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  1. Very good friend of mine has a project requiring a dead / broken Linn Troika as a base for another cartridge, anyone out there in Wigwam land know of such a beast?
  2. Yes Sir, sorry for the delay been travelling for work! Please get in touch, I can call, just give me a cell number
  3. I use this
  4. Or general not too silly offers!
  5. Dear wamsters, still sitting in its repair packaging unused, so it must go. Offers around 370?
  6. Fantastic move this, I further went to Xpro2
  7. Exactly this, its utterly vile in its bias, output, scare mongering, "reporting" infact its so laughable i stopped paying years ago.
  8. For sale as described. Was changing my photography direction, almost all Canon gear sold, it was sitting on a shelf and not being used, when I had the error described here it needed the flat cable replacing, seems to happen sometimes. The repair alone was approx £180. This has now been done by one of 2, I think, official UK Canon repair centres. With a new flat cable / aperture assembly, cleaning, calibrating, testing and warranty. Paperwork to prove. Unused since its returned some weeks ago. Prices on EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM&www-department=all seem to be around 374 - 424. So I ask 405 o.n.o including European shipping. Please email or I can call you for further detail. Thanks Martin
  9. Interesting. Especially that one of Yanela Sanchez, proven to be totally fakenews, Time "magazine" had to retract their story too.
  10. Now this I like
  11. IMO there will be a big pushback again subscription based products. BMW are under fire at the moment for making Apple Car Play an annual sub or 300 quid option!