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  1. Border Patrol

    Richard, apologies , I have only just seen this. To answer your question, yes, my Border Patrol SE DAC arrived safe and sound on Thursday 26th OCT. so have had it now for almost 2 weeks. My experience with it differs from yours in that fresh out of the box , [ well, giving it about 12 hours for a bit of a warm up] my initial reaction was that I was completely underwhelmed by its performance - flat, lifeless sound, soggy bass, no top end sparkle were my initial reactions and to be honest I thought I had made a big mistake buying it. I was comparing it with my 17 year old Meridian 596 player and using that as a transport for the BP DAC I was frankly relieved to take the BP out of my system and go back to using the integrated Meridian player on its own. There followed a few days of trying a different active valve pre amp. - no joy - and then using a couple of other CD players that I have as transports for the DAC with little success. It was after quite a lot of messing about that I virtually gave up and contacted Gary at Border Patrol to ask him if he would have the DAC back with a view to a refund. Gary got straight back to me and was very understanding about my predicament but he was busy getting ready for a show in the States and asked me to leave the DAC on with the transport on repeat play for a few days and see if there was any improvement to be had. He also suggested turning the valve on the dac on and off a few times throughout this period. I was happy to give it a go as I have experienced this aspect of extended warm up/ burn in/ settling in , call it what you like, when using new equipment for the first time in the past. To cut a long story short, after about 3 or 4 days of continuous play and extended warm up the sound I am now experiencing from the DAC has been utterly transformed , so much so that I am now going to contact Gary again to say forget what I said previously, I'm keeping it ! I am currently using the DAC with an old E- Sound CD E-5 player as a transport and the sound is, for want of a better word - glorious. I don't profess to understand this aspect of warm up/ burning in of new equipment resulting in improved sound , I only know that in my experience it exists to a greater or lesser extent depending on the equipment in question of course. My ears are telling me that my BP DAC needed quite a while [ a good week or so ] to come fully on song and whose to say that it might not keep on improving for a little while yet !
  2. Hi Jon,

    I haven't follow the thread here often and just find that you had a First Watt J2 with LV before.  I have LV too and think of J2. What do you think now ( you still have them with you? ). Thanks.

  3. Border Patrol

    Just placed my order for a SE SPDIF DAC from Gary Dews at Border Patrol who couldn't have been more helpful. I decided to take the plunge on one of these mainly due to the glowing report of Mr Underhill on here but also on the many other positive reviews I have read on this unassuming little box of tricks along with of course the stellar reputation that BP has acquired over the years. Buying blind will always be a gamble but hopefully in this case one that is not too big. Time will tell, but I cant wait for it to be shipped over from the States so that I can try it out in my system.
  4. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    I agree with Nick, I've owned 3 pairs of LV's in the past - OBXR2 and RW's twice and as good as they are I've just found something that betters them in all respects IMO and at a significantly lower price . My advice would be to seek out a pair of Pylon Diamond 28 speakers - contact Steve at Hi Fi Hangar for more info about them.
  5. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Lovely things these. I would love to have a pair in my system but just can't afford them. I hope you will enjoy listening to them for many years to come.
  6. Just got 2 tickets to see the Unthanks - Orchestral with Army of Generals at Birmingham Town Hall in December. Not wishing the summer to pass too quickly but still looking forward to seeing them live for the first time.
  7. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    My most recent purchase - A Heron Audio VTSP-2 valve preamp which has proved to be the single most effective upgrade I have ever made in over 40 years of box swapping . Brilliant amp.
  8. Firstly , let me say I have absolutely no connection with Elite Audio other than being a very satisfied customer of theirs on more than one occasion. Having just seen Peters very welcome announcement about his recently negotiated deal with Mark Cargill at Elite for a 15% discount for Super Wammers on selected equipment for sale by Elite Audio it has prompted me to write this short post to explain my recent buying experience with this company. A couple of weeks ago I was scouring the 'for sale' ads. for a good quality valve pre amp.as the next upgrade for my system. I have been without any sort of 'glowing bottles' in my rig for over 12 months and was aware that the addition of a valve pre to go with my beefy Parasound SS power amp. might well be a step in the right direction in terms of ultimate sound quality . I was specifically looking at two models of pre. , both valve , both second hand and both for sale at Elite Audio , one for £1495, the other for £500 more . On speaking with Mark at Elite I was initially keen to try the more expensive of the 2 amps. in question until Mark convinced me to try the cheaper one which was the Herron Audio VTSP-2 which he was selling for a knock down price of £1495, a significant saving on buying a new one for around £4000 ! "You wont regret it" was Marks opinion when I agreed to take his advice and try the cheaper Herron amp. instead of the more expensive one I had originally thought of. Well, the bottom line is - no, I certainly don't regret it - not one bit. Even though the Herron was completely unknown to me, having listened to this American made Valve pre amp. in my system for about a week I have formed the opinion that the VTSP-2 preamp. is without doubt the single most effective upgrade I have ever experienced in over 40 years of box swapping madness. All I can say is that it is a very special amp. indeed and one which has made a simply massive difference to the level of musical enjoyment I get from my system. Far more so than I ever thought possible. Thank you very much Mark for your most excellent advice and recommendation to buy the Herron. As you said,I will never regret buying it. Sometimes, some dealers get a bad press from us members of the buying public , and sometimes justifiably so. I simply thought it would be nice to give credit where credit is due to Mark and Elite Audio who in my particular case gave a really fantastic level of advice and service which I am truly grateful for. Thanks again Mark from one VERY satisfied customer. Jon.
  9. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    That Sir, is one very fine system indeed.
  10. Hear all, see all, say nowt. Eat all, drink all, pay nowt. Its a long time remember, from January to December. So hear all , see all , say nowt. Eat all , sup all , pay nowt. And if ever thy does owt for nowt. Always do it fer th'sen. Count me in
  11. Blimey Ian , That's a very low price for one of these. Personally I thought the Vitus with the Grahams sounded sublime at Scalford last week.
  12. No shot fired by me Rick because I reckon you've hit the nail right on the head. What you describe as 'synergy' has been exactly my experience as well , based on 44 years of being involved in this hobby of ours. Can't begin to explain why this is though .
  13. Scalford 2017: outstanding experiences?

    A couple of great/outstanding/interesting experiences in room 239 that I can recall are as follows: When I asked a visitor/s for any requests music wise on 2 separate occasions they asked "got any Jazz ?" To which I had to reply "sorry afraid not, I didn't bring any " ! 10 minutes later, when I asked the same question of another visitor he replied "anything, as long as its NOT Jazz " ! When I apologised to a room full of visitors for the boomy bass in my small bedroom one chap replied, "this isn't boomy bass , if you want to hear boomy bass you ought to go into room *** " ! On more than one occasion a visitor commented to me that in a lot of the rooms the music was being played at too high a volume level, at which point I grabbed the remote control to turn the volume control down on my amp. Now't so queer as folk. The greatest thing for me though as an exhibitor was when at least 5 separate visitors earnestly and very kindly told me on leaving the room that my system was the best sound they had heard at the show . Of course , there is always the chance that they had said this in every room that they had visited .
  14. That was a great show

    Yes, Scalford 2017 WAS a great show. The music and equipment are always the number one priority in an event like this but in my view it was made great by all the PEOPLE who put such a lot of hard work in to make it happen. So, my thanks go firstly to Peter as the main man and also to Rachel and Carol who worked so hard at the front end. Thanks also to the Hotel and its staff and everyone else, including the Wam moderators who had a hand in organising such a complex event . The energy and effort put in by all was truly remarkable. But my star of the show was none other than Danny "Duvet" who seemed to be everywhere at once putting huge amounts of effort and enthusiasm into the smooth running of the show . He worked his B***s off and I'm not surprised at all that he was so knackered at the end. So, my biggest thanks go to Danny, seriously well done mate.
  15. SOLD at Scalford to Carl - Top Wammer and all round fine fella.