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  1. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Winter reeds.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr Birches.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
  2. Bolts

    What Happens During A Leica Sensor Clean

    Cool: I now want a vacoooom pooomp 😁
  3. Contrary to what you might be thinking, Marina Amaral is a Brazilian who colorises (dreadful word) photos. Not usually my thing, colorising, but I found her site very interesting and some of it was really hard to look at, and very moving, which I think is testament to her technical ability and meticulously researched approach.
  4. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend Richard; the UK camera industry will be pleased it can now get back on its feet too... HNY 😉
  5. Bolts

    For sale: Inspire Eclipse SE V2 12 TT

    Thanks all; now sold STP.
  6. Bolts

    For sale: Inspire Eclipse SE V2 12 TT

    Hi Peter, the shelf dimensions are 520mm x 620mm.
  7. Bolts

    For sale: Inspire Eclipse SE V2 12 TT

    To be clear it’s a custom built shelf, i.e. not standard, made for me by Audio Suspension. You could say it’s not off the shelf. I’m not at home right now and can’t recall the precise measurements, strangely, so I’ll measure up tomorrow and drop them in here. Cheers
  8. Bolts

    For sale: Inspire Eclipse SE V2 12 TT

    Absolutely - the shelf, custom made for the Inspire, is too large for my new space. So, I would rather someone else benefit from the combo which does look strikingly the scale WAF, basically. I will very likely buy another AS shelf for whatever new TT I buy.
  9. Inspire Eclipse SE 12” V2. Decent condition no edge chips although there are a few scratches on the surface of the deck. This V2 version also has the separate PSU which creates rock solid speed consistency. A really striking looking deck no doubt; great sounding too. If the buyer wants it I will include a custom-built Audio Suspension Special Edition acrylic shelf and fittings shown in pics - also has built in LED lights and remote for those disco nights! £700 for the TT plus I can throw in a low-ish hours Hana SL for additional £250 making a brilliant package all-in. Eclipse.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr _DSF3725.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr _DSF3718.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr I have the original boxes but ideally this should be picked up or I could arrange a meet with a reasonable distance. I am in Kingston upon Thames, SW London.
  10. Up for sale my Zingalis which I bought off Nick @Myrman last year; some on here will remember these at Scalford a few years back and know the rave reviews that set-up received. These are superb speakers which impressed me from the off and have continued to do so. Very easy to drive, they have been brilliant with my Luxman valve amps. Sadly, they are not going to fit with my new room plans so have to go. Good condition all round. Selling here at a bargain price of £1000 as I need to create space asap - will need to be picked up or a meet somewhere as no boxes. I’m in Kingston Upon Thames, SW London. _D850625.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
  11. Bolts

    Bricasti M1 SE DAC

    Due to house renovations I'm selling most of my system. First up is this high end DAC; around 8 years old and I am the second owner. Since owning it I have had it upgraded to the latest SE version (see Bricasti website for specification of SE) and added the Bricasti remote. It's one of the best DACs I have heard and the SE version of this retails for over 10K new. Bricasti policy is to offer continual upgrades so this is future-proofed and I believe there is now even an option to add a streaming board. I have the distributor details and they have organised my upgrades and software support with Bricasti. £4500 with original packaging. I can ship but would prefer pick up from Kingston-upon Thames.
  12. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Thanks Richard, a touch of split toning in LR. Happy New Year all.
  13. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Brighton beach.jpg by -DaveBailey1-
  14. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Thanks Les, the ride looks so dodgy, beyond me how it’s passed the health and safety tests 🤔
  15. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Really excellent b&w shot of the Rockerfeller Centre that TK, perfect idea to take out the sky too, brings out the contrast brilliantly. I did the guided tour when I was last there - really worth it, very interesting. Hadn’t realised before that Rockerfeller Sr was the richest man who ever lived - at his peak, worth $320bn in today’s money. Jr then spent his life spending it altruistically and rather effectively. He was somewhat conservative and puritanical but was assisted by his bohemian and sensual wife, Abby, who was responsible for some of the more risqué artwork in the Rock and also a driving force for feminism and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC.