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  1. Beverley Craven / Judie Tzuke / Julia Fordham - Woman to Woman 2018 CD
  2. Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores 2019 CD Ripped to flac
  3. James Blunt - Once Upon A Mind 2019 Not bad, his track Monsters is very good. I’m still in shock posting a JB album on here
  4. Thanks for the info, us it similar to the node 2 where Tidal and library etc are on the same task screen? Can you create a playlist with library tracks and Spotifyor Tidal tracks together?
  5. I use my node 2 through my Dac 30 also connected Apple TV and CD22. I know my Dac30 doesn’t support MQA but I’m happy with the results. I stayed clear of the mm30 board at the time buying my Pre because of the cost and poor functionality compared to the Node 2. I like the Node 2 where everything is grouped in one app Tidal, Spotify, external files etc. is this the case now with Prisma?
  6. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973/1978
  7. So should I consider replacing my Bluesound Node 2 for an NP5? What would I gain? Any advice would be appreciated
  8. I was considering getting an NP5, however I don’t see what I would gain over my Bluesound Node 2?
  9. no-man - Love You To Bits (single version) 2019 Tidal MQA
  10. Shawn Colvin - These Four Walls 2006 CD Ripped to flac
  11. Yes - Fly From Here 2011 CD Ripped to flac
  12. Morcheeba - Dive Deep 2008 CD Ripped to flac
  13. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Second Helping 1974/2007