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  1. Yeah, the last days are a trip down memory lane and feeling rejuviniled at the same time. It's a wonderful, wonderful life...
  2. I thought 1983 . Hope it proves I'm getting old, not Korsakov kicking in...
  3. Sorry for the previous hijack on rep, now OT. We all know that printing a word file over a network from different brands of laptops to different brands of printers give the same result on paper. Just an experience to share: At Scalford 2016 we compared analog vs CD vs streaming. The outcome of preference was in that order: analog-CD-streaming. Regarding digital: we used the same DAC. So in spite of all things digital, there was a noticable difference. With a holistic approach we can thus only conclude that the signal path digital source -> cable -> (part of DAC circuitry until conversion takes place) leads to different outcomes. It is even more remarkable that CD sounded better, because here you have the process of retrieving the data optically first and then on the fly do some correction if necessary. So in theory, one expects the digital result to be the same, if it were not the case, then in theory the result of CD could be expected to be worse. It is not. Suppose digital cables make no difference, where is then the obvious or logical part of the signal flow that causes the difference? It's still all digital. This is not an attempt to proof whether digital cables do or do not make a difference. Just an experience to share and trying to point out, that not everything digital is as simple as it seems. At the end of the day, it's just a bloody stereo. Enjoy your tunes!
  4. LOL, plead guilty here. Last night I felt like 18 again. The eldest woke up and I introduced her to the SOS Band....
  5. Thanx, funny to find out thirty odd years later what it means.