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  1. This has happened to me more than once and both times with early preorders so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Some items have the option to have it delivered without any extra packaging, which is fine for a lot of stuff. Maybe it defaults to that in error sometimes but you'd think the packer would have some common sense. Amazingly my Pink Floyd LP was absolutely fine but my Bowie box set was dented. A few clicks online and I had a replacement and free collection the next day, but who knows what happened to that box set.
  2. Warszawa

    'Don't Skip'

    The difference is the artists got paid for those. I'm assuming you still buy albums in some format but most people don't. It's making it very hard for new artists to make a living, and is making the album an endangered art form.
  3. Warszawa

    'Don't Skip'

    Jesus. Not only do bands get paid a pittance from streaming services but most people aren't even listening to the whole album! The music industry is truly f****d.
  4. So many to choose from but NIB and Into the Void spring to mind.
  5. Warszawa

    Flac revisited

    The only time I've ever set up a playlist on my streamer is for home demo purposes.
  6. Apparently blind people have the best Hi-fi systems.
  7. Here's something you might not know, the high res stereo on the blu-ray is a different mastering to the CD, stream and high res download, with less dynamic range compression and is therefore *probably* the best way to hear this. I have spaffed 80 quid on the deluxe set just to rip it (and give the Atmos mix and extras a listen). Apparently the white album was the same. I had no idea.
  8. If you're finding differences in SQ between different lossless streaming services through the same source, you're probably listening to different masters or have botched the settings. I can think of no logical reason why they would sound different. This is a positive step towards getting music back to the sound quality consumers had 30 years ago. It's absurd that it isn't already and a bit of a cheek to call lossless "HD" and ask for more money for it, but here we are.
  9. Soundbars can't do anything resembling surround sound so don't fall for that crap. And unless you have the full arrangement with ceiling speakers, you won't really notice Atmos as being any better than the previous surround standards. In most products these things are merely the latest marketing slogan to stamp on the box. If you want surround sound you'll need 5 or more speakers and a sub. If you don't want the clutter you'll need a chunky soundbar that does bass well and is clear with dialogue.
  10. Some of these cartoons really don't help negate the stereotype that audiophiles are stuck in the 1970's, do they. Anyone got any mother-in-law jokes?
  11. I wouldn’t know to be honest but it packs a punch as a DAC.
  12. I had a brief demo of the TT2 in my system. Detailed and dynamic like the TT but darker and more and organic. A lovely rich sound with impactful bass and startling transient response, presumably due to the supercaps. Not bright in my system by any means, and yet I’ve read two reviews that describe it as “lean”.
  13. Many of the most accomplished digital Hi-fi components tend to give a "warts and all" presentation which is great, if you only listen to stellar recordings. Creating a happy medium within your system is key. I really like Chord DACs, but with a bit of warmth added from the amp and speakers.