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  1. Selling my Yamaha CD-S3000 SACD/CD Player/Dac. Immaculate used condition. Comes in original packaging with remote control. Would consider PX offers. Looking for a DAC with volume control. Collection from Woolwich Arsenal. £1950
  2. Final reduction to £3000. No offers please.
  3. tnorvaisas

    tannoy prestige stirling

    They are great speakers and hold very well against more expensive Kensington GRs. Two pairs of large Tannoys in living room doesn't make my wife very happy so I hope somebody will snap them before Christmas.
  4. tnorvaisas

    tannoy prestige stirling

    Better images can be found on my eBay listing.
  5. tnorvaisas

    tannoy prestige stirling

    These are mine. 50 watchers on eBay and no takers yet.
  6. Bump and new price of £3250.
  7. My Mastersound Reference Evolution 845 integrated amplifier for sale. Parallel single ended triode amplifier using 2 845's per channel. 2x55W. Had some cosmetical damage to top plate recently. It got bent slightly and now one power transformer is not sitting 100% straight (not very obvious tbh). I had it for sale here few months ago for £4500 and then decided to withdraw it from sale, but now due to changes in my system it has to go and I will take £3000 for it. Comes with new set of output valves. Optional valve cage is included as well as Remote control. This is absolutely phenomenal amp. Sounds and looks amazing. Plenty of very possitive reviews online. Collection from SE London. Buyers are welcome to arrange their own shipping, but I will not be responsible if anything goes wrong in transit. Please message me with questions. Will try to upload more pictures later. Will consider swap offers. Interested in power amps, pre amps and dacs.
  8. My Mastersound Evolution 845 Reference parallel single ended triode integrated amplifier for sale. Current retail price is over £10000, I'm asking WITHDRAWN. Would consider swapping to decent power/pre combo. 2x55w class A single ended italian built amplifier which can be used with real world speakers. Also can be used as power amp. Plenty positive reviews in print and online. Please google! Pretty much immaculate as new condition with couple of super tiny marks on one of the wooden sides. Have original packaging, but amp itself weights around 55 kilograms and I won't ship it under any circumstances. Local collection from SE London only! Please PM with any questions. Cash or BT on collection only!!!
  9. tnorvaisas

    SOLD Ortofon 2M Blue MM Cartridge

    Sold elsewhere.
  10. Ortofon 2M Blue moving magnet cartridge for sale. Has less than 100 hours on it. Excellent condition. Was factory fitted on Pro-Ject 2Xperience DC Acryl turntable. Don't come with any accessories. Two bolts and stylus cover inlcuded only! £SOLD posted o collected in SE London. BT or Paypal family/friends only. No offers.