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  1. Very true. Plug 3 X 3kw heaters into the same 30 amp ring main and it is overloaded.
  2. My point is that to you, "beyond" may mean "improving" the installation; to your insurance company, it is an excuse not to pay out, unless it is within current regulations and done by an accredited electrician. Nope.
  3. There's another thread covering similar ground in 2-channel: Worth a read, especially the bits that relate to potential (pun intended) safety issues if you mess with the earthing arrangements.
  4. If you have a dedicated pole-mounted transformer, then it will have its own earthing arrangements at the site of the pole. We have a similar setup here, although the traffo is ground-mounted, but same principle applies - before installation, our builder had to dig a long, deep trench (~30 metres long IIRC) and bury a length of very heavy gauge multistrand bare copper wire in it for the electricity board's installers to use as the local earth connection at the transformer site. Given that you are the only property being served by that traffo, I can see no point in messing with the earthing arrangements and as noted above, there may be potential issues, so leave well alone. Quite apart from the potential dangers to life and limb, be aware that messing with your mains supply could potentially invalidate your property insurance. You should be able to find qualified electricians that are capable of checking out whether your installation is to code, but TBH, given that the traffo will have been installed by the electricity co's contractors, this really shouldn't be an issue unless either the installation is very old or it has been damaged in some way.
  5. They're in the thread quoted above. But just for you...