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  1. That's MQA, it's lossy DRM for high res audio and you need an MQA compatible DAC to fully "unfold" the file.
  2. I am not a fan of this new fangled term "ear burn-in". Don't let anyone tell you that you have to get used to a product's sound because it's "more accurate" or any of that bollocks. Yes you might get used to it, but that doesn't mean it's right for you. Long term evaluation and then comparison is important but first impressions do count.
  3. You can improve things to an extent with positioning, furnishings, DSP or a different amp (hybrids are a nice contrast with the Twentys), but I agree that they're probably just not for you. Make sure you call the dealer to see what they can offer you rather than going through the formal ebay/Paypal refund process.
  4. Give our best to Prince Andrew won't you.
  5. The apps aren't bad considering, and will get you in an acceptable ballpark but you can't go wrong with a strobe disc. RPM uses the gyroscope whereas I believe Turntabulator does not and I get varying results between the two. Interestingly the latter seems more accurate. I balance my phone on the record clamp while a record is playing to take into account "needle drag", which should be very very slight but you can see the effect.
  6. Not a Pathos owner but I thought those of you who are might enjoy this delightful video about the brand.
  7. Warszawa


    Ironically this vegan thread appears to have traces of gammon.
  8. If I was the delivery driver in question, working my arse off on minimum wage on a gig economy contract with no rights, at the busiest time of year, I'd shove the pompous git's parcel where the sun don't shine. Alright Nigel Farage, settle down.
  9. Not if you want them to sound good they're not!
  10. It lives! In my experience, you have to spend a lot more on an analogue front end to match the "fidelity" of digital but you can get that warm sound and appealing hands-on factor that attracts people to vinyl on a modest budget. The two formats a very different though, each have their strengths and weaknesses. The same can be said for both formats as both receive different pressings and remasters. In vinyl's case, people are usually looking for a record cut form the original analogue tapes, perhaps by a particular engineer. In case of CDs they might be looking for an issue with less dynamic range compression.
  11. Discogs for used records (and the occasional early CD to rip if the remasters are shite). For new music, I tend to buy the "limited" vinyl off the bands website or somewhere like recordstore.co.uk and hope there's a lossless download included. If not, it's off to HD Tracks, Qobuz, 7digital, Bandcamp etc. Probably would be cheaper to get the CD sometimes but the shelves are full.
  12. It was quite expensive so I have to get my moneys worth somehow.
  13. Tidal will only give you high res if the DAC in the Marantz supports MQA. I think there are some free sample tracks on HD Tracks.