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  1. jasonski73

    no longer Available.

    No longer available.
  2. jasonski73

    no longer Available.

    Hi mate yes they are the same speakers, I was going to have them re finished in black to match decor in room to keep wife happy, while I was going to go through with it I purchased new drivers and foam inserts from Bob at Neat acoustics “now fitted”. But now have to get funds together to help out Sister in law hence the reluctant sale of my second setup. Excellent speakers, sublime SQ well worth the money. .
  3. jasonski73

    WANTED: Dynaudio Speaker Stand Top Plate Splikes

    Hi mate I have a set pop over tomorrow, they are the original ones that came with the stands
  4. jasonski73

    no longer Available.

    Hi there Yes the do look and sound stunning Thanks
  5. jasonski73

    no longer Available.

    No longer available,
  6. jasonski73

    SALE Oppo 105D

    Hi I can offer £650 delivered ?
  7. Hi A bit of a long shot! I'm looking for the following: 1 pair of Revel M22's in cherry and a C32 or C52 also in cherry. Willing to travel for them if the price is right. Cheers