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  1. Warszawa

    Awesome You Tube Music

  2. I'm admin on a gaming forum so I can sympathise. We can say I'm a massive bellend there though.
  3. Led Zeppelin II. Barry Diament CD or Robert Ludwig vinyl.
  4. I wasn't being offensive, I said WTAF. Didn't realise the F-bomb was was out of bounds. Won't happen again. I was more irked at you deleting the quote for context to be honest.
  5. As my original post was moderated for "foul language", Poppycock! Moderators very quick to remove a naughty word there but less interested in someone derailing every topic I look at.
  6. Warszawa

    PMC Twenty 23 or 24 speakers

    As said above, it's all horses for courses. I preferred the Twenty 26 over the Spendor D9 in a home demo but I would never begrudge anyone coming to a different conclusion.
  7. I'd like to put forward a motion of no confidence in Keiht please.
  8. I agree that the (very lucky) new owner needs to find a new home for the printer and whatever lives in the cupboards. Get a decent rack, move the speakers away from the walls. Add some Gik Acoustics if desired. Job done. Obviously digital room correction is a no-no.
  9. Warszawa

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    I think we're getting to the heart of the matter here. Keith believes sound quality is objective, whereas most of us (and any dealer worth their salt) believe it's subjective and people have different ears and different ideas of what sounds good. Maybe this isn't true "high fidelity" and if he wants to cut off his nose and only flog products that "measure well" then that's up to him, but for gods sake Keith can you please stop ramming the same old rhetoric down everybody's throat in every thread!
  10. Warszawa


    What if Keith's trolling is an elaborate plot to get a group of men wearing blindfolds round his house?
  11. Warszawa

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    I've stopped buying CDs as a) I no longer have a CD player and b) the shelves in the spare room are full (I can't get rid incase any need re-ripping or I need to check which mastering I'm listening to, oh and it would be illegal of course ) I don't listen to much new music but if there's something I hear on Tidal I like, I'm a sucker for "limited edition" or coloured vinyl and will cross my fingers the download code has a FLAC or WAV option (which thankfully seems more common these days). If not, I'll buy it off somewhere like 7digital or HDTracks, quite possibly at the same price as the CD or more, which I admit is a bit daft but either way, the artist is getting paid.
  12. Warszawa

    Wall-mount speakers

    Check out Anthony Gallo if the style suits.
  13. Warszawa

    FS Luxman DA-06 DAC

    Haven't read a bad word about the DA-06 and these rarely come up for sale, especially the proper 230V model. If I hadn't just spunked my savings on new speakers, I'd be all over this. Would love to see what it does with my Luxman amp. Good luck with the sale.