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  1. Andrei

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    Magico, and others, are using materials that were not available previously. Seems a no-brainer to me.
  2. Andrei

    Vascular Fat - Time to get moving...

    Most 'diets' fail. Hunger is such a powerful feeling and willpower is not enough. In the longterm the hunger will wear you down. Most people on the keto diet combine it with Intermittent Fasting. The key is the fat and protein. These satisfy the hunger for a long time.
  3. Andrei

    A frank seller!

    That reminds me I have such a 'product' to unload. The 'Mike New bearing' for the Technics 1200 series turntables. It is no better than a serviced standard bearing and inferior to modded bearings that cost about 10th the price. I have three 1200 turntables and do not use this creation on any of them.
  4. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    causes a tremor
  5. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    Are you kidding?
  6. Andrei

    Is a DAC upgrade worth it?

    Of course upgrading the DAC will result in improvement. Not as large as speakers or even amplification. I can speak to the Delta Sigma designs rather than the ladder and FPGA types. I have recently done two DAC upgrades. My W4S DAC was upgraded from ESS9108 chip to ESS9038 chip. I also use my disc spinner as a DAC (it plays DSD). I went from an Oppo 105 to an Oppo 205. This latter upgrade was a similar experience. The Oppo 205 has an ESS9038 chip as well. In both cases there was an improvement in audiophilia specs - more focused soundstage etc. Actually I will be purchasing another DAC shortly. I am choosing between an Octo DAC8 Stereo and the Gustard DAC-X26 The Octo is not out yet but a sample of a derivative is the best measuring DAC ever from ASR. The Gustard also measures well and has the advantage of I2S input. In my opinion DACs suffer from inflated prices at least as much as other electronics. The chant of the Have-Nots: 'All DACs are equal' has some merit. My takeaway is that great DACs can be found for sensible money.
  7. Andrei

    Vascular Fat - Time to get moving...

    Go on a Ketogenic diet. I lost 14 kg in two months. Thereafter it flattened out and lost about 1 to 2 kg per month. Better still, almost all of that loss was round the middle. I had to buy a new belt this Saturday last. Exercise is good and from what I understand it works well with the diet, but 80 to 90 percent of weight loss is due to diet, rather than exercise. (I also had a lot more energy, but part of that may have been due to my rectifying an electrolyte imbalance. ) I also went from a pre-diabetes A1C to normal A1C in those two months. In concept you are forcing your body to burn fat rather than glucose. There do not appear to be any downsides if you do the diet correctly. My only downside it that I have to take care to get sufficient vitamin C. What you do on this diet is two-fold. 1 You avoid sugar / carbs. 2 You eat a very wide spread of cruciferous vegetables. Veges that grow above ground is another guideline. In avoiding carbs / sugar; you Have zero alcohol. Strangely not difficult for me who obsessed about my single malts. I also loved a good Cabernet. Have zero sugar. Ie cakes or any product where sugar is an ingredient. Very low fruit. This is because of the sugar (fructose) in fruit. I currently eat lemons, limes, avocados, tomatoes. Very tiny quantities of berries and pumpkin (technically a fruit). Very low carbs. So zero grains such as bread, wheat, oats, pasta, rice. The only carbs I have are the residual carbs in the veges and other food I eat. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy (cream, not milk based) are all good. There is tons of stuff on YouTube. One thing that you will be told and is worth repeating now is to clear the mind of the concept that 'fat is bad'. Like everything in life too much of anything is bad for you. Fat is not bad for you. It is essential for life. Many vitamins are not water-soluble and must have fat to enter into the system. Fat (and protein) also satisfy hunger. So I for example am on two meals a day with no snacks. I do not have pangs of hunger. If I do get peckish I have a cup of coffee with cream. That takes away any feeling of huger for a couple of hours. This not a fad diet and not a reworking of the Atkins diet (replace carbs with fat and protein). It is based on getting full nutrition.
  8. Andrei

    Tone arm wanted...

    I have a Jelco for sale. I don't know good it will be with a Thorens but they are fabulous with the Technics 1200 series. I tried to upgrade one of my Teccies with an Origin Live Encounter but it was not as good as the Jelco. I will send a PM.
  9. Andrei

    To preamp or not

    I have only experimented once. I ran my power amp from a Wyred4Sound DAC. It was dreadful. Both valve (Ayon Eris) and SS (Daniel Hertz) preamps gave life and body to the presentation.
  10. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    you mean serpent?
  11. Andrei

    one word daily

  12. Andrei

    Finally come out of the closet.

    25 and you sat on the swings in the playgrounds?
  13. Andrei

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    You can tell these are audiophile stands - note the directional arrows!
  14. Andrei

    Three Words Daily

    In Hawkes Bay