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  1. The amp is now in repair and I should have it back home soon. As its with an engineer I thought it might be worth get the bias checked. I've never done this before but I use the amps every day and the recommendation seems to be to do it. Anyone get their valve amps bias checked and if they do does it make much difference? I've been running the amps for at least a couple of hours most daysting with the same valves for 3-4 years so actually wondering if they should be changed. They sound ok to me and they are all working but any degradation in sound would be hard for me to tell as I'm listening all the time and could only really tell if a new set were put in. Cheers
  2. Turn it up!


    I have played with the idea of going one box but I like being able to swap stuff out. I've actually gottten my set up down to the bare minimum with the amp / pre / streamer set up and for the moment this is great. I've always wanted to try a Luxman, Leben or McIntosh integrated. For me though I've always found the biggest change is in speakers so will probably stick with what I've got and speaker swap, perhaps look at this as an option? If not ther'es always cable lifters... Cheers
  3. ^^^^ Yup, all wiggled! I actually heard back from John which was great. He's offered to take a look if I can't get them fixed here in Amsterdam. Good to know he's still active. Cheers
  4. ^^^^ I swapped out all of the valves, still happening.
  5. I did try John but no answer so I imagine he’s retired now. Lovely guy, I had a look around his lowther collection. Dropped the amp off with a local guy that seems to know his stuff. He thinks probably resistor, cap or valve socket but nothing serious. Fingers crossed. Cheers
  6. These are nearly total rebuilds by John who’s a master engineer. They’ve actually been owned by a few Wammers over the years, I bought them off Martha’s Dad 5 years ago. John actually serviced them about 3 years ago and if he’s still working I’m sure would take a look but I’m based in the Netherlands now and John is in Sussex! IMG_0935 by Paul Grant, on Flickr
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I’ve tried amp disconnected from the pre as well. I think it’s an internal amp problem, maybe capacitor, resistor, etc. Luckily I found a local guy that deals with valve hifi repair so gonna drop it round tomorrow. I did write to John Howes but not sure if he’s still active in the hifi. cheers
  8. Hi Thanks for the suggestion but I've changed all tubes so I can discount that and the sound is coming through all the drivers. It's also only happening with one of the amps, the other is fine. If you try the video you can hear the sound. Thanks
  9. Hi, I own a pair of John Howes modified Quad II amps and I'm getting very loud crackling / popping through one amp and speaker. I've tried- Swapping all leads Swapping speakers Swapping all valves Changing power supply Changing all fuses Cleaning all dust, cleaning leads, speaker cables Still getting the noise through the speaker. If I turn the volume down to zero you can still hear the crackle at the same volume. It's not a constant sound, more very loud pops and crackles and starts as soon as I turn the amp on. I'm based in the Netherlands and its hard to find someone who can have a look so before I go any further does anyone have any ideas to what this could be? Cheers I've tried to embed a video with the sound. c7b8ff4e-ccf1-4c75-98f0-1eb14d0c1563 by Paul Grant, on Flickr
  10. I bought a BK sub to use with some Harbeth C7s a few years back. Great service and the build and sound quality was excellent. I shifted it on after the Harbeths and can't remember the model, maybe the 200 or 400 downfiring? . I'm pretty sure quite a few wammers have used them over the years. Cheers
  11. I'm going to cleanse myself and admit I recently bought a tuning stick from Akiko audio. I live in the Netherlands and was reading about the company as they are based in Maastricht. I've never gotten in to the whole cable, foo, etc stuff and I was not in the market for any new hifi but still had the usual need to tinker. I read all the reviews (6 moons, etc), saw they did a 100% money back so ordered a tuning stick for fun. It arrived, I plugged it in and incredibly my system sounded a lot better. Not a bit but a lot. Of course there's the issue of me wanting it to work / sound better so I did a series of true blind tests with hifi friends and everytime they felt the same as me, very noticeable improvements especially in the imaging. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I bought one of these (actually I am embarrassed) but it's a relief to get it out in the open!! I have no involvement with the company apart from we both live in the Netherlands, (I'm English, they're Dutch!). Cheers
  12. Hi, Looking a for a Leica Monovid, if anyone has one for sale PM me. Bit of a long shot but a pair did come up for sale years ago on the Wam. Cheers
  13. Bump. This amazing DAC is back up for sale. Cheers