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  1. Hello Paulssurround , Thanks for your input. Let's hope Linn will see fit add more options to SO in the future.
  2. Hello Philbo, Do Linn maintain a list of feature requests from customers? If so, I would like to request freely adjustable notch frequencies and bass/ treble shelves or tilts - up to 6bB boost would be adequate - in an updated version of SO. On the hardware side, it would be really helpful to be able to separate the preamp and power amp secrions of the MDSM by means of pre out and power amp in jacks.
  3. Not IME I posted these questions after trying to help a fellow MDSM owner who was not getting good results from SO. Measurements showed that the calculated modes and the actual measured modes were quite different and we could not change mode frequencies. In the end we agreed that the system, flaws and all, sounded better without SO. At this point the only way I can think of to correct room problems is by patching in an external DSP box. A low cost solution is the Paradigm PW link, currently on sale.
  4. Hello timster, Yes, looked at the manual first. No joy. These options are not available now.
  5. A bizarre question to ask on a hi-fi forum. Yes, of course, it is possible. A friendly suggestion, if I may. In the future you may wish to post such questions on a DIY or home improvement forum. You will surely get better advice.
  6. I had already posted the following questions in another stand alone thread, but here they are again: 1. How can SO notch frequencies be changed by the user?  In SO 2.x the notch depth and bandwidth can be changed, but I could not change the actual frequency of the notch. Is there another setting that needs to be changed first?  2. Is there any way to add shelf boost and cut for bass and treble?  Thanks in advance. 
  7. Two SO questions: 1. How can the SO notch frequencies be changed by the user? In SO 2.x the notch depth and bandwidth can be changed, but I could not change the actual frequency of the notch. Is there another setting that needs to be changed first? 2. Is there any way to add shelf boost and cut for bass and treble? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello PeteLinn, I have several questions concerning the subwoofer ouputs and would greatly appreciate clarification. 1. would the subwoofer outputs be stereo, or does the DSM sum them to mono? 2. Can the user delay mains relative to the subs in order to account for differences in distances from the speakers to the listening position? 3. Can high- and low-pass slopes, frequencies and filter types be set by the user? If so, what are the maximum slopes, crossover frequency range, and filter type? I assume filters would be L-R, but it would be good to know for sure. Thanks.
  9. Yes. I have Liberty Instruments' Praxis which works fine with older versions of Windows and CLIO Lite.
  10. Thanks to Philbo I now have access to the site. Lots of reading to do......
  11. Hello Philbo. Good to hear from you. As you say the LX 521.4 crossover mimics an analogue 4 way Linkwitz -Riley xover, with frequency contouring and all pass delays. I assume you have used the Exaktboxes. Are there any functional differences, other than the number of channels, between the I and non I boxes? IOW, do the non I boxes offer greater flexibility in designing filters than the Exaktbox I? Edit: yes, have measurement software and hardware.
  12. Hello Sunbeamgls. Thanks for your input. I’ve sent Linn helpline a request for access. Will report back if/when I hear from them. I had already sent an access request to hello@, no reply yet. The LX521.4 and NAO are both open baffle, 4-way active designs. Both designs come with full DSP crossover details: Xover frequencies, slope, Q, delay, frequency contouring, gain structure, etc. For the NAO this information is supplied as XML files which can be uploaded into the appropriate miniDSP box. I’ve never seen an Exaktbox, so don’t know how the filter creation process works. I assume it will not be possible to just upload XML files, so the challenge is to translate the supplied files into Exaktbox compatible information. I have measurement mics and software, so can always tweak the final xover to account for minor production variations in the individual drivers.
  13. Just wanted to thank all who replied to my posts. I’ve ended up with an ex-dem Majik DSM - there seem to be quite a few of those on offer, end of production, perhaps? - which was affordable. The story continues over on the ‘Exaktbox Custom Filter Question’ thread.
  14. Thanks FearOfMusic. Can’t access any of the sections on that site. Any suggestions?
  15. Hello all, After much initial skepticism regarding the Linn DSMs, I've taken a semi-speculative plunge and bought an ex-Dem Majik DSM/3 with HDMI 2.0 to try out in a second system. Originally I was interested in the Akurate DSM but because of reservations related to the DSM feature set, I decided to get a less expensive model to see if it would meet my requirements. Hence a MDSM, not ADSM; if the MDSM does not work out, I can move it on without taking a heavy loss . A second-hand non-Katalyst ADSMs, sans warranty, would have cost double. BTW here in the US, Linn have dropped the price of the Majik DSM to $3k. Looking on-line, several ex-Dem Majik DSMs are being advertised by dealers. I wonder if the Majik is being discontinued or perhaps a newer version is coming soon? Now the reason for my post. In the near future I am intending to DIY a set of 4-way active speakers to use in the MDSM system, see: or Both speakers' construction plans come with crossover filter data that can be loaded into a miniDSP box. Having bought the Majik DSM, the ExaktBox DSP units have piqued my curiosity. Anyone know if it is possible to program custom filters into the Majik Exaktbox-I for 4-way crossovers? It would be great if the Majik Exaktbox-I could be programmed with the LX521 or NAO filter co-efficients and take the place of the miniDSP + 8 channels of amplification. According to tests over on the MiniDSP D/A converters are pretty ordinary, so the Exaktbox would be an upgrade. Comments and advice are greatly appreciated.