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  1. Strange - I inserted the images via a URL link to google photos and they show up when I open the post.... Have now added a link. Open to offers!
  2. The pics are showing up for me. They are sweet speakers and apparently a good combo with Naim...
  3. For sale is a pair of these classic floor standing speakers. They've been in storage for a few years and I now have some standmount speaker sand not enough rooms to justify keeping hold of these. They come with 2 purpose built slabs of slate to stand them on. The speakers have some cosmetic marks and the tweeter cones have been depressed (see photos) but are undamaged and the sound quality is not affected. In the light of this I'm only after £80 collected or delivered within 15 miles of Southampton/Eastleigh. Here are the specs : Rega Ela Mk2 - Classic British Two Way Quarter Wave Transmission Line Floor Standers Ela is one of the best all round loudspeakers ever produced. It produces an extremely natural sound balanced across a wider frequency range than most other loudspeakers. The Ela also produces a particularly tuneful and natural bass and is especially suitable for listeners who love bass tunes but hate woolly overblown bass. The Ela uses a quarter wave transmission line. To improve airflow through the fold in the transmission line, a full radius section is fitted into the base of the Ela cabinet, resulting in smooth, uninterrupted airflow. Due to its particularly even bass response the Ela is unusually insensitive to room positioning. The speakers can be placed up to 50mm from a rear wall, in corners or away from the walls. The angle of the speaker is not important. Both loudspeakers can be placed at different angles or in different positions. The speakers are very 'room/ position' tolerant. These are a very impressive and highly regarded speaker. Link to photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/CtjfwSgPdCunepu88
  4. Hi. My motor on my Project turntable has conked out and seems to be irreparable. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? I think it's a 16v unit that runs with a transformer. Is there anywhere that currenlty stocks these, somewhere with an equivalent I could fit in its place or anyone have one knocking about somewhere? Ta