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    vpi scout 1.1
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    jmw memorial at33ev
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    Tron convergence
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  1. potnoodle

    Wanted: VPI Turntable

    Might be looking to move on my scout 1.1
  2. potnoodle

    Turntable speed control

    Bigfool1957 I have an inspire PSU sat here not using, if that's what you're after.
  3. potnoodle

    Valve testing help

    Now sorted thanks.
  4. potnoodle

    Valve testing help

    Hi all Can any one suggest where I could get 3x 6sn7 valves tested in either Devon or Cornwall.
  5. potnoodle

    SALE Nikon coolpix 8400

    Nikon coolpix 8400 ,working and in good condition,with box and charger etc. £80.00 ovno pictures available on request
  6. Hi Drift records in totnes had one (new) on Friday when I was in . £120.00
  7. potnoodle

    smart meters and dedicated hi fi spurs

    Hi phil I do later on in the evenings ,but with two teenage lads on f/b,Xbox live,texting,etc and a wife who works some/most nights till midnight sending and receiving emails you can't expect them to turn it all off for me to listen to me vinyl. i don't wear the the trousers in this house
  8. potnoodle

    smart meters and dedicated hi fi spurs

    Refering back to petes point about mobile phone noise, chatter, incoming emails etc . Is there anything you can do to stop this, tt play back friggin spoilt by it some nights.
  9. potnoodle

    What are you listening to right now?

    The k fellowship, Before the dawn . Had this for about a month or more, finally got round to giving it a listen like
  10. potnoodle

    Audio Physic Fans?

    I'm really pleased for you chaps,but my OCD wouldn't allow me to rest until I'd rung the last ounce of performance out of em!!.
  11. potnoodle

    Wot to do in Corby ,Kettering.

    Home now, interesting couple of days Thanks for the input ,got around to see a few of the places but a couple of days including travelling didn't leave a huge amount of time to go too far.
  12. potnoodle

    Wot to do in Corby ,Kettering.

    I'm sure he would love that
  13. potnoodle

    Wot to do in Corby ,Kettering.

    Hi We are taking my son and his mate to adrenalin alley (skateboarders) Thursday ,Friday and am looking to pass some time ie record /hifi gazing!!any suggestions. Also Indian , Mexican resturants to visit. cheers
  14. potnoodle

    Audio Physic Fans?

    I have really enjoyed my tempo 25s,took a long time to get them dialled in but worth the frustration.They have definitely been the best I've used in this not so speaker friendly room and I've had a few, now looking to climbe the AP ladder.