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  1. The brothers Ian and Gavin are still making a living with the songs "I am sailing" the big Rod Stewart hit.....and their own "Lyin in the arms of Mary" Kindest regards Julian
  2. bigrod


    While still sorting through my stuff ready for move ..I came across this album.....1981..still with signed poster... This was the era of being at college..and the boom in british metal bands...we went to see drunk loads and long soon as it came it went in the main...this band did have some success,,many more failed... I give you the Tygers of Pentang.. What was your era? Kindest regards Julian
  3. Never used that shape router..but looks a good neat finish.. I wouldn't bother with screws...the interlocking protrusion's will keep it tight and riged and warp free.. Buy a high quality router bit ,, not some chinese knock off.. the tighter the fit the better ... Kindest regards Julian
  4. Some of the best tweeters ever made on those... Worth more in parts if cabinets are crap..could be a nice project for a vintage enthusiast like myself.. Trouble is impending move swamps everything.. Kindest regards Julian
  5. What's Facebook? Kindest regards Julian
  6. Agree totally.... Before you buy anything make sure it will play in your space... Ground rules...big speakers need a solid foundation... When ever I audition speakers they have to go loud enough to let the base expand and do its thang..whilst not sounding uncomfortable at the top end.... For me a speaker has to do big band stuff well ...a trumpet has to sound like a trumpet..... Kindest regards Julian
  7. You just needed 50lt of motor oil in the boot to keep topping it up ... Kindest regards Julian
  8. It was a 120Y Think they used crayola crayon was shyte.. One of the reasons I decided on surface coatings as a career.. Kindest regards Julian
  9. I have a 24 yr old LWB transit that has clocked up 435,000 miles..and I've driven every one of them..slept in the back too many times to remember , She's called Terri Modern Britain was built on the transit.. Still goes like the clippers Kindest regards Julian
  10. I would hazard a guess that many of a similar age to myself could have a nice Ferrari on the drive if it wasn't for an obsession with HiFi... I remember my Datsun with fondness during my college days.. WHAT A RUST BUCKET. Kindest regards Julian
  11. The blurb on my Cabasse Kara's says they are "burned in " for 12 hrs and then tested in their own anechoic chamber.. Kindest regards Julian
  12. Might rent the landing as a pulpit for anyone on the wam who likes spouting Kindest regards Julian
  13. My new house has a man cave..but I've not explored it yet...there is a staircase onto a landing...but no door.. ..the other side of the wall is half the size of the second floor....gonna be for vintage hifi as ive already earmarked the space for the main system..with blessings from Lady Di of course.. Kindest regards Julian
  14. bigrod

    New member

    Don't mention cables...EVA!!!!!! welcome.. Kindest regards Julian
  15. If I hadn't spent all my money moving house I would have had them. GLWS kindest regards Julian