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  1. tnorvaisas

    FS: Townshend Maximum Supertweeters

    Sold, please archive.
  2. tnorvaisas

    FS: Townshend Maximum Supertweeters

    Selling my Townshend Maximum supertweeters in mirror/chrome finish. Very good used condition. Comes in original packaging with manual and cables (banana plugs on both ends). SOLD
  3. tnorvaisas

    Wanted: Tannoy Kensington

    I wasn't LOL
  4. tnorvaisas

    Wanted: Tannoy Kensington

    Did you win a pair on eBay auction couple days ago?
  5. tnorvaisas

    Help with inspire eclipse se 12 turntable

    I used to have Eclipse turntable. It takes standard Rega belt.
  6. tnorvaisas

    FS: Modwright Instruments LS36.5 Pre Amplifier

  7. tnorvaisas

    FS: Modwright Instruments LS36.5 Pre Amplifier

    Bump with a couple of new pictures.
  8. tnorvaisas

    Wanted: Tannoy Kensington

    How much are you willing to pay?
  9. tnorvaisas

    FS: Modwright Instruments LS36.5 Pre Amplifier

    I bought valve Mcintosh preamp as wanted to try one driving my Mac mono blocks. Modwright is amazing piece of kit and I don't really know what could better it for that kind of money.
  10. Selling my Modwright Instruments LS36.5 valve preamplifier with balanced XLR input/output. Current model in as new condition. Re-valved couple weeks ago (Sovtek rectifier and 2 Sovtek 6h30 valves). Comes in original double box with beautiful metal remote control, manual and hex key. Selling due to unplanned upgrade. £SOLD NO OFFERS PLEASE! Collection from SE London or posted at buyers cost and risk.
  11. Amp came back from Jordan Acoustics engineer on Friday where it got cosmetical damage fixed and fully checked. Bargain at £3000.
  12. Bump for price reduction to £165 including shipping.
  13. tnorvaisas

    Valve info

    I ordered EB ones, but received standard ones, exactly the same as from Modwright factory.
  14. tnorvaisas

    Valve info

    I ordered matched pair of Sovtek 6H30 EB from Watford Valves for my LS36.5. They arrived today and on the box is written 6H30PI. No idea what is EB.