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  1. Clubsport911

    Mission Accomplished

    Mission certainly cornered the market on “White front, translucent cones and big graphics...”. And I loved it.
  2. Clubsport911

    Mission Accomplished

    My Mission experiences (speaker related) have been immortalised on this website... (note, lots of sub headings because I’m not a website designer so used an off the shelf package called Weebly..) It was primarily a site to help me sell my 765’s and it worked very well. Hope you enjoy
  3. Clubsport911

    To preamp or not

    Agree with this very simple analysis. In fact, less is more when it comes to much in audio terms (but not everything).
  4. Clubsport911

    Activated Charcoal as damping material

    Having read some interesting (patented) white papers and note that KEF use this (used this ?) on some systems, I wonder if anyone here has some practical advice on the use if this material in a seal box system. As I see it, you have to hold the charcoal in a “bag” of some description and also, I’m unsure if you need other supplementary damping (Example Rockwool, Lambswool, BAF etc) in the enclosure as well ? What ratio of charcoal to normal stuffing ? My interest is to see if I can squeeze a little more bass extension “for free” (yes, I know, nothing is free) on my KEF’s... thanks all
  5. I have 4... and use them all to help get “perfect” alignment 😉 please pm me with your details
  6. Clubsport911

    ??? SergeAuckland ???

    Why did he “leave” ?
  7. Clubsport911

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    Yes...2s to go, no bids... sigh...
  8. Clubsport911

    Songs with LOW bass

    Addicted to this - several layers of bass
  9. Clubsport911

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    I was planning to be an owner of a set of Reference 4's at time of writing. However, I'm now in posession of some new experiences. I loved them... and the buyer (on EB) is a dealer, who outbid me by £20...
  10. Clubsport911

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    About to buy Reference 4's - but my Director of Operations and Supply (AKA - The Blonde Colonel) made me sit down tonight and compared the extra height of R4's vs 105/s. Sigh... Pictures have to move up On-wall AV speakers (plumbed in) may also have to move up 3" - nothing massive, but R4's just start masking the lower of the 2 units... In other words, this is not going well. They need TLC to make them "perfect" - not worried at all. Then comes the helpful input:- "I thought you were happy ?" "Just look how much effort you took to make them perfect " "What makes the new ones better ?" "I thought you said these were your dream speakers ?" "What makes them so good... ?" Mrs Me has been to so many Hi-Fi shows with me and is fully clued up... Trouble is, in some ways, she is right. I'm utterly torn between the "sell your kidney to get Reference 4's" and being "captain sensible". I just wished they were smaller, but still reference 4's in capability. I want that last below 45hz (and yes, I do have very expensive sub for AV and have tried to match, but it's not the same) Sigh....
  11. Clubsport911

    Hard copy / download / stream?

    Free. Perfect. Now.
  12. Clubsport911

    Daft DIY cable question

    Oh my... I think we might be on a rollercoaster with this one. Bottom line answer.:- Connect up. Enjoy your music, waste no more energy than this on the topic. Happy 2019 👍
  13. Clubsport911

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    Possibly... however, until it is "all done" then will not watch (cannot wait). Have also not watched Fast and Furious - any.
  14. Clubsport911

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

  15. Clubsport911

    I've never seen Harry Potter films.

    Brokeback, charlie and the chocolate factory, loads of Marvel stuff... ...and because I want them to finish them off, not a single minute of Game of Thrones. I will, but not yet