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  1. I tend to use bananas, because of the convenience, but if I ever stop messing with the system, I would probably choose bare wires.
  2. Tony_J


    I'm not sure that anyone on this side of the pond has much of a clue - least of all our politicians If you are buying new from dealers, then at least any UK VAT will be removed from the sale price (or should be!) because UK VAT shouldn't be due on exports. So you would pay any import duties & VAT charged by your own customs on import, but wouldn't pay the UK VAT. At least, that is how it should work. If you are buying used (for example, private sales on Ebay), then there would typically be no VAT, but your customs may well charge both duty and VAT on the declared value.
  3. I admire your cojones, preaching to Rabski about blind/level matched testing. This may not end well...
  4. That too...for example, the Captain Beefheart concert that we had on campus when I was an head was ringing for several days afterwards.
  5. Mind you, there are plenty of live performances that you really wouldn't want to reproduce, accurately or otherwise...
  6. Dave...? Dave's not here... (With apologies to Cheech & Chong)
  7. Indeed - and in the case of studio albums, where the recording may have been assembled from a number of takes, the concept of "the original performance" is in itself a fiction. It is certainly valid to choose equipment that, as far as you can tell, does the least possible violence to the recorded material, but at the end of the day, there is no substitute for selecting kit that you enjoy listening to.