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  1. Tony_J

    one word daily

  2. doesn't matter a (van) damme.
  3. Tony_J

    Speaker cover, off or on?

    I dunno...nothing quite like a nice pair of wobbling woofers...
  4. Tony_J

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

    That is exactly what I mean.
  5. Tony_J

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

    Its all bollocks anyway - getting rid of all religious activity in schools would be a good start, rather than filling impressionable minds with fairy tales.
  6. Yep - some of those would put a very neat crimp in your bank balance
  7. Tony_J

    Interconnect Surprise

    When he starts talking about audible differences at -300dB, I'm afraid I doubt his sanity. And his re-writing of physics is interesting - suggesting that the effect of an impedance is greater on a small signal than a large one I suspect Mr Ohm (amongst others) is turning in his grave...
  8. Tony_J

    Curry anyone?

    We're a bit light on accessible curry houses here on Mull - there is one in Tobermory (3+ hour round trip) or in Oban (even longer, including a ferry ride), so we tend to cook our own. If we're feeling lazy, it is often based on Mr Vikki's Keswick Market curry sauce, which is a very decent standby: They also make various pickles and curry pastes which are excellent - their King Naga chilli sauce is to die of... ...but I have also been enjoying trying out some of the recipes by The Incredible Spice Men (amongst others): Made their meatball massala last weekend, with homemade vegetable pakoras and pilau rice - absolutely delicious. Maddhur Jaffrey's recipes are also excelleny - her black eyed bean curry is excellent.
  9. Tony_J

    Interconnect Surprise

    True. Always the way with cable threads though
  10. Tony_J

    Interconnect Surprise

    ...and sometimes, they fall off
  11. Tony_J

    one word daily

  12. Tony_J

    IPlayer radio

    It would be easy on a PC...
  13. Tony_J

    Three Words Daily

    Who did that???
  14. Tony_J

    Jokes, old or new

    Origami experts are completely hopeless at playing poker...they just can't stop folding!