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  1. Warszawa

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    Save up for some used Fact 12. I too had some Twenty 26 and these are the natural upgrade, and it’s a huge one. They’re end game speakers. My system is revealing but rich and smooth at the same time. Never harsh.
  2. Warszawa

    The music of Radiohead

    They're my favourite band (of those that are still alive/going) and I look forward to every new album quite unlike anything else. They're a band that are constantly evolving as they discover new influences and techniques. As a teenager in the late 90's I was aware of great songs like Creep and The Bends sat among various indie rock CDs on my shelf but, for me, this is the point Radiohead took things to a whole new level. Stratospheric. And how did they follow up the huge critical acclaim of OK Computer? More of the same? Nope. Kid A. A completely different but equally brilliant album. They're my generation's Pink Floyd, but better, and they still all seem to get on!
  3. Warszawa

    Revealing Hifi System – How Is It Achieved ???

    I'm sure we all know what revealing means in terms of Hi-fi. Detailed, neutral, transparent, uncoloured and actually, not for everyone. In answer to the OP's question, there is no magic shopping list that will suddenly allow you to discern a difference in cables. The "revealing" argument is simply suggesting that your system needs to be resolving enough to hear minute differences.
  4. Warszawa

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

    Are you sure they were the same master?
  5. Warszawa

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    FWIW, I tried the P-3 filter this afternoon for the first time. Maybe I imagined it, but it seemed like it made the "timing" a bit more like my Chord DAC. Injected a bit of adrenaline without losing the Luxman's rich tonal balance. Thoroughly enjoyed the music anyway.
  6. Warszawa

    Advice on streamers via external DAC

    Exactly. This is an argument that's been round in circles a few times on the forum. At the end of the day, if you don't hear a difference, congratulations! You've saved yourself a fortune. I would still strongly recommend borrowing your preferred unit/s from your dealer for a home demo if you can. I find that with digital equipment in particular, you have to live with it for a while. I once bought a streamer that was initially very impressive, but I ended up selling it after a few weeks and going back to my old unit. I felt that somehow I wasn't connecting with the music any more, like my brain was rejecting it. Some people might get what I'm on about, others will be convinced I'm bananas, that's fine. Regardless, I'm sure most would agree that the difference in sound between streamers is relatively miniscule. You might ultimately make your purchase based on features.
  7. Warszawa

    HRT i-dsp for Apple devices

    Any offers for a good cause?
  8. Warszawa

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    Very true. I can understand how roll off before 20KHz effects the sound, it's the roll off beyond that that had me confused.
  9. Warszawa

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    Oh I see. I thought there was a direct reference to the Luxman somewhere but these filters effectively do the same thing in different DACs. Gotcha.
  10. Warszawa

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    Could you point me to the page where you found these please?
  11. Unused. £30 to Comic Relief. Requires Apple CCK. http://www.hirestech.com/product/?pid=1681
  12. Warszawa

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    Thanks all. I'll give the Archimago site a read. Obviously I'll ultimately trust my ears.
  13. Warszawa

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    Currently enjoying @batteredhaggis old Luxman DA-06 and I am somewhat baffled by the three filter options. I can understand the filters on the likes of the Qutest or RME that adjust the audible frequency response by rolling off the treble to taste, but what's this interpolation business? I believe the Auralic Vega has something similar but I couldn't for the life of me hear a difference, in the short time I had one a few years back. Obviously once I'm used to the DAC I will try all three and pick a preference (I'll need an extra pair of hands of that as there's no remote) but first of all could someone explain to me in plain English what they're doing and how they should effect the sound? If your answer is "they won't make an audible difference" (*cough* Keith), then could you explain why the designers implemented the feature in the first place. Full jargon at the link below. Cheers. https://www.stereophile.com/content/luxman-da-06-da-processor-measurements
  14. Warszawa

    Keith Flint has left us ..

    Double post.