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  1. I too had an 8L6 for many years and had it serviced by EAR. The costs are VERY REASONABLE. Valve replacement can add a few shekels though. I recommend you contact EAR and ask them to collect and return as their rates are very good
  2. I had the same H/P amp a while back initially with Senn 650 and later with LCD 2 . A really first class S/S amp A hearty recommendation for some serious H/P listening
  3. These mono hybrid amplifiers combine the best of both valve and solid state. They use a regulated high tension supply powering a super linear triode gain stage. This drives a high power low impedance MOSFET output stage providing very low distortion and a natural transparent sound. When switching on there is a short delay to allow the valve to reach operating temperature. PC88 triode valves Input imp. 60K ohm Sensitivity 0.7 volt rms for full output Output power 65 watts into 8 ohms These amps were designed and built by Alan Kendal aka Firebottle, a well known and respected AoS figure and are approx 18 months old. They have been very successfully used with both passive and active pre-amps. They are only available because of downsizing both home and system. These will be supplied with Mullard PC88 and also with a pair of Telefunkens which some may prefer. PRICE £675.00
  4. My personal experience with Cardas includes Golden Cross, Golden Ref and Neutral Ref but I find that Cardas Power cords are worthwhile additions. Currently I use Golden X I/C but I have not been able to afford the speaker cable as I need a minimum of 5 metres. I would consider Cross S/C as well as Golden X but the cost is prohibitive. It is said that Cardas S/c should be last on your list after you have done the power cords and the interconnects
  5. I have a pair of these wonderful valve hybrid amps. They work very well with my Khozmo passive pre and also with the Schitt Freya passive (what a name for a piece of kit!!!!!) theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?66095-Firebottle-hybrid-valve-monos
  6. Yummy. nice baps, sorry caps!! Whereabouts are you in Devon?
  7. Ooooooooooh Yes indeedy I currently own it's older but smaller little brother the SiriuS D100. Best amp I've owned wish I could take it off your hands GLWYS