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  1. Martin D

    Merchant bankers

  2. Martin D

    World Press Photo contest 2019

    Interesting. Especially that one of Yanela Sanchez, proven to be totally fakenews, Time "magazine" had to retract their story too.
  3. Martin D

    Richer Sounds gives free shares to staff

    Beat you all too it, see my topic
  4. Martin D

    Richer Sounds

    Now this I like
  5. Martin D

    Adobe raises prices in the US

    IMO there will be a big pushback again subscription based products. BMW are under fire at the moment for making Apple Car Play an annual sub or 300 quid option!
  6. 4... get a meaningless job in Sainsburys
  7. Martin D

    one word daily

  8. Martin D


    Got a hardly used DAC magic 100 for sale. If UK a £100 will include post, hardly used, only got it as a stop gap. £170 new i believe. Don't worry about the spots in the pictures, just dust, its mint. Martin
  9. Martin D

    Rachel Flowers

    Great post grimep
  10. Martin D

    Rachel Flowers

    Check this out love the smile on her face, bet Frank would approve.
  11. Martin D

    RIP Mark Hollis

    Totally utterly gutted >>> a very sad day indeed.
  12. Hi Martin


    I might be intersted in the HX100 if the deal does not go ahead with the original poster



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Martin D

      Martin D

      will pass on your email, cheers

    3. Martin D

      Martin D

      If you ever need +49 1525 671 338, good weekend

    4. madscientist


      Thanks for your help Martin hopefully I can cut a deal with your friend. 

      Have a good weekend 


  13. Martin D

    WANTED Dynavector HX100

    Yes, a friend of mine!