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  1. Still here, unused after the repair, 295 and it ships to a UK addy . Happy new year to all
  2. Same here, they dont like anything with an open mind in that place, statred off good though.
  3. 345 Delivered to a UK address. Cheers.
  4. Be interested in what you find. I was in the same position with a trip to Japan, was very disappointed at the prices which were often cheaper in Germany!!!
  5. Very good friend of mine has a project requiring a dead / broken Linn Troika as a base for another cartridge, anyone out there in Wigwam land know of such a beast?
  6. Yes Sir, sorry for the delay been travelling for work! Please get in touch, I can call, just give me a cell number
  7. I use this
  8. Or general not too silly offers!
  9. Dear wamsters, still sitting in its repair packaging unused, so it must go. Offers around 370?
  10. Fantastic move this, I further went to Xpro2
  11. Exactly this, its utterly vile in its bias, output, scare mongering, "reporting" infact its so laughable i stopped paying years ago.
  12. For sale as described. Was changing my photography direction, almost all Canon gear sold, it was sitting on a shelf and not being used, when I had the error described here it needed the flat cable replacing, seems to happen sometimes. The repair alone was approx £180. This has now been done by one of 2, I think, official UK Canon repair centres. With a new flat cable / aperture assembly, cleaning, calibrating, testing and warranty. Paperwork to prove. Unused since its returned some weeks ago. Prices on EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM&www-department=all seem to be around 374 - 424. So I ask 405 o.n.o including European shipping. Please email or I can call you for further detail. Thanks Martin