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  1. Hello, I'm in a similar position to you having bought an FRT-3 a couple of years ago to try out with a Koetsu Black. The Black was plummy and a bit too smooth although much more realistic on acoustic instruments than my Karat 17D2 through an 834p + Blah + Blah. I sold the Koetsu and just picked up a Supex 900 which brings me to today (20th July 2016). A nice "musical" cart straight into the 834p but a little soft and rounded. So I got the FRT3 out to load the cart more proper. 3 Ohm setting gives you all the brightness of a mod cart. 30 Ohm setting smooths it off again. You'd think I would be happy with 3 Ohm's but I'm not. It sounds brittle and not as good as the 834p's trannies. I had made my mind up about the FRT-3 once before and decided I didn't like it. It ruined what I liked about the Koetsu Black and made it sound cheap. I read plenty so called criticisms about the 834p SUT's but I don't have any posher ones to give me reason to doubt them. I think they are great. My Ortofon T5's suck by comparison and the FRT3 dirties the sound. I can imagine FRT-3 would be very bright with a 17D3. I'm not finished with the idea of correctly loading the Supex 900 or a Koetsu if one becomes available to see if they can sparkle while maintaining that pleasing midband. Are there any recommendations for a nice well priced SUT?
  2. Got some habanero chili salsa yesterday. Similar or prob same as scotch bonnet. Very hot but very tasty in a dryish smokey way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Hello, Bagged a Gyrodec minus the PSU. Probably misplaced. Sadly its owner has departed. I cant seem to attach photo's which is a boner. Looks DC to me. Opened it up using the eyes to see Piccies are on another post here. http://thecrossovernetwork.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?7582-Gyro-PSU-anyone&p=119575#post119575 Anyone know if a Walwart will do or should I try my luck with a kit? Thanks in advance, Waz
  4. Stir Fry I like! But a Saursprout could be the relish of a Gent... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Crumbs! What a pain. I had a time waster episode before Christmas on Scumtree... Good advice to sack him as he sounds like a can of worms ;/ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Hello, Shoulda bought the vinyl years ago. Felt Mountain is my favourite Goldfrapp album yet never got round to picking it up on the living format. Sick of people selling it for Collector's money on eBay. I'm not a collector just a listener loving the music. The CD cost a fiver. If anyone out there would be so kind as to part with a spare copy or aren't all that jived by the induced motion sickness then I would be very happy to pay realist laymans VolksMoney for one. Thanks in advance Waz
  7. must hear one!!! Anyone know how it compares to a 401/SP10mk2 or the DD EMT948(not hear either)? I recently jumped on the idler bandwagon after hitting Direct Drive and I do get the jist! 1st a Lenco L75 which I though Hmmmm OK good value but dont go telling me it quashes the LP12 Im running next to it Lenco Heaven Evangelist. Loving the new dynamic tonally stable sound but it seemed bass light and harsh in many of my combinations. Springs and roundabouts and the jury's out. Then picked up a 401 and POW!!! Giving BIG BEEF in Rendang Sauce!!! Something I've not heard before and am jumping up and down. Good bits of CD and Vinyl rolled into one! So I stared at them for hours, tapping and listening to both L75 and 401 to work out why I think one sounded bigger than the other. Quite technically minded I like to know why things happen and dont just roll over when you tell me Linn is The Only Sound... also do Sound at work which means fault finding when things aint working. Findings: When you tap the L75 with the gain up, needle on record, the whole heavy platter/bearing, wobbly vibrates within the flimsy pressed metal top plate in the region we know as deep BASS. So then how can the bass propagate? Rigidity matters. PTP designed a top plate to mod a lenco so it is rigid. Seems perfectly obvious to me but many at lenco heaven say its not bass light what was I talking about??? Sacrilege!!! The 401 doesn't vibrate in the Bass region when tapped, knocked all over. Hmmmm It also sounds very big!!! The 401 has a deep bearing which helps solve platter rigidity (putting most modern offerings to shame) and a fairly cheap but quite effective monkey metal chassis which holds that bearing pretty damn rigid. Thinking about it almost every LP12 upgrade bar electronic has been about rigidity and expensively too. Corner bracing, Cross Bar, Glued Steel Chassis, Circus bearing, Keel. The bearing is still tiny in comparison to a 401. After a google, I found loads of old broadcast tables that make the 401 look like a toy. Seeing the construction of this ETM is exciting me. I don't think the platter is flimsy at all. It looks rigid in structure. Light enough for purpose and heavy enough in the right places to fly while the damping is taken care of by rubbery as mentioned. The bearing is beastly and I think it will flex less than most other tables around. Drive wise, I cant get around this rock solid power although I do enjoy the SP10mk2 and my mates L07D DD's but they dont sound as much fun. The 2 belts are an LP12 and a Heybrook TT2 although have lots of transparency and quietness somehow sound too "Rubbery???"