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  1. Not matched at all, one has the word "Duff" Beautifully inscribed in black marker on the outside. On the plus side, I have a KT66 amp that doesn't work that these would be the perfect partner for, and only £100 too!
  2. Probably are Cadmium plated, but unless you are into sucking your TT, I wouldn’t worry too much.
  3. This:|parentrq%3A95eee3bf1690ac1d3bc193edffff4931|iid%3A1 The boys were certain that it was the same stuff
  4. It is available on eBay and is ordered! I'll send you some if you like. BTW, I should have mentioned that Peter let the boys in for free, so he is definitely doing his bit in introducing the next generation.
  5. I have to confess they were mine! Thanks so much for being so friendly and welcoming, you were the highlight of the show for them, both personally and your system. I do try and get the next generation interested. Thankfully, due to my HiFi addiction, my sons don't really stand a chance of avoiding this. They are both interested in discovering new music and my son Ollie (the one with the floppy blonde hair) plays the drums and is always on the lookout for new styles. I did pop in later to try and thank you, but the queue meant that I couldn't get any where near you! My only regret is that this chance meeting is going to cost me a fortune in Kazakhstani Chocolate.... Thanks again, your approach and kindness is inspiring.
  6. Not glamorous, but very accommodating, I don’t think many hotels would like their beds and mattresses stuffed in bathrooms and corridors by the guests..
  7. Funkpig

    DIY LP-12 plinth

    Very nice indeed, looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.
  8. I stand corrected - how did I miss that?
  9. Surprised no one has mentioned this Bergmann Magne: Maybe not Lottery money, but in my view the most beautiful turntable on the market..
  10.  I wish I had the space.
  11. I have a pair of Fostex FF225K's, but if I am being honest, they are a weird animal with a tiny Max Excursion and you will struggle to get any bass out of them. Some people like them though. If you are interested, I am sure we could come to an arrangement...
  12. Totally agree, tried all the various brands but ended up with the Psvane T2. Like the Telefunken but sweeter.
  13. Big thanks to Peter and all the exhibitors, as ever loads of surprises and expectations blown. I thought the new venue was much easier to navigate and move around quickly - important with so little time to view all the rooms. When the weather was good, it was great having the gardens at Scalford, but since this only happened once in five years or so, probably not that relevant. In all other respects I thought Kegworth better. Well done Peter et al and hope the Hotel and trade weren't put off by the lack of visitors and that you aren't out of pocket.
  14. Of course it doesn’t, anything rigid and well coupled to the floor will do.