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  1. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Wow this thread’s on 🔥massive congrats on the KF Keith, beautifully captured as always. The Common Tern is also somewhat miraculous, great shot. The Bald Eagle is great TK, tones and lighting wonderful
  2. Bolts

    X-T3 and Lightroom

    I used the Iridient software when I shot Fuji - it works, fits well with the LR workflow and helped out on the odd occasion when I felt an image needed tidying up.
  3. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Love a little harsh light 😌 The Dark End of the Street by -DaveBailey1-
  4. ☺️ Telegraph not my cup of tea (or coffee) either Jamie. But as the biggest Boris-supporting rag maybe they see that £15 cups of coffee are in our future? 😩
  6. Three quid, that’s a cup of coffee (well in London it is) bargain, will be onto that myself. Enjoy Mick.
  7. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Seeing my folks at the seaside but the sun didn’t have his hat on. Summer on the pier.jpg by -DaveBailey1-
  8. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Nice set Barry - love the tones, colours and composition of the last one 👌🏻
  9. Bolts

    Thinking of buying a Fujifilm X100S...

    I had the 100T - lovely camera if you don’t need interchangeable lenses. Leaf shutter and ND filter makes it super-flexible especially in harsh light and great for strobe photography. Can’t recall what the spec differences are between s and t but both 16mp I believe and Fuji’s older sensor but I found IQ to be excellent. AF was fine, but not sports shooter by any stretch. I had the tele- and wide- lens converter options too, but didn’t use that much.
  10. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Liking the holiday outfit TK 😉
  11. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Pretty impressive Keith that all those adapted lenses work so well. Testament to Sony’s electronics.
  12. Yep it actually looks really good - perfect with the a9.
  13. £1800, not bad for that if it’s nice ‘n sharp. They’re really taking the war to Nikon and Canon! Not quite ready to give up the D850 yet, prefer the OVF for birding 😉
  14. Bolts

    Twitchers Thread

    Yep love the RW Keith - obviously the Sigma works well on the Sony then? Are you going to try the G lenses?
  15. Bolts

    Random image of the day 3

    Contact by -DaveBailey1-