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  1. This question is a blind test for everyone and it would be interesting to see how confident they where ,, going against a cable as I said I won at the first show I went to at fact someone thought it so bad they gave it away for charity.. Who's up to the challenge.. Kindest regards Julian
  2. Bigrods music fest. To all the guys and gals coming for the day ...I'm throwing out a challenge.. I have a recording of Bach ..Toccata and Fugue in D minor recorded at Rudolfhinium Dvorakova Prague. This track alone is why I love the Kara's The amplification is nowt special... The cd player is the best I've come across in 40 yrs.. The cables are nowt special ..just thick copper no name I won yrs ago at a wam show and had kept em to one side till the Kara's came along. terminated by vinyl passion Single pair out to bi wired speakers..interconnect cd to pre amp nowt special optic cable.. Nice cables to the vincent from pre by VP..xlr when I move house I will need new speaker cables If you've got something that you think are the dogs bollox I'd like to hear them ,,so bring em along.. And also interconnects Kindest regards Julian
  3. Love em.. It would be a toss up between the spheres and my gale 401 chromed That for sure Kindest regards
  4. Are we listening more to our cables than to the music.. Every system has a character ....mainly determined by the speakers. We tend to buy into the character we enjoy the most.. Spending hundreds Indeed thousands of pounds on cables to possibly get a noticeable difference is nonsensense.. The plethora of separates , cables , speakers etc that have come along in the 50yrs I've been an enthusiast is testament to the fact that we're all guessing.. Surely by now it shudda been figured out.. Bit like a wedge shaped car moves through the air with less resistance than a unless you drive a bus we all have wedge shaped cars to some extent. There must be a basic configuration in all hifi equipment that works 99% of the time..the rest is just expensive sales marketing..within a price point.. Reminds me of razors. We started off with cutthroat razors..still brilliant in the hands of an expert but for anyone with parkinsons not so. Then we had the safety razor. Anyone could use one even the ladies.. Then we had the twin blade " first one cuts you close, the second blade cuts you closer still" think that was the Gillette mantra 40yrs ago..cutting closer still shudda been the end of it . We now have razors with 5 blades..for no purpose than trying to sell more expensive razors.. I heard equipment 40-50 yes ago within a given price point that in the right environment sounded as enjoyable as a lot of new stuff.. A lot of us still have it on our racks..... Kindest regards Julian
  5. bigrod


    Do any wammers have direct experience of Karma My experience of true Karma occurred several years ago. After leaving college in early 70s I joined a fairly large company as a junior tech manufacturing industrial coatings..a lovely old gentleman owned and ran the company.he always had time for his employees. But as age overtook him he handed the baton to his son. Arrogant born with the silver spoon doesn't come In to it... Anyway after several years climbing the ranks I became production manager at 26...myself and the overall manager ran a very tight ship at the facility in the north and was always surpassing the southern facility..but it was a lovely place to work.. One friday late on a customer rang me saying he was desperate for some product.. I knew I had something that he could use but it was redundant stock under the BS quality regime we were running at the time..but the customer said it would do for what he needed.. 500kg of golden yellow powder coating.. he asked me the price but I told him I would have to contact sales in London. I rang sales and the answer was its quarter to 5 and they put the phone down. I went back to the customer and said if he collected and paid on collection he could have it at a certain price..bearing in mind the material was scheduled to be dumped. The guy turned up with a cheque and his lorry sat morning and we loaded him up and he went on his way a happy guy.. Monday morning comes round and the owners son rang me giving me a right bollocking for going over the sales teams head..putting all the facts to him didn't make a blind bit of difference.. that's when I thought my days were numbered.. lo and behold 6 months later i was made redundant. Several years later I was part of a much smaller company as technology and H&S director At the time the governing/technical body of the coatings industry was running their coatings care award programme where they audit everything within your company from waste management H&S and life to death of materials. Against all the odds with just 11 employees we won the award in 2004 against companies with hundreds of staff.. This is where the Karma comes in. I had to go to the federations presentation evening at a very swanky hotel with all the leaders In the industry.. Over the PA I was called up to receive the award from the chairman of the federation....Lo and behold it was the owners son of the first company I worked for who had forced my redundancy nearly 20yrs earlier I just smiled shook his hand and said ..crikey I bet you didn't foresee this happening.. LOVED IT. Kindest regards Julian
  6. Classical vinyl now collected.. Kindest regards Julian
  7. I'm old enough to have watched the series first time round The david Attenborough of the universe.. I even brought a telescope while the series was being aired.. Kindest regards Julian
  8. Pictures just don't relay the extraordinary 3D shape of the Kara's They have a real huggable feel Kindest regards Julian
  9. WOW manufacturing technology has come such a long way since I used to go to Wharfedale up in Yorkshire on tech service for sealers and lacquers in the late 70s . Kindest regards Julian
  10. I've heard these several times when visiting vinyl passions demo room. Admittedly the front end was to die of Mark's vinyl incarnations. But for 3 grand for a hand made speaker the sound was awesome. Spent a couple of hours listening to a wide variety of music and they handled everything with aplomb.. Think they do need space and Vinyl Passions demo room is big Kindest regards Julian
  11. bigrod


    Actually my house is up for sale Made the rack several years ago and has served me well.. It won't be going to new house....but that don't matter as it didnt cost me a thing only time... So will be given away eventually if any one wants it... And it definitely will be collection only .. But it does separate into 3 sections. Kindest regards Julian
  12. Lovely.. Kindest regards Julian
  13. But to me it's no good having a thousand+ translations if the context of Jesus being anything other than a having my DNA cannot be right.. "Professing themselves to be wise they became fools " Kindest regards Julian
  14. But the context of the JV "a" fits the doctrine that Jesus was a god on the cross and not a man or woman as you or I The whole ethos of Jesus dying on the cross is that as a man he was able to break the sin of Adam by taking all our sins at the point of death and thus if we followed him we would enter his kingdom of heaven.. If he were a god and therefore not a man as you or I then that would not be possible.. ... Kindest regards Julian