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  1. skimminstones

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    Not quite sure where the aggression is warranted but yes, every other forum ive ever used has a new posts button at the top that makes things much easier.
  2. skimminstones

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    a simple "new posts" button
  3. skimminstones

    Lidl selling music streamer

    does this use Spotify connect or is it just a bluetooth speaker?
  4. skimminstones

    Budget Phonostage Options

    Took delivery of a Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS today to replace my Cambridge 551p that has given up the ghost. Only been on a few hours and pretty impressed with it.
  5. skimminstones

    Is this a good match? NAD with Monitor Audio Bronze

    had a NADC320BEE used with monitor audio br5 and then BX5 and was always pretty happy with the result. Sounded very good with electronic music or acoustic guitar stuff. WIth more rock sounds though it was a little too laid back for my liking but for that price it was very good. Dont know about the 7140 though.
  6. skimminstones

    Primare posse

    Had my I21 amp for couple of years now and have always loved it. I've been trying to find the Primare phono pre-amp for a sensible price but they seem rarer than rocking horse shit.
  7. skimminstones

    Best Android Box for Kodi with TV Tuner

    Ive tried a few of these boxes and all seem to stutter and freeze occasionally. Surprised they are still making them with such low memory and ram.
  8. skimminstones

    DisCogs or the like?

    Discogs is generally ok but the vendors there do have a tendency to over evaluate their items. Ive bought quite a few described as mint when its really good/very good at best.
  9. Yea? And your quoting of me was irrelevant to that response. I just said its easy for companies to re-seal an item. Thats it. Plastic will rip and tear all the time in warehouses, they will be re-sealed.
  10. I never said they did, i said its easy to re-seal something though. They will do it in warehouses all the time when the plastic packaging is ripped etc..
  11. Its pretty easy to reseal though. Just need a vacuum sealing machine which all big companies like this will have.
  12. skimminstones

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Because they like their system and want to show it?
  13. skimminstones

    What are you listening to right now?

    On double vinyl
  14. skimminstones

    So, the itch has returned....

    I found those a complete waste of time and money, even though its only 40 quid. Even after a few goes cleaning the records still sounded exactly the same as before with the same pops and crackles. This was on every single record i cleaned. Whether its the fluid or just the cleaning action not getting in deep enough i dont know but personally id advise against.