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  1. Can you comment on how the high pass and low pass signals are sent to the outside world? I assume one - either HP or LP - would go to the MDSM's internal power amp, but how would the other signal be fed to an external power amp? Via the analogue preamp out?
  2. Thanks Zee9. I assume the DSM/3 then would also have-the same connector fitted as it is the same as a DSM/2 but with HDMI2?
  3. Pennypacker, can you elaborate? Would the MDSM's internal amp carry one set of the active crossover channels? What is a 'chackt' card? I cannot find any reference to this. Also, would volume, balance, etc. functions work as usual with the card installed?
  4. Agree completely. OTOH if for some reason the calculated modes do not agree with the actual modes, SO should offer DSM users the option to change mode frequencies independently. I can also envisage a situation where a DSM owner might just want to directly place the speakers in the best practical location, measure with REW or a similar program, and simply dial in mode frequencies, gains and bandwidths in SO.
  5. Hello cspgqqt, As I've mentioned on another thread a fellow MDSM user was not getting the right mode frequencies in SO and we could not change the notch frequencies in SO to match the measured modes. Hence the question. In the end we agreed that the system sounded better with SO off.
  6. Thanks for the reply PeteLinn. I am looking forward to seeing bass/treble shelves in future implementations of SO. The problem with changing the speed of sound is that all modes will change in proportion. It would be very useful to be able to change mode frequencies freely, and on each channel.
  7. Please post separate curves for L & R channels. 1/12 th or 1/6th octave averaging would be useful. L + R mono curves are not useful.
  8. Got back from a holiday a few days ago, just in time to wipe egg off my face. Humble apologies to cspgqqt . Yes, my experience with SO 1/2 was limited to trying to help another MDSM owner. He entered the data in SO but the calculated modes did not match the measurements, so we both agreed that the system sounded better with SO off. That why I have asked here, and on other threads, whether the filter frequencies could be freely changed.
  9. Hello Paulssurround , Thanks for your input. Let's hope Linn will see fit add more options to SO in the future.
  10. Hello Philbo, Do Linn maintain a list of feature requests from customers? If so, I would like to request freely adjustable notch frequencies and bass/ treble shelves or tilts - up to 6bB boost would be adequate - in an updated version of SO. On the hardware side, it would be really helpful to be able to separate the preamp and power amp secrions of the MDSM by means of pre out and power amp in jacks.
  11. Not IME I posted these questions after trying to help a fellow MDSM owner who was not getting good results from SO. Measurements showed that the calculated modes and the actual measured modes were quite different and we could not change mode frequencies. In the end we agreed that the system, flaws and all, sounded better without SO. At this point the only way I can think of to correct room problems is by patching in an external DSP box. A low cost solution is the Paradigm PW link, currently on sale.
  12. Hello timster, Yes, looked at the manual first. No joy. These options are not available now.
  13. A bizarre question to ask on a hi-fi forum. Yes, of course, it is possible. A friendly suggestion, if I may. In the future you may wish to post such questions on a DIY or home improvement forum. You will surely get better advice.