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  1. Hi Fourlegs, thanks for the link. .
  2. Out of interest, how are you feeding the M Scaler and Which different options have you experimented with ? I have a Synology NAS with CD's ripped as FLAC but in future may look at options from Melco and Innuos or others connected using USB or optical. I know this is straying slightly from my original question but I'd still be interested to hear opinions and experiences from people with far greater understanding than myself. Many thanks Paul.
  3. I do indeed live in North Wales, but thanks for the offer. At some time in the near future I intend to find a dealer that's prepared to let me have a home dem. Thanks anyway.
  4. Thanks for the link. I really need Try one at home for a few weeks. Paul
  5. Has anyone tried the Chord M Scaler together with the Qutest DAC? If so what are your impressions and is it worth forking out the hefty £3.5K? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Paul
  6. Yes I ripped them all to FLAC. I Had always considered them to be an uncompressed copy of the original CD though when ripping used the encoding lossless level 5 with there being 8 other options including lossless uncompressed so maybe I was wrong, Would I have produced better results using this option instead? Would WAV or alternatives to FLAC make any difference? Many thanks Paul
  7. Thanks for the replies. I do like the idea of putting a CD in to a player and pressing play. Just seems odd the huge range of transport prices.
  8. I have approximately 500 CDs ripped using DB poweramp to a DS114 Synology NAS connected via USB to a Teddy DAC. The assumption being that there should be no difference in sound quality between playing CDs using a transport to that of the ripped files on the NAS using DS audio media player. I would be interested to hear of anyone's experiences with CD transports particularly in view of the wide variations in CD transport costs, Cyrus for example produce several transports, the CDT at £900, CDT XT at £1900 and Audiolab 6000 CDT at a little under £400 (all with very positive reviews).I'm just curious to understand the impact of a transport when logically (to me anyway ) there should be no difference. I would greatly appreciate any advice and experiences of such transports including alternatives such as servers (e.g. Innuos Zenith MK3) or any other means of improving my digital front end. I hope to be able to shortlist a number of options for audition Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hi milotmini731. Whether or not its the best thing to buy is a personal thing. I love the MOJO and for me its a fantastic in terms of sound quality and value for money. However, for some, storing high res files using the S6 internal memory, the S6 may not be the best device. eg, a device with tons of memory (not sure how many FLAC albums it can potentially store). For me its fine, total internal storage is 32.0 GB and I have 7 albums + small number of photos using total 13.5 GB of memory. All I can say for me its fine but for most lacks memory. Not much help I'm afraid, but I love it, Kind regards Paul
  10. Hi Episitaxiis, thanks for the reply, I think after a day of struggling on I have managed to get FLAC files stored on my laptop transferred to my phone, On searching the internet Poweramp seemed quite popular so I loaded that on to my S6. I connected the S6 and laptop using one of many USB cables supplied by chord. Eventually I connected the phone and MOJO together and got the whole. thing working very impressively. I'd read a lot of good things about the mojo as a portable DAC//headphone amp and I can heartily recommend it sound wise, though to me it was a bit chucky and not particularly portable ( 2 rubber bands provided I'm guessing are to help with this)..For me it was slightly awkward to se up for playing FLAC but a fantastic bit of kit. Paul
  11. The MOJO/S6 is a portable means of me listening to music using one a of several pairs of headphones and ear-phones I have. My ATC SCM 40's + large amps are slightly less so as well as being a little less sociable well when listening in public places. Therefore in answer 4 legs, to your question. I want to be able to listen to music whilst not at home. I thought my question was fairly clear, though a little naïve. . I'm not being sarcastic, just hoping someone could kindly constructively give me a bit of help. Correctly, Epistaxis you have hit the nail on the head. Whilst I'm becoming exsanguine at trying to get it to work. I have managed to connect the phone to the MOJO, that I have managed Kind regards Paul
  12. HI everyone. I have owned an S6 for a few months now and never used it (nor any other portable device for playing music) I now have been very generously given by my grandson a Chord MOJO (+box of assorted cables). After hopelessly floundering on my own I have managed to download poweramp on to my phone. I haven't a clue what I'm doing. I would be very grateful if someone could give me a basic step by step guide on how I can transfer music files (FLAC) on to the phone so at least I can play music. I also have a laptop and play flac files stored on a NAS drive through my hifi system. Many thanks in advance, Paul (I have very embarrassingly limited experience with computers or technology)
  13. Thanks for all the replies. Short term I'm not looking to replace my current setup of Synology NAS connected to a router (using DS Audio media player) connected to a Teddy DAC via USB. I rip my 500+ CDs using db poweramp (saved as FLAC) as well down loading Hi res tracks. I'm very pleased with this in terms of reliability, ease of use and most importantly sound quality. I have very little knowledge of DAC's and digital sources, having only auditioned a Super Uniti and DAC V1 prior to taking the plunge with my Teddy DAC. In my view the Teddy DAC was vastly superior to both these 2. However in my eternal quest for something different/waste a lot of cash I was wondering whether I could improve the digital source/DAC. My Teddy PR1/MB100's are superb and are certainly keepers. The vast array of DAC's/digital sources available across a huge range of prices leads me to think there must be differences. Living in North Wales makes auditioning difficult but I suppose the answer has to be to try some at home in my own system. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions.
  14. What do you consider the best DAC in this price range. Also which is the best digital source sound quality wise (purpose built streamer or NAS). Many thanks and a happy Christmas Paul
  15. Thanks Andrew, I've followed your invaluable advice and I'm up and running using DS Audio, at last!....problem is my fingers are too big and clumsy for the tablet....I need a bigger one. Once again many thanks, I'll let you how I get on in my search for new speakers for my Teddy kit, all the best, Paul.