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    Thorens TD125
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    SME + AT33sa
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    Angle Audio Phono .
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    Teac P-30
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    Border Patrol SE
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    Sophia Electric
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    Heron VTSP-2
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. jhud

    F/S. Thorens TD 125 Mk 11 turntable.

    Turntable on hold.
  2. Thanks Richard, PM replied to.
  3. Reduced price to £75.
  4. jhud

    F/S. Thorens TD 125 Mk 11 turntable.

    Thanks for the kind words Jamie - Ah Scalford ! Those were the days eh ! Remember the time .................
  5. another pic. showing Furutech UK 3 PIN mains plug.
  6. For sale is this excellent mains cable by Nordost . it is 1.2 metres long. The previous owner had Furutech plugs professionally fitted at both ends so the cable is not as originally supplied by Nordost. It is in very good used condition. Looking for £75 posted.
  7. jhud

    F/S. Thorens TD 125 Mk 11 turntable.

    Couldn’t agree more. Bump.
  8. jhud

    F/S Angle Audio Phono Stage

  9. jhud

    F/S Angle Audio Phono Stage

    Yes, it’s still available - PM sent.
  10. jhud

    F/S Angle Audio Phono Stage

    That’s a good question and a detail I should have mentioned in the description. problem is I don’t know the answer ! i have only used it with high output MC cartridges and there is nothing on the unit which says whether it’s the MM version or the MC one. On the spec sheet it does mention both MM andMC versions are available but nothing is denoted on the unit to say which one this is. To be on the safe side probably best to assume this is the MM version. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that .
  11. For sale is this half meter long single Digital Coax cable from Audience , the AU24, RCA Plugs at both ends in very good used condition. please note this is the original version of this cable and NOT the later SX or SE version, Still sounds good though and were around £300 when new I think. Selling for £90.posted.