. Andrei

    Identify this tonearm

    Maybe the arm is made by the TT manufacturer. I have 3 Technics SL1200s and a Jelco on one. I rather like the Technics arm but I have been casually looking. This one seemed pretty good, as least as far as one can tell by a photo. I did try out an Origin Live arm (Conqueror) but preferred the Jelco - and the Technics arm for that matter.