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  1. Martin D

    Rachel Flowers

    Great post grimep
  2. Martin D

    Rachel Flowers

    Check this out love the smile on her face, bet Frank would approve.
  3. Martin D

    RIP Mark Hollis

    Totally utterly gutted >>> a very sad day indeed.
  4. Hi Martin


    I might be intersted in the HX100 if the deal does not go ahead with the original poster



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Martin D

      Martin D

      will pass on your email, cheers

    3. Martin D

      Martin D

      If you ever need +49 1525 671 338, good weekend

    4. madscientist


      Thanks for your help Martin hopefully I can cut a deal with your friend. 

      Have a good weekend 


  5. Martin D

    WANTED Dynavector HX100

    Yes, a friend of mine!
  6. Martin D

    Cassette deck

    Walky Pro here, still sounds great and going strong
  7. Martin D

    Weather Photographer of the Year

    Some nice shot, but.......... this is an observation not criticism. One, there must be a massive chance element to this, eg click just when theres a freak incident, lightning strike, two, you'll surely win a prize when someone snaps a UFO landing on the white house lawn, regardless of ability. However, they are nice though. Christmas greetings to all on HFWW too.
  8. Martin D

    Buying in Japan

    The only thing i found was that almost all prices were better in Germany or UK!
  9. Shame its FB to be honest, not for me. But good luck luck to those that do.
  10. Says another bleating multi millionaire moaner who will never face a healthcare resource, school issue, children's issue, education problem, queue at the dentist, cancer funding problem, overcrowding problem, lack of housing issue, pension shortfall, i could go on. Instagramming behind his security fence and detail. People like him are the very reason for Trump and Brexit. Its for the people not the elite. Sir FO. He recently sold his $11m Manhattan apartment because he needed more space for sculpture studio. FFS Your welcome and have a great day. Martin
  11. Martin D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    Hey Dr Rad any news?
  12. Martin D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    Just found this, maybe worth a call at least?
  13. Martin D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    Good luck, sure its just a simple belt issue, BTW, you got me all nostalgic and had to search for mine.
  14. Martin D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    service manual if any use
  15. Martin D

    Sony WM-D6C Servicing

    I"m doubtful if its still there, but a long time ago a tape machine repair guy in Frampton Cotterrell repaired mine after i dropped it.