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    Michell Gyro Dec
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    SME IV Cadenza Black
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    Project Phono Box RS
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    Aurender N100H
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  1. Warszawa

    What are your 6 favourite Album Covers?.

    Wolf Alice: Blush EP
  2. Warszawa

    Tell me more about Hybrid Class A

    I tried a Unison Research Unico 150 for a couple of weeks. Pros: Muscular bass Smooth treble Great with vocals Sound per pound value Cons: Not the last word in detail Can sound a bit lethargic Build quality and remote leave a lot to be desired
  3. Warszawa

    Vienna Acoustics.

    That's odd as I would describe the VA house sound as reasonably rolled off, warm, easy listening. I had some Beethoven Baby Grands and they were lovely. A bastard to position though.
  4. Warszawa

    Sunday The Cure Live From Glastonbury

    How has Robert Smith's voice not aged one bit?
  5. Warszawa

    What wireless routers are we using?

    If it aint broke...
  6. Warszawa

    Cartridge run in

    Don't give up on the deck! A Gyro with an SME arm should sound wonderful. Chances are it's the cart or the phono stage you don't like, or they're not playing ball together.
  7. Warszawa

    Cartridge run in

    Cartridge run in exists but I'm sure there will be someone along soon to tell you otherwise. That said, the fact that it's used but "pretty new" suggests a bit of wishful thinking on the dealer's part. What don't you like about the sound and what are the settings on the phono stage. Not familiar with Linn myself but someone will be.
  8. Warszawa

    North West Hifi Show (Cranage)

    Would be interested to hear impressions of the Fanthorpes and Audioworks rooms.
  9. Warszawa

    "Audiophile Vinyl " my foot !

    At the risk of picking an argument with everyone... I consider my system to have fairly even specs on the vinyl and digital front and would agree that a digital remaster of an analogue recording generally can't hold a candle to mastering in an all analogue domain, assuming everything is done well. Not all CD players sound the same. There's an argument for transports but not the DACs. There are some fantastic CD players in production today that will outperform most streaming systems. High res remasters aren't always an improvement over the original CD. It's. all. in. the. mastering. process. All opinions formed with my ears. YMMV. PS. Where can I hear this?
  10. Warszawa

    Luxman v Vitus v Plinius

    Sounds like the L-590AX II to me. Yellow VU meters?
  11. Warszawa

    New album releases

    The new Raconteurs album is an absolute belter!
  12. Warszawa

    Your Brexit song

  13. Warszawa

    To treat or not to treat

    They're a lot better, as you'd expect given the price difference. They have the fast, tight, dynamic sound of the 26 but with a far more seamless frequency response. There's a broader spectrum of bass, and a greater scale to the sound in general. They're trying to replicate the sound of PMC's big box monitors in a slim, room friendly cabinet and they pretty much succeed. The bass/treble switches allow for a bit of fine tuning to suit your room/equipment/tastes. My room is slightly on the lively side so I mostly trim the treble. The speakers are very revealing of what you put them on the end of. As far as vocals go, for example, they sound a bit fuller with my vinyl rig (I plan on upgrading my DAC next partly for this reason). In my (admittedly limited) experience, soft-dome midrange drivers have a "cleaner" sound whereas decent sized midrange cones are a bit "fuller" and better at those velvety vocals, this seems to come at the cost of a bit of presence and excitement however. I listen to rock and electronica so PMC suit my tastes. I don't want to fall asleep listening to Simon & Garfunkel.
  14. Warszawa

    To treat or not to treat

    I've gone from Twenty.26 to Fact 12 (with a bit of a detour along the way) and your dealer is right, the Fact range are a lot more even handed across the frequency range but they retain that energetic character. They're not cheap, but with the Signature editions coming out you might see some price reductions on the regular Facts. At the cheaper end, you really should try and hear some ATC if you can. In the meantime, why not just apply some EQ rather than drastic room treatment?
  15. Warszawa

    Amplifiers and speakers

    Or try a few combinations until you get the sound you like. It's much more fun.