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  1. I’ve just found the Stack Audio link which seems to tick all the boxes if I pair it with the right DAC, anyone got one / used one? Cheers
  2. Ah! Good point, I completely missed that. Looking at streamers I’m beginning to see I might need to get a streamer with inbuilt dac. I’m not particularly tied to the Jolida I just knew where I was with it.
  3. Hi. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Just to update I would like the streamer to connect via WiFi, not Ethernet. Thanks
  4. Hi, Currently using an Apple TV 3 to stream Spotify to my DAC / pre / amp / speakers. I want to stream hi res from Tidal / QuBuz but still use my DAC / pre but the Apple TV box only works up to 16bit so looks like I need a new streamer. Any recommendations for a pure streamer (no DAC or pre) that works on WiFi not Ethernet and can handle high res? At this stage I have an open mind on budget so good to know from low to high. So far I’ve looked at the Naim and Node but it’s hard to find something without a DAC or pre. Cheers
  5. Thanks all for the advice. It seems as I thought it would, the Jolida is a great little DAC and some tube rolling seems a very good way forward. I’ll start with the ones mentioned earlier in the chat by lordmortlock. I’m very happy with the John Howes quad II and Music First combination, it works extremely well so was just looking where else to change! Tubes it is 👍 If I can at some point get my hands on some really high end dacs to demo it will be interesting to see what the changes are. Cheers
  6. I just bought a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III's so will post photos and review when they arrive... Cheers
  7. With the very sad passing of Mark Hollis I've been like I'm sure a lot of us listening to all the great Talk Talk and one solo albums. I stumbled on some live footage on youtube of the song Give it up and was pretty blown away. I always tend to think of Talk Talk as a studio band and had never seen or heard any live material before. Anyone here ever see them live and are there any live recordings/ bootlegs out there apart from the London 86 album? Cheers
  8. Thanks all for the replies. Mmmm, it all seems to be as I thought it might, presentation change rather than huge improvements at this price range. As I said I'm not really unhappy with what I have but have never really spent a huge amount of time demoing DACs. While on the speaker hunt I demoed some AN E and DeVore being run via some very high end AN DACs which sounded great but I felt it was more the speakers I was hearing than the DACS but without switching them all out its hard to say. I've seen some very expensive DACS like the top end Lampizator range and just always wondered what does 4-5K worth of DAC get you? My budget won't stretch to that and I'm wondering is adding another 1K to what I already have gonna really make much odds. Good call on the DAC demoing but I'm based in Amsterdam and surprisingly there's really not much of a hifi shop / scene in the city. Cheers
  9. Evening all, Recently changed speakers (Zingali Overture .3 to Klipsch Cornwall III) and of course started looking at the rest of the set up. Currently streaming into a Jolida FX II dac and wondered would a DAC change really make that much difference? I’ve always been of the school the fun was more in changing speakers. I can’t say I’m unhappy with the Jolida but DACS are not an area I’ve really spent much time looking at. Worth changing and if so what too? I recently heard a very expensive Audio Note dac but without trying in my own system it’s hard to say. Budget would be up to £1500. Cheers
  10. Hi. Looking at getting some Kralk speakers myself, after the run in how are your's sounding now? Cheers
  11. Hi, Looking for a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III speakers or Tannoy Legacy Arden speakers. Boxes are essential as I will need to courier them. PM if you have a pair of either you are looking to sell. Cheers
  12. Saw Bruce Springsteen in Hyde park a few years back. He was great but they had the Dave Mathews Band as support. I didn't like them before and liked them even less after seeing them live. Just awful beige rock and no sense of the crowd. To top it all the finished the set by playing a cover of Stairway to heaven and included an even longer guitar solo than the original! Absolute twoddle. Cheers
  13. Here's a good guide on using a coffee dripper. https://www.craftcoffee.com/how-to-make-coffee/hario-v60-brew-guide Hario are a Japanese company and you see them being used in a lot of the good coffee shops. I'm not saying are the best but a very good starting point. You don't have to own your own grinder if you have a good coffee seller near to you wher you can buy beans that are freshly roasted. Ask them to grind for you explaining what type of process you intend to use ie- espresso machine, french press, dripper, etc. Take home and keep in air tight container and try to use within a week or so for optimum freshness. Supermarkets sell a lot of ground coffee but after trying a lot of brands including supermarket own I've found the only ground coffee worth buying from a supermarket are illy or Lavazza. Cheers
  14. A good dripper can do an excellent job, you see them being used more and more in quality coffee shops. As always it's about having good beans and with every machine mentioned if you stick rubbish coffee in you'll only get that back. With my choices I tried to give a broad choice of the first quality names you'll probably come across in each category. I agree theres a huge choice and like Hi Fi its addictive! The reason I recommend dual boiler machines is if you really get into the whole coffee lark and you don't have a dual boiler (or heat exchanger) you'll never quite get that finished article and be thinking about what you're missing. I've actually owned a Rancilio Silvia for 7 years and it's never put a foot wrong. I do descale pretty often which is a must for any machine and sent it for one full service and its been a great machine making a modest 5-10 coffees a day for all that time. For me the weak spot in the Silvia is the steam so on that note I would look a bit higher if you want to be making a lot of cappuccino or flat whites. Like hi fi theres a huge amount of options on offer and everyone has their preferences. My only real tip is get a good quality machine, a proper burr grinder, good beans and descale your machine every month if you can! Happy hunting!
  15. Whats your budget? If you're serious about coffee forget any capsule machine. They're fine for what they do but you're stuck in their eco system and missing out on all the other beans on the market. Entry level - The De'Longhi mentioned earlier is pretty much the best on offer. Upper Entry level - Rancilio Silvia. The first of the prosumer machines available. Excellent build and great shots, little harder on the steaming as its a single boiler but still very good. Mid level- Something like a Rocket Espresso R58. Once you get to this level its dual boilers and now you can really start on the milk art! Lots of good Italian makes in this bracket. Top end - La Marzocco linea mini. Other machines can do nearly as good for less money but this is a stone cold piece of beauty and a design classic in the making. If you've got the dosh this is the one, no question. Apart from the first machine you also need a grinder. A Rancilio rocky or Mini Mazzer grinders are excellent for the money. Beans. Good starting point something like Monmouth or Square Mile. So many roasters now you're spoilt for choice. Have a look at coffee geek for more tips and reviews. Cheers