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  1. Blade Runner 2049

    Anyone else seen it? Opinions? I don't usually ask for others opinions of movies - my own tend to be pretty instant, fixed (and right of course..) But I am just putting it out there as I am not reading much, if anything, about some things that really grabbed me as 'wrong' about the movie. First. The soundtrack. Vangelis is still alive, why not use him? Passed it/not interested? Well, digital recrecreations of the tunes are not excelty difficult to do, these days. Just use the source material, update, stretch. Or, be bold and ditch that whole feel completely and do some thing new. Instead, I was assaulted by The Hans Zimmer Fog Horn Warning Honk and ever escalating tension notes - when there wasn't any tension in the imagery. This crude bombast was stuck over incomplete snatches of the original tunes. There was one single review which did talk about the frustration I felt it induced - it used the 'come on' metaphor - a few notes hinting towards original tunes - but, (with one exception in three hours), never gets there. It ended up really bugging me, drawing my attention way from the images. I read that the original sound guy was booted out (Johan Johanseen that did the rather minalist, ethereal and effective 'Arrival' soundtrack). I can just imagine the execs screaming that the footage needed pepping up, the viewer needed to endlessly be telegraphed what to feel, in the abscence of car crashes and explosions.. Second. The pace. Glacier in places. I nearly fell asleep, twice - and I like slow art-house movies. On the upside, until the four 5star reviews by quality newspapers, I had intended on avoiding it, afraid that it may be so pish it would somehow stain my love for the original. It hasn't affected that at all. It stands as very different. As I had very little emotional connection to it when I was watching it, and afterwards, it stands seperate for me.
  2. New Jazz Releases For Your Consideration

    Great thread, thank you. After I stop listening to this very happy accident* I'll start with the new Tony Allen that's getting all the good reviews.. * Spotify 'radio' - search for Album Radio Tempo Dos Mestres I will work out how to copy and paste a link to such stuff later on..,
  3. Best Album/Track to Show-off?

    Slave To The Rhythm 12" - Grace Jones?
  4. Best Album/Track to Show-off?

    Don't give up - Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush? Moan - Trentemoller? the track i' m listening to right now..? 'It's For You' off As Falls Wichita Falls ..' by Metheny and Mays
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - As Falls Wichita So Falls Witchita Falls on cd
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    urghhh - ignore that last post of mine. What an idiot - Spotify did that annoying thing again where when an album finishes it automaticallly goes onto someone else 'curated just for you because you liked the previous album' thing. I have been listening to : 'Album Radio of Tempo Dos Metres, featuring...'
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    On Spotify Fabiano Do Nascimento - Tempo Dos Mestros Listening now for the first time, thought I'd post before I get to a crap track and the spell is broken! Don't know anything about this guy, but it reminds me very much of the early Metheny's that I like: 80/8, As Falls.., Offramp. Lovely.
  8. Your top 5 favourite ever albums

    Tricky. Very tricky. Some albums I play to death for a decade, then rarely go back, but not because I've fallen out with them or they have lost the magic. I just have to move on. Here a few stayers.. ( helped by recognising a few previous mentions after the sheer blankness prompted by such an open question) Feats Don't Fail Me Now - Little Feat Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones Powerage - AC/DC Moving Pictures - Rush Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    on FLAC Mmm, not sure about this one - but then, I thought that about 'Lost In A Dream' - and it ended up one of my most played albums...
  10. What a gig!

    Mhmm, sounds interesting. They are playing at the Jazz Cafe on the 3rd of Oct - a Tuesday night. May have to flip my works days to check them out.
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Pop Ambient 2017 On cd. Bargain basement find- a good one.
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    BIll Evans - 'Everybody Digs' On cd.
  13. Guess the album cover

    Fair Warning - Van Halen?
  14. Liam Gallagher Back Stage Pass

    Alan McGee in KIng Tuts just saw - and felt - a band that had 'it and an 'it' that he liked. It wasn't some Machiavellian plot to create something from nothing. He was a Right Time, Right Place with the right headspace guy. He had/has nothing in common with Spector, Klein, McClaren, Grant. Fun and vibe first, money second. I felt that power when I saw them. No sane person would question Liam's idiocy. His brother has the brains, and most of the tunes. But, a good gig, is a good gig. Sure, like many spectacular popular acts, timing matters. It had been a long time since Lager Man could shake it at gigs, in pubs and on the High street. Before them, when did you last hear crowds of men singing that wasn't in the terraces? And were they really an 'indie band'? Not being on a major label doesn't make you an indie band. Oasis - and their bulk of their travelling fans- what did they have in common with the indie bands before them? They were a pop-rock outfit, with very little of the indie angst, self wrangling with identity, the 'outsider' or sound experimentation? And, of course, they arrived at a massive time of change in Britain. They were breath of fresh air. No more gazing at your shoes and jaguar guitars, thanks. i had the misfortune to meet him briefly. It did not go well. But, I offer the opinion, he still was great frontman.