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  1. I too had an 8L6 for many years and had it serviced by EAR. The costs are VERY REASONABLE. Valve replacement can add a few shekels though. I recommend you contact EAR and ask them to collect and return as their rates are very good
  2. I had the same H/P amp a while back initially with Senn 650 and later with LCD 2 . A really first class S/S amp A hearty recommendation for some serious H/P listening
  3. These mono hybrid amplifiers combine the best of both valve and solid state. They use a regulated high tension supply powering a super linear triode gain stage. This drives a high power low impedance MOSFET output stage providing very low distortion and a natural transparent sound. When switching on there is a short delay to allow the valve to reach operating temperature. PC88 triode valves Input imp. 60K ohm Sensitivity 0.7 volt rms for full output Output power 65 watts into 8 ohms These amps were designed and built by Alan Kendal aka Firebottle, a well known and respected AoS figure and are approx 18 months old. They have been very successfully used with both passive and active pre-amps. They are only available because of downsizing both home and system. These will be supplied with Mullard PC88 and also with a pair of Telefunkens which some may prefer. PRICE £675.00
  4. My personal experience with Cardas includes Golden Cross, Golden Ref and Neutral Ref but I find that Cardas Power cords are worthwhile additions. Currently I use Golden X I/C but I have not been able to afford the speaker cable as I need a minimum of 5 metres. I would consider Cross S/C as well as Golden X but the cost is prohibitive. It is said that Cardas S/c should be last on your list after you have done the power cords and the interconnects
  5. I have a pair of these wonderful valve hybrid amps. They work very well with my Khozmo passive pre and also with the Schitt Freya passive (what a name for a piece of kit!!!!!) theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?66095-Firebottle-hybrid-valve-monos
  6. Yummy. nice baps, sorry caps!! Whereabouts are you in Devon?
  7. Ooooooooooh Yes indeedy I currently own it's older but smaller little brother the SiriuS D100. Best amp I've owned wish I could take it off your hands GLWYS
  8. Yes I love mine...............damn good sound too
  9. ovlov854

    Zingali Feast

    Phil .Yup and there's yet another pair on fleabay much more affordable, as beautiful but as usual at the far end of the country https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zingali-Overture-3S-floorstanders/273848793384?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  10. What is the cable they come with and how long is it?
  11. Hurry up and buy it!!!!!!!!!!! If it were not for the fact that I have an AN V2 waiting to be mounted.............................damn good price
  12. Hover over recipient's moniker and click on message
  13. Thanks Guys.......Fordy has already been in touch to recommend SJS GJO.... good to know did you have to have an armboard cut?
  14. Gentlemen..................... I am a new owner of a Mahogany Valdi with a split phase psu with green writing. It has an SME armboard and I hope to install my AN Arm 1 V2 which I see from previous pics seem to be a popular choice. Firstly I will need a new armboard .........any ideas on who to go to? Would the Valdi accommodate a 10 inch arm as I am coveting the new Audiomods series 6 ? I have downloaded the basic manual and also the one for installing the belt (that looks like a pig) but in case I get stuck any ideas on who could set it up for me if I have problems? Thanks in advance
  15. Yup probably the best choice here. From phono to pre you need the best you can afford