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  1. I love Oblivion, Interstellar and Inception.
  2. Er... 'tis so 780's came in 3 flavours. Here is the "final" 780 Argonaut (actually a 765 with modified bass system and smaller HF unit). Stand mounters ? I do not think so I suggest, you are thinking of these
  3. 780 Argonauts or the smaller versions ? EDIT - just read your post again. If you have stands, then clearly not the Argonauts
  4. Serge. Given you have enough reps already and you do not need mine to reach your target of 1000, but I was with you, right up until the 520D revelation. Reveal, Reveal !... the detailed spec' you drew up and the equally detailed test results of all the contender cars. By rights, you ought to be in a Mondeo or even a Passat - rear opening window ? That'll be a jeep. I'd love to see the skid pan G test and understeer geometry comparison that forced you to select rear wheel drive... Surely... there was some emotion in the decision that forced you to chose other than "on spec" ? :-)
  5. Like it... repped
  6. ...if he even existed in the form we have come to recognise him. Returning to the OP, I do not wish to get into a keyboard fight on this - honest . The main topic is that we agree the London Bridge atrocity was not "humanity at its finest". The rest we ought to debate over a beer or water (changed to wine of course).
  7. I didn't. Moreover, being specific, to infer that I did is....(and I quote) Sorry. Religion is at the root of many evils. Burning witches, crusades, Inquisitions, the far right's alignment with Cathlolicism, scaring children... and much much more.
  8. What will it take for humanity to cast off religion and consign it to the bin ? Anyone here worshipping Wotan ? Thor ? Zeus ? Or even perhaps someone exotic like Aphrodite. ? No. Life is so very very temporary and like all of you I'm sure, value the brief flicker of consciousness we have, indeed increasingly as the years pass. Much as I love this life (the only one I have) I would genuinely love to put it all on hold and come back in a thousand years when our race has consigned religion - born out of a fear of the unknown - to its place in history alongside Santa Claus, Unicorns, Fairies and the Loch Ness monsters. Perhaps it's time for a robot from The Day The Earth Stood Still to rock up and shock our entire tiny little rock in space into some sense.
  9. I'm in the defence business and one of the weapon systems we are embedded onto is the KMW Pzh2000 howitzer. It's an awesome piece of kit in every sense but far and away more expensive than anything remotely comparable on the market. Recently sold to the Qatari government (for use against who exactly ?) the industry commentators summed it up well:- "They do like their trinkets" Like metallic paint on your car (mainly for the benefit of neighbours as you see it less than they do) these uber hifi examples demonstrate how often "style over substance" is a motivator. A splash of wood here, a specially grown transformer there and voila... you can charge the earth. Good quality engineering is the art of combining the objective of meeting design specifications, on time, on budget and no more. A chassis weighing 20kg that brings no more performance over a 1kg chassis is just 19kg of waste. But surely chaps.... isn't this all common sense ?
  10. Sad..and inimitable as Wallace. So many excellent phrases in all W&G films he starred in and he totally carried off the role "Good night Gromit"
  11. Humans.... what is it with us ? I sometimes wonder what it might take for us all to wake up and start treating others how we want to be treated. Clearly our DNA carries elements of savagery and we are unable to control our most base instincts. We are half a chromosome away from a chimpanzee and it really does show doesn't it. Heartfelt thoughts to the people and their families / friends who are affected by this. So sad.
  12. Yes.. it is faffage in-extremis. However, all is there.. I promise !
  13. Even better, a forum just for KEF speakers [or DIY with KEF units] Quite a number of the regular posters are ex "old skool" KEF so know heaps and heaps about the design of the 104/2. By far and away the biggest aspects of the 104/2 were the conjugate load matching and dual cavity coupled bass system. I strongly recommend you register and get on board !
  14. Childhood - Blue Peter Badges, Petra, Patch.. Shep, Val, Peter - annuals for Christmas. Bleep and Booster John Noakes - Yes, they were all there. "Essential Wallpaper" to any upbringing of the late 60's and early 70's Fantastic character and will be remembered as well as missed.
  15. There is a calculation somewhere that works out viewing distance, screen size and compares all the formats to answer the question - "can I see the difference". Don't forget, our eyes have "pixels" in the form of Rods and Cones and as such there is a theoretical upper limit to resolving power of the nerves. To approximate the answer, if you jump on the 4k bandwagon, it will future proof you right up until thepoint when Pixel Envy for when 8k arrives and then you will be asking the same question again. I have a Samsung Plasma HD Ready (not even full HD) (!) - reminding myself that even if it were full HD, 8k or whatever, it wouldnt matter because my Freeview HD box is only delivering 1080i not 1080p. Source is everything:- there are some 4k BR's out there and a few telly programs but not much more. Despite being a technially qualified person, and ,motivated, to be early in adoption I never pull triggers early. I'm waiting until the prices drop further. Frankly, if you go to the tip where I live, people are throwing away TV's only a couple of years old (2nd hand value is buttons) which is despicable. EDIT:- Found it or this