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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    on FLAC Mmm, not sure about this one - but then, I thought that about 'Lost In A Dream' - and it ended up one of my most played albums...
  2. What a gig!

    Mhmm, sounds interesting. They are playing at the Jazz Cafe on the 3rd of Oct - a Tuesday night. May have to flip my works days to check them out.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Pop Ambient 2017 On cd. Bargain basement find- a good one.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    BIll Evans - 'Everybody Digs' On cd.
  5. Guess the album cover

    Fair Warning - Van Halen?
  6. Liam Gallagher Back Stage Pass

    Alan McGee in KIng Tuts just saw - and felt - a band that had 'it and an 'it' that he liked. It wasn't some Machiavellian plot to create something from nothing. He was a Right Time, Right Place with the right headspace guy. He had/has nothing in common with Spector, Klein, McClaren, Grant. Fun and vibe first, money second. I felt that power when I saw them. No sane person would question Liam's idiocy. His brother has the brains, and most of the tunes. But, a good gig, is a good gig. Sure, like many spectacular popular acts, timing matters. It had been a long time since Lager Man could shake it at gigs, in pubs and on the High street. Before them, when did you last hear crowds of men singing that wasn't in the terraces? And were they really an 'indie band'? Not being on a major label doesn't make you an indie band. Oasis - and their bulk of their travelling fans- what did they have in common with the indie bands before them? They were a pop-rock outfit, with very little of the indie angst, self wrangling with identity, the 'outsider' or sound experimentation? And, of course, they arrived at a massive time of change in Britain. They were breath of fresh air. No more gazing at your shoes and jaguar guitars, thanks. i had the misfortune to meet him briefly. It did not go well. But, I offer the opinion, he still was great frontman.
  7. Liam Gallagher Back Stage Pass

    Dragged along on the Lig to an Oasis gig at The Barrowlands (Glasgow), I was blown away by the command, confidence and connection the dickhead had in spades. I have never felt that wooden sprung floor move so much. A great frontman, yes -, regardless of his 'shitting on carpets' burglary past and filthy moronic mouth.
  8. For those that haven't heard/seen it ( probably unlikely), here's a link to the fascinating doc of Mr Baker. One hell of an angry man.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    'Peg' by Steely Dan - on FLAC Yup, just this one track, over and over and over. Tried it in on two different pairs of speakers, then found the headphones as giving the most incredible connection with it. Couple of hours last night - and after the kids are in bed - another hour tonight I reckon. There's just so much in there. What's going in with those Michael Macdonald 'backing' vocals/weird harmonies? Sounds like modern ProTools 'stretching and pitch shifting'- but that didn't exist when this was recorded. This loop all started after reading everyone if the nearly 600 'Comments' on the Becker obituary in The Guardian. Rarely do you read such passion- and relatively civilised disagreements over 'favourites'. I decided to give Aja a second go - the first being about 20 years ago, for about 2 sounds a lot different now that I am different..
  10. Mm, how will a PSU eliminate the internal pitch wobble that comes with an elastic band based drive mounted in a bit of light mdf? I can't see how that works well enough with piano recordings. Although, it has to be said I had similar issues with a Numark high end direct drive dj deck - it was a lot worse than the old Dual I had.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    On cd Bargain alert! A fiver anywhere. Ridiculous. Great for knocking around in the car, with very little 'filler'- at least on he first cd - I haven't got the the second yet and I've lost the box with the track listing already...
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    On a proper cd - at last. That's what I call a cheap upgrade. My previous burned copy was glitching and jumping. Such a simple joy sometimes to completely relax, not anticipating/skipping past the inevitable break ups...
  13. Positive experiences with Subwoofers

    Agree. I have no idea what the hell they are on about! And, I don't want 'to learn', to be honest. I just want it 'to work'. I am thinking about a sub and the necessary digital 'gubbins' for next year... after the Troels DIY project is complete.
  14. Is this a bargain? Possibly so... I havent read much about these, but the internal shots and 'real world' power is quite impressive.