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  1. Karma are the UK’s distributors for Primare. I think Mofi are the distributors in the USA.
  2. Both are good options, however I’m fussy and if I had problems I’d trade in and buy a replacement. I have listened to the i35 at several HiFi shows and was really impressed. If I didn’t buy one off the last pre32 in 2017 I would of gone for the i35.
  3. Chasing The Monsoon - No Ordinary World 2019 Tidal
  4. Finally after so many years in production Chasing The Monsoon is released today Only 2 week wait until the vinyl is released Chasing The Monsoon Tidal Fantastic album!
  5. The Cars - Heartbeat City Tidal RIP Rik Ocasek
  6. This was my first Evo 111 MC cart about 9 years ago great sound. I then moved to a Rondo Blue and currently a Quintet Black S, however I recommend the Hana’s my mate has one and it punches well above my Quintet.
  7. Starsailor - Love Is Here 2001 Tidal
  8. ‘We watch the stars’ and ‘Bloom innocent’ two great tracks I’ve just listened to on Tidal. I Fink I’ll be buying the album. Thanks Bignose5 👍
  9. I gave it listen today at work on Tidal, very good👍
  10. Never heard of them, but I’ll listen to it on Tidal