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  1. If you don't need wifi, just use an ethernet switch, if you do, there are Powerline devices that can create a hotspot.
  2. Warszawa

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    If your system is dictating the type of music you listen to, you've taken a wrong turn in this hobby.
  3. Warszawa

    Harmen Kardon in BMW or Volvo

    To be fair, there is a whole other section for this https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/9-cars-bikes-in-car-entertainment/
  4. Warszawa


    Well not really, it's lossy. You'd need Tidal or Qobuz for lossless. More pricey and you might not hear a difference depending on how resolving the rest of the system is. Just to be clear, the Spotify app is on the Apple TV and you're controlling it using the iPad right? If so, you're only going to hear marginal gains by buying a streamer. If however you're streaming Spotify from the iPad via Bluetooth or Airplay, there's major room for improvement.
  5. Warszawa

    cd transport or dac ?

    There is a difference in my experience but there are much bigger gains to be had with a DAC upgrade. I reckon you should spend at least 3 times as much on the DAC. And if CD is your only source, much better sound per pound can often be had just sticking with a CD player as the two have been designed to work together and with a shorter signal path.
  6. Warszawa

    Wireless streamers.

    So many variables but the Dali's are capable of a very "open" sound with those tweeters, so lets blame the amp or the room. It's nigh on impossible to judge anything at a dealers unless they have your speakers, and even then it's going to sound different in another room.
  7. Warszawa

    And now for something completely different.

    It's a mystery.
  8. Warszawa

    octopus energy

    Another very happy customer here. If anyone else fancies £50 off their bill, feel free to click here.
  9. Warszawa

    Chord (not cables)

    Welcome to Chord Electronics.
  10. Warszawa

    What's your morning song

    Is this a cry for help?
  11. Warszawa

    Luxman DA-06 DAC SOLD

  12. FWIW: "Tellurium Q® speaker cables do not start out directional but we have noticed that they tend to exhibit “directionality” once burnt in."
  13. Warszawa

    Record Store Day 2019

    I managed to grab everything I wanted online at midnight the following week. No need to queue for hours with the hipsters.
  14. Warszawa

    Luxman DA-06 DAC SOLD