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  1. Clubsport911

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    Yes...2s to go, no bids... sigh...
  2. Clubsport911

    Songs with LOW bass

    Addicted to this - several layers of bass
  3. Clubsport911

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    I was planning to be an owner of a set of Reference 4's at time of writing. However, I'm now in posession of some new experiences. I loved them... and the buyer (on EB) is a dealer, who outbid me by £20...
  4. Clubsport911

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    About to buy Reference 4's - but my Director of Operations and Supply (AKA - The Blonde Colonel) made me sit down tonight and compared the extra height of R4's vs 105/s. Sigh... Pictures have to move up On-wall AV speakers (plumbed in) may also have to move up 3" - nothing massive, but R4's just start masking the lower of the 2 units... In other words, this is not going well. They need TLC to make them "perfect" - not worried at all. Then comes the helpful input:- "I thought you were happy ?" "Just look how much effort you took to make them perfect " "What makes the new ones better ?" "I thought you said these were your dream speakers ?" "What makes them so good... ?" Mrs Me has been to so many Hi-Fi shows with me and is fully clued up... Trouble is, in some ways, she is right. I'm utterly torn between the "sell your kidney to get Reference 4's" and being "captain sensible". I just wished they were smaller, but still reference 4's in capability. I want that last below 45hz (and yes, I do have very expensive sub for AV and have tried to match, but it's not the same) Sigh....
  5. Clubsport911

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    Free. Perfect. Now.
  6. Clubsport911

    Daft DIY cable question

    Oh my... I think we might be on a rollercoaster with this one. Bottom line answer.:- Connect up. Enjoy your music, waste no more energy than this on the topic. Happy 2019 👍
  7. Clubsport911

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    Possibly... however, until it is "all done" then will not watch (cannot wait). Have also not watched Fast and Furious - any.
  8. Clubsport911

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

  9. Clubsport911

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    Brokeback, charlie and the chocolate factory, loads of Marvel stuff... ...and because I want them to finish them off, not a single minute of Game of Thrones. I will, but not yet
  10. Clubsport911

    Tightening the Screws on a Kef Reference 4

    Which screws ? If you mean the screws you can see... then as before, just tighten. If however you mean the screws inside the system, those holding the 2 opposed bass drivers, then if i recall, they might well be seated on rubber gromits. Reference 4’s use a cavity coupled bass system with inter port. In older Reference versions, (104/2...105/3 etc) the sealing to the 2 chambers was critical and if the seal was not perfect, bass performance suffered. However, your bass units each have a port firing into the central chamber to improve LF Performance, so you should be ok. By the way... if you are ever thinking of selling.... 😉
  11. Clubsport911

    Very good 4K HDR Blu Ray player?

    Oh yes. Had BDPD-570 (also top of the line - almost as good as S790) but this is a light year apart - even on "standard" BR material. The visuals are epic. I'm sure of 2 things:- 1) You can pay more 2) You will be hard pressed to notice any difference (Sony measures "perfect")
  12. Clubsport911

    Very good 4K HDR Blu Ray player?

    Did all my research and arrived at the Sony UBP-X800 You can pay both more, or less, for a UHD Blu-ray player, but Sony hits such a sweet spot with the UBP-X800 that we suspect you won’t want to. Beautifully built, and capable of superb video and audio, this deck holds appeal for both home theatre fans and audio addicts alike. Sony has taken its time to roll out UHD Blu-ray, but the wait has been worth while. This is a class leading UHD disc spinner which is more than able to challenge higher-priced models. Image performance is excellent, and it’s a versatile music player too.
  13. Clubsport911

    Christmas Present Brainstormer

    Cloth-Meister.. Superb list, and whilst not yet hit the bullseye for SWMBO, there are some interesting sidelines. Heimat would be something a little off the beaten track. I have (because she loves them) bought some hedgehog related gifts for the garden, including a superb little “thing” you put into your fence to allow hedgehogs in and out. Also bought a bunch of wild flowers to attract the bees... ( gotta look after them, they run the planet after all) keep ‘em coming 👍
  14. Clubsport911

    Correcting VTA - Build up platter or cart spacers?

    I would add a mat if it were my setup. The thought of spacers and the potential risk of an accident faffing around etc just makes the addition of a mat so much more convenient. Clearly, if the mat is heavy, it could affect the suspension set up on a suspended sub chassis type TT but as (I think) you do not have that problem, then you should be fine.
  15. Clubsport911

    Vocal workout for your systems

    Speaking of choral (and here am in so into my dance music...) Try this for size:- Vide Cor Meum It was first used on Hannibal, and then later on Kingdom of Heaven. It is utterly haunting.