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  1. Sounds like an interesting project!
  2. Tony_J

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  5. Looking forward to giving them a listen! From the spreadsheet entry, it looks like you are using the Beocreate tools to implement the crossover/correction/amplification, which hasn't been mentioned in the forum before, so can I encourage you to start a thread in the DIY section so we can follow the progress of the build?
  6. Tony_J

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  7. No problem with DIY systems. To enter you need to sign up as an exhibitor on the exhibitor spreadsheet - see the other thread in this section. Bear in mind that as an exhibitor you get to pay for the hotel room, which also doubles as your sleeping accommodation, but you pay that much nearer to the show date. There isn't a time limit as such other than the date of the show and when all the rooms get filled. If there are more exhibitors than rooms, there will be some that don't get to take part. There may be opportunities for late additions because people drop out at the last minute.
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    The Beatles - A conversation..

    We know you will enjoy the show
  10. Tony_J

    Camera advice for a uni student

    ...but a bad choice if her college have chosen Nikon gear and have a stock of lenses she can borrow. The reality is that there isn't so much as a sheet of Bronco between the Canon and Nikon ranges, so if you are starting from scratch, other considerations, such as what kit the college and the other students are likely to have is going to be far more important.
  11. @Paulq you need to indicate a location (NW is just a tad too vague) thanks.
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    The Beatles - A conversation..

    and sing me a song
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