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  1. That Franck is a real gem Jerry. Nice find!
  2. Andrei

    Bug bears in hifi

    Real world practical advice. Take it or leave it. I say take it.
  3. Sorry but this sounds like psychobabble to me.
  4. Very interesting! My brother is feeling 'trigger happy' about the Dialogue. I would love it if you could expand on this. TIA.
  5. Impressive. Looks good too. What is the model number?
  6. +1. Not sure where he took this photo. Earth somewhere? It is so otherworldly?
  7. Andrei


    Hi chaps. Just come back from holiday overseas and I have managed to lose my wristwatch. So I am looking for another. The trouble is that what is available is overwhelming. I tried looking at a watch forum but again the range of topics is overwhelming. Maybe someone can chip in and help out. Part of the problem is that I do not know the lingo so what follows will be a bit clumsy. My preferences are: Quartz movement. I would not consider a mechanical or automatic watch. It must be easily legible - more on that topic to come. I do not want roman or arabic numerals. Must have a second hand - or is that a third hand? Also I don't like the look of those tiny second hands. Preferably no date, and certainly no day of the week function. I think these are called 'complications'. And what is it with these watches that have the phase of the moon? Face should be high contrast. My last watch was a Citizen 'Work Watch'. It had a dark blue face with stout white hands. Prefer simple hands. Hands that are arrows or look like a skinny leaf are not to my taste. I think the general style I am looking for is a Dress Watch. I am not too fussed about that, but it has to look good as I have to deal with signing and witnessing documents. It will be visible to clients. Leather strap or at least the ability to change the strap. £: 100 or so. Maybe more if the right thing came along. Is that too much to ask? Any help or pointers in the right direction would be great. Remember, I know as much about this as you know about 15th Century Indian rope dancing. I did have a squiz in the local jewelers. So I think I am going to have to shop online. TIA
  8. Nice shout. I have one under my turntable. A decent little tweak.
  9. A Valab phono stage is even an LCR network.
  10. My very limited experience is to say Snake Oil. This is a one time experience of a valve based phonostage. (The nice Fosgate Signature). I went with the hype of Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio who pronounced his small signal valves manufactured Ulm, Germany in 1968 were worthy of worship. Two hundred bucks down the drain. To be fair to Kevin while my phonostage was not cheap, it is conceivable that it was not of the quality that would show the difference between valves.