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  1. Also useful for reminding yourself who you are at 3AM after the bar has closed... Talking of which, adding the room number would be helpful for finding your way to your pit too
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    What are you listening to right now?

    simon and garfunkel - bookends
  3. Tony_J

    What are you listening to right now?

    Santana - Abraxas
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    Ah but the real story behind his name has something to do with raincoats...
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    one word daily

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    one word daily

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    Jokes, old or new

    "I hate being half bicycle and half motorcycle" he moped
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    one word daily

  9. Very presentable. Is Valchromat easy to work with?
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    one word daily

  11. Using the toslink and RCA outputs of my SBT into the 2x4HD I was unable to detect a difference.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    The Crusaders - Chain Reaction
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    Female Jazz artists

    Norah Jones Billie Holliday Cleo Laine
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    Anyone having trouble with Tidal today?

    Must be low tide...
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    Going 5 way active

    Looking forward to hearing that!
  16. From past experience, exhibiting for the whole of the Sunday without a break gets to be hard going, so the opportunity for a leg stretch, a spot of lunch, and a visit to the other rooms can be very welcome. So, if you are looking for a room sitter for an hour or so or are willing to offer your services as one, comment away.
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    Yes - and it looks good!
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    There's limited photo storage in the forum - I use Flickr and post links.
  19. I acquired a pair of Tannoy 8" Dual Concentric drivers a while back, with the intention of seeing what they perform like when driven in active mode. The drivers came as a pair of Tannoy S8iw units - basically a baffle board with a crossover and a DC driver mounted on it, with clever toggle clamps fitted so that you can hack a hole in a stud wall and mount them "in wall" (hence the "iw" suffix). In their normal state they look like this (with the perforated white metal grille removed): First step was to build some cabs to mount them in. The claimed FR when used in-wall goes down to 47 Hz, and the spec sheet from Tannoy suggests a cabinet volume of 25 Litres, so I played around with that as a starting point using one of the free speaker modelling apps and came up with a ported box that seemed like it might extend the bottom end a bit lower. A quick rummage in the woodpile produced enough 18mm MDF of suitable dimensions to build the boxes - one part-built shown here, with internal (perforated) brace in place: I'm making no great claims for the quality of construction here - the intent is a "proof of concept" - if they sound decent enough, a more considered build will follow. I also had a load of 9mm ply offcuts, so I decided to laminate this on the outside of the MDF to make a total thickness of 27mm, so the resultant box would be very stiff, and would also hide the rather unsightly MDF (and the crappy joints!). A pair of reflex tubes care of Ebay to create front-firing ports and a pair of 2-way terminal blocks fitted to the back and job's a good 'un: The ply has a rather nasty (and paper thin) brown veneer on it, as can be seen, which will eventually get sanded off so the final finish will be the Birch that it is covering, but my belt sander just bit the dust, so I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive. That's all so far - the two cabs are assembled, waiting for me to set up some suitable amplification and to run a few tests to figure out what the crossover frequency needs to be, etc., and then set up my DDRC-24 to suit.
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    I would agree - very cool design. I still have one of the later remote controlled ones in chrome with matching chrome CD, also a rare example of the early amp with a chrome case - unfortunately, one channel of the latter is not working & I haven't got around to fixing it yet. One of these days...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure