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  1. Tony_J

    What are you listening to right now?

    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....
  2. Tony_J

    Chord Hugo MScaler announced at CanJam London 2018

    Colour me sceptical...but if you are starting from a native CD-quality (16/44.1) data stream and processing it, no amount of wizardry/precious metal thread is going to weave in those extra bits unless all you are really doing is just an alternative encoding of a 16/41 data stream. If it were not so, then this wonder box could probably also do time travel and matter transportation Star Trek style as an encore. This is basic information theory stuff - you can't create information any more than you can create matter - if it ain't there in the original stream, it ain't there after you have finished messing with it.
  3. Tony_J

    one word daily

  4. Tony_J

    one word daily

  5. Tony_J

    F/S LUXMAN MQ-88

    Absolutely - all the electrons will be falling out
  6. Tony_J

    one word daily

  7. Tony_J

    Three Words Daily

    Listing to port
  8. Tony_J

    Petition for clean Brexit referendum

    May not be true of all leavers but certainly true of some of the high profile ones (Boris and Gove to name but many).
  9. Tony_J

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    I had no idea either - I was actually looking to see if they sold the mic on its own & spotted that. Looks potentially useful!
  10. Tony_J

    An experimental active Lowther 2-way build

    With the Xkitz crossovers feeding the Xkitz plate amps, using unbalanced connections (RCA to RCA), I was finding that the setup wasn't making full use of the potential ~125W/driver capability of the plate amps, and was considering inserting a booster "preamp" stage before the crossovers to increase the drive to the plate amps. I was getting enough volume for the study where I have them set up right now, but it wouldn't have been enough for a larger room. On investigation of the specs for the crossovers and the plate amps, the crossovers output half the voltage in unbalanced mode than in balanced mode, and the input voltage range of the amps in unbalanced mode is half of the range in balanced mode, which maybe shouldn't be much of a surprise if you think about it, and the output/input specs are nicely matched for balanced mode use, which also shouldn't be much of a surprise. So, after acquiring some mini-jack sockets to replace the RCA connectors on the crossover outputs to convert them to balanced outputs, and making up a pair of jack-to-IDC header cables that would connect them to the 10-pin connectors on the plate amps, I now have that part of the system operating in balanced mode. Net result - enough power to make your ears bleed if necessary. Result! I am using a pair of commercial switch-mode PSUs to drive the amps - before conversion to balanced drive, they were delivering less than half an amp to each plate amp at full whack; now it is more like 2.5 amps each. Still plenty of headroom on the PSUs, which are rated for 5 Amps.
  11. Tony_J

    Three Words Daily

    What other kind...?
  12. Tony_J

    Petition for clean Brexit referendum

    Far to close to the truth Colin
  13. Tony_J

    one word daily