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  1. Andrei

    Next time your wife says.......

    Well don't keep us in suspense - it's killing me!
  2. Andrei

    Next time your wife says.......

    *Nods sagely*
  3. Andrei

    Left over food.... wine....

    When I do a meal it is always enough for two days. Just did a soup that will see the pair of us for three days. Invariably the second day tastes better - especially so with curries.
  4. Andrei

    What's the best SS pre amp you've heard?

    To answer the original title question, the best SS pre-amp I have heard is the Daniel Hertz M6. It is quiet, and accurate. A large step up from my Ayon Eris (a 6H30 valve based pre). There is one downside though - no remote control - so it has been relegated to my office system.
  5. Andrei

    Spendor D7 v Dynaudio with 2 amps

    Keith, IMHO you should be a poet. Minimum of words, maximum of meaning. Understanding and Interpreting - key concepts. As an aside I have been advising (in my amateur way) a neophyte on an appropriate amplifier for the Triangle Magellan Cellos I have just sold him. There is, of course the issue of "how many watts"? and quite rightly so. He suggested a receiver that had 160 watts. It had no reference to the load (in Ohms), not good. But it did have a reference to the number of speakers ; ONE - Oh cripes!
  6. Andrei

    Wanted to Buy

    Does anyone have this, or even just know what this music is, or written by?
  7. Andrei

    Next time your wife says.......

    OK, thanks for the tip. I am very twitchy about this at the moment as my trigger finger is on a pair of Magico A3s and I might be succumbing to Parkinson's. How will I deal with Mrs A's conniptions?
  8. Andrei

    Next time your wife says.......

    Uzzy won't swap - what about you?
  9. Andrei

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    Why not the P1 with the SCM40 II? IIRC the P2 has more headroom but surely the P1 has enough grunt. Is it the the slightly low sensitivity of the SCM40s that makes the P2 the better option? As an aside my office system has a P1 and is itself driven by a Daniel Hertz ML6 Pre. Despite the 3x price difference the P1 holds its own.
  10. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    not a pair?
  11. It appears Technics / Panasonic have come up with a winner. I would love to hear one.
  12. Andrei

    Next time your wife says.......

    wanna swap?
  13. Andrei

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    If a bit of the ceiling in your lounge is sagging they can be used to prop it up.
  14. The right choice I am sure. Let know how you find them. I will be interested in their bass quality. Also bass quantity both in how deep they go and volume of sound.