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  1. In fact I've got most of their concert programmes in a drawer somewhere. Kindest regards Julian
  2. As dilemmas come. For me this is near the top.. Fellow music enthusiasts . Mate seeking concensus. Some of you know me and that I lost my good lady a few years back.I have a new woman in my life now and think we could live together. We both have houses we could live in but to start totally new would be a great start. So begins the hunt for the place ..... My dilema is when we go and look at a place . the first thing in my head is where do my Kara's go.. I have such a great listening place where I am, replicating it is becoming nigh impossible. Q How far can one compromise ?? We both work and love what we do so don't want a long commute either way. And we both have young grandkids.. Be Frank and honest Kindest regards Julian
  3. Another random. While continuing the cleaning ritual. Best done with a good whiskey. Calm the nerves as to what is coming next.. Well tonights random is in near mint condition already but it's still gets the same treatment. Sammy Hagar ex Van Halen vocalist after Roth left. Was in lots of line ups. Album called Standing Hampton. The era of some of the most well known west coast stadium rock bands.the likes of Boston. Journey. Reo Speedwagon. Of the mid seventies ,eighties. Admit it if your of my age you have seen at least one of them. Anyway Hagar has a tip top west coast Rock voice.. I'm not all old crooners in rocking chairs and distasteful jumpers. What where they thinking Could be a keeper. Kindest regards Julian
  4. The time of the advent of real hifi as we come to know it..
  5. Like everything he was of his time . And I guess looking back a more innocent slower time.. Kindest regards Julian
  6. Gonna take Roger Whittaker to the next show lol ...
  7. I grew up with val doonican on the telly. He had his own telly programme. Got an album somewhere The music before the advent of synthesizers and drum machines etc, where you had cascading strings and horns in the mix gave the sound much more texture.. Kindest regards Julian
  8. Sleeve notes say he had a degree in bio chemistry
  9. I must say there isn't much positive about the beetles after John passed . Believe it or not on another scale entirely. The random choice while cleaning some more vinyl is roger Whittaker. They very best of.. I kid you not the production of the record is really good. The arrangements with his voice and whistling are sublime. Last 4 tracks side 2 turn it up The Kara's just sing with it. Kindest regards Julian
  10. I have several hobbies that all came from one passion Entomology, for those who need to look it up it's the study of insects. In my case for over 50 years butterflies and moths. This led to my second hobby of gardening once I had my own house, to provide the habitat for insects to thrive growing many exotic plants to breed rare butterflies and moths. I have put out a light trap in north east Derbyshire for most of my studying life and this led to my next hobby of astronomy while i waited at night for the moths to be attracted to my trap. 6 am and checking my trap before off to work. Kindest regards Julian
  11. As some of you know I have been selling a lot of my vinyl collection .whilst a lot of the very cream have gone I am still cleaning them and picking one out at random to play. Well in this instance it was pipes of peace by McCartney with the master himself Jackson. Youd think with their millions they could make a half decent effort.. In fact it's the first time after cleaning I haven't put it in a new liner. And for me that's surprising as I give most things the benefit of the doubt. What's your worst album and give us a laff.. Kindest regards Julian
  12. bigrod


    Whoever brought it has got an absolute bargain. Kindest regards Julian
  13. Yeah sonus faber do have the Italian flair for exquisite workmanship. To compliment their speakers they produced the musica amplifier with a beautiful curved wood front. This provides the power to my second system and is really "lush " looking. For sheer extravagance in curved wood speakers I have the Cabasse Karas. They Are the most extraordinary looking speakers I have owned. A real head Turner of design craftsmanship. Pictures on the net just don't do them justice. Beautiful structures to behold and they sound damned good too. Kindest regards Julian
  14. We all want our systems to not just sound right but in many cases if partners are involved to look right. How many of us have sought the second opinion for wanting ! Looks ugly Too big Doesn't match my theme. Can I move em to clean up ? How much ? No mention of how they sound... C'mon ladies and gentlemen we've all been there . I'm probably older than most wammers so have grown up with and heard many beautiful systems. The outstanding beauty of natural woods for speaker design has been used to great effect over the years. Industrial minimalist looks also have great eye catching appeal. But for me The sexiest speakers ever made and actually voted for in playboy magazine are the Gale 401 chrome. Even today they fit into any decor and still, can can surpass many "newer," speakers out there. Mine are 40+ yrs and recently restored to mint condition. If I never play them on my second system it don't matter as I'd sooner look at them than the Mona Lisa. It's such a tiny picture anyway. What's your sexiest piece now or in the past that you drool over. Forgetting how they might sound. On a second note regarding quality design ' and amazing cratmanship , a wammer is selling a hand made dining suite less than half the cost, from mass produced oak furnitureland .today it would cost several thousand If you could find someone to make it If I'd got room I would be eating off it tomorrow Kindest regards Julian
  15. bigrod


    Mate That is absolute quality Fabulous chairs To make that now would be many thousand If I'd got the room I would have it Kindest regards Julian