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  1. Anybody know where I can buy Philips Fidelio X2 headphones online, UK based (besides amazon) ? They fit the bill for comfort, sound and under 300 gbp. thanks
  2. Just looking on the Sony website, and they have two amps listed (all-in-ones more like). For Amp 1 specs, the Output Power is listed as: 40 W + 40 W (JEITA 10% 1KHZ 40 HM) For Amp 2, the Output Power is listed as: 23W + 23W (DIN) From what I can undertand, the above are two different power measurement standards. Anybody know what these figures really mean in lay mans terms and which amp is actually the more powerful one? Thanks
  3. Sony MAP-S1 - Any experience with one? I am looking at getting a Sony MAP-S1 (similar to the HAP-S1) to power some Kef LS50s. It has the wife acceptance factor, a nice looking one box solution. There appears to be very little review of this available. Thought i'd ask here to see if anybody has heard and used one? Thanks
  4. Still available. These are like new. Not even 1 year old, bought September 2015, new from dealer.
  5. I fully respect your opinion, and of course it is echoed by other experienced contributors here. However, I already find the difference between one similarly designed speaker to the next to be quite small (but worth pursuing the right one). So, for amps, at the same SPL, the difference perceived by me, is even smaller again. As I play at low to mid volume levels, the amp factor is even smaller, again. That's where I stand on amps. The Harbeths are sold, so I am looking for something different to fill the gap. They can be no larger in size than the P3ESRs, and sound more live - the Harbeths are well known to be warm, and absolutely non-fatiguing. I am looking for something a bit more alive, but not necessarily harsh in the treble. BTW - If I actually am missing something in difference between amps, perhaps I need speakers that works quite well with a wide range of amps?
  6. For me, they will be used for music only. Again, I was only making the point on the treble, as I felt that my previous speakers, Harbeth P3ESRs were a little lacking in this regard. I am looking for a "holographic" sound that the P3ESR certainly doesn't possess.
  7. Will probably get a Yamaha R-N602 (80 WPC, should do the trick for small standmounts that I wont be playing at high volume).I guess I am not describing my desire too well in terms of the "Treble emphasis" - what I am really asking for is something that is lively and up front. So I retract my previous statement on the treble!
  8. Hey all Which sub £1000 bookshelf speakers would you recommended for a small room - 12ft x 10ft. A great and emphasized upper mid / treble is priority. They must be easily available / in current production. Thanks
  9. kifi

    Wanted - Dali Menuets

    thanks, got a link? I can only see ones for £798.99
  10. Looking for a pair of Dali Mentor Menuets. Thanks
  11. :D:D:D:D. Sorry,looking to free up about 2K cash too. Moving house shortly! Great post though, gave me a great laugh!