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  1. Best Original Film Souindtracks..

    Nice thread ! Oblivion:- [M83], Baraka & Samsara (former preferred) Interstellar Blade Runner (original) Dune Inception Gladiator Some (NB) Star Trek film extracts I do like Mr Zimmer !
  2. Best music to listen to while driving

    Well, at risk of raining on your parade, I just cannot get too enthused about listening to any music in the car. Ive tried... and whilst tastes move from Beethoven to Sasha and Digwwed, stopping at Suptertramp Yes and Public Service Broadcasting, for me, it's talk radio / Radio 4 all the way. just picked up a new car and had the top of the line Dirac enabled, Hartman Kardon system fitted... still a massive compromise so still cannot find any music to float said boat. Actually, some dance music can work whilst batting up the motorway. Nothing serious or "hi-for" for sure due to the road noise good luck searching !
  3. New receiver/processor

    Humax:- I have DTR 1000 and it is faultless - cannot see the need for upgrade - recommended BluRay:- Sony 570 has built in dual band Wifi (unusual even now) and can be tuned up. EBay for £40 ? Measure superb Onkyo:- 608. 7.2, thx certified (unusual) and Audessy correction, 3D hdmi compatible - can be had in PWO for less than £100 these days. if you gave me £200, I'd get the lot for you and perhaps have change for beer.
  4. Lovefilm to be ditched

  5. today i have mainly been .....

    58 mile bike ride covering 4000+' of climbing. I did a self guided "Tour des Cotwolds" calling in (passing through) at Winchcombe, Stanway, Bourton on the Water, Lower slaughter, Stow on the Wold and others. I confess that there were quite a few tourists...but it was superb to see the UK Museum attracting so many visitors
  6. Formula 1 2017

    Mclaren. They have so much talent in depth but are bound up by trying to make eggs, milk and butter from a nearly completely cooked omlette
  7. Mike Oldfield's Return to Ommadawn

    I agree - it's very very accomplished but just does not hook me in any sort of memorable way like SODE, Islands (side one only), Incantations or Hergest does. Again, excellent production values but not memorable. Perhaps, we are all suffering from the zillion and one genres in our daily lives - nothing is outstanding because nothing stands out. Does that make any sense to anyone else ?
  8. Kef Reference Owners.

    We ought to keep the conversation going. I was looking for 10 years at "improved" speakers from all manner of manufacturers. The closest to my taste were the Acoustic Energy AE5's and Mission 767's. I also like the 2915 quads and some of the Martin Logan range. All had benefits...and weaknesses'. Despite all this and quite by chance, I too ended up with the "not so Hi-Fi / trendy" K105/3 and set about a total rennovation up to and including brand new, KEF hand selected and matched tweeters from Maidstone 109's. They are not perfect and in fact sound a lot less impressive than many speakers. I believe however, they measure well and are accurate. Bass is not super deep, but very faithful. Agree - midrange is the one for me.
  9. Phono Stage Specs

    Oops. Pedant alert Serge. As any ole fool kno', the cartridge's response is not flat - and QED, as you are applying correction, is not designed to be. What RIAA correction assumes, is that the electronic equalisation coupled with the inherant generator's response is "flat". Which, is different to what you suggested. I'll go and get my coat now...
  10. Thanks for posting the review. If you had a review that said:- " I like it a lot - 8/10" ... ...then I agree, the rating is meaningless. However, I sincerely appreciate the time you spent on the review. Well done. You have clearly listened well and thought about the words used. On that basis, I feel inclined to support your rating. Now... whether I think the same is another matter, but I would, on the strength of your review, take a listen. Chapeau for the input.
  11. Kef Reference Owners.

    I am always curious how the great inventions of past KEF Reference speakers are now in the dustbin ? Cavity Coupled Bass Conjugate load matching Drivers in antiphase electrically and antiphase mechanically to reduce cabinet colouration Uni-Q between drivers for improved polar response. etc etc... All seemingly "good ideas". Did the laws of physics suddenly change ?
  12. YOU are the weakest link

    Spot on. I can go for weeks without listening to my system - knowing I'm simply not in the groove so to speak. Our brain is just a bunch of chemicals so it's hardly any wonder we are all over the map in terms of consistency. My personal opinion is that in many cases, the machine always outperforms me. It is more consistent, predictable and has a better performance. This is true for my road bike, hifi or my car. Humans...flawed mammals.
  13. Formula 1 2017

    Here we go:- Mclaren are rubbish..Honda are just plain stuck in a groove. Verstappen is racey but needs more relaibility Vettel is boiling with rage at being almost as good as Lewis and Mercedes Bottas is the pretender and seemingly fast. Haas are punching well, but no real chance Torro Rosso are in trouble Lewis is on the knife edge of utter brilliance and just very good. Mercedes have caught up and overtaken Ferrari Red Bull are not in the running...shame that. Red Bull car in matt pain finish looks nice Toto Wolf is a great team boss i do not miss Eddie Jordan one little bit on the show This years cars are super fast ! Sharks fin has been seen before... Cars are a little louder this year methinks ? Silverstone does look dated even if it's an old race. Many modern tracks are soul less and not enough people atttend the races Williams need everything... drivers, better car. They have lost the plot... Susie Wolf is a yummy mummy Boring ? Not sure. To be honest, I have found some races really great to watch - especially the Vettel and Hamilton crashgate. Great sparring. I work in a company (and used to head the business) where we are homologated for F1 and we have about 10 axes of control and actuation on each and every car on the grid. As a result, we get really close to all those teams, the Tech directors, the super clever thinkers and so on. It's a massive industry and lots goes on that is deeply impressive. My company also supplies the (very expensive) simulators for cars... you do not get a more complex system than "human in the loop" control algorithm, Here endeth my catch up comments on the F1 thread cheers for now
  14. What makes a system sound better at low volumes?

    Transducers may well be linear, but cabinets are not, and neither is your room. Recall please, that a lot of what we perceive is based on massively complex interactions with your personal room space. the " spawn of the devil" correction systems used for home cinema set ups have gotten increasingly complex in recent years and they all suggest that if you change something in the room, then you need to repeat the calibration set up. Stuff a room full of Wammers and I'm sure your hifi will sound different than when you sit at home alone, quaffing that very nice Waitrose recommended Malbec.
  15. If the Internet suddenly ceased to be..........

    Serge, is "basque and finish" some sort of after hours pleasure ?