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  1. Open to offers on all items.
  2. It's in perfect condition. I bought it new and used it for less than a year when a change in streamer necessitated a different cable.
  3. I have tidied up the original post by removing pictures of the sold items.
  4. Wish I did, but no, sorry.
  5. Bump for these wonderful drivers at £4,500.
  6. CliveG

    Tannoy Owners

    Well I know you heard my GRF Corner Horns with 15" Reds in them, and I think you also may have heard them when they had their original Golds fitted. The Golds are now back in and the Reds up for sale. The difference between them is clear but impossible to say one is better than the other, they just present the music differently.
  7. Because incorrect A/S does not lead to any loss of information in a pure mono system. The horizontal modulations can be picked up from either wall of the groove. These days most of us listen to mono on a stereo system. Back in the pre-stereo days with only one speaker the effect would have been impossible to detect. I stand to be corrected on this, but I think anti-skate mechanisms were only invented when stereo came in. Listening to mono on a stereo set up the effect of incorrect A/S is subtle, more of a perceived shift off centre of the image.
  8. and I agree, you do need anti skate in most situations. I not sure about Unipivots, the Graham Phantom certainly has anti skate which works quite well. The article also implies that Moving Coils are less sensitive to it. My experience is only with Moving Coils. The last time I had a MM I didn't even know what anti skate was.
  9. Yes, but the damage he talks about is from too much anti skate caused mainly by using test records to set it.
  10. The skating force you are trying to counter is a function of the offset angle, tonearm length and the frictional force generated by the stylus moving through the groove. That part is just basic physics and maths. What is not so predictable is that frictional drag, which will vary with many different factors, including stylus shape, the groove modulation (i.e. the actual music being played at that point) and the vertical tracking force. It is correct that every tonearm with angular offset will generate some skating force but it will be less the longer the arm is. Another aspect is that different cartridges have greater or lower sensitivity to the skating force. For example ,in my experience Van den Huls and Koetsus perform better with very little anti skate. Generally low compliance cartridges are less sensitive to skating force. So as practical consequence playing a low compliance cartridge on a 12" arm may well sound perfectly ok without any anti skate. There is also less need for it with a mono cartridge. As a point of reference Jack, my mono set up that you have heard, Miyajima Zero on an EAT3012 arm has no anti skate provision and the stereo rig with the Io Gold on a FR64S had close to zero anti skate because I was using a specially made lightweight aluminium anti skate weight rather than the FR steel one.