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  1. I've bought stuff from the UK without a problem.
  2. Tech specs first. For speakers, listening, for amps specs followed by build quality, for turntables specs plus going for the one that looks the best. Cartridges, specs, particularly RIAA and stylus profiles.
  3. Luckily for the industry, they don't make them. If they did, who'd buy anything else? They're the Patek Philippe of domestic appliances.
  4. Try one Miele, and you'll understand.
  5. Made in China, according to the photos. Not that it matters a jot.
  6. Style is everything. It's why I drive a Skoda.
  7. avole


    Anyone like Patek Philippe ? I'd never heard of them, but found one in Vietnam for a good price. OK, so it possibly isn't genuine ...
  8. I'd like to try Nagaoka, but their estimate of cartridge life - 250 hours or thereabouts - is simply unaffordable for me.
  9. Leffe makes this topic irrelevant.
  10. Anyone drive one of these? If so, your thoughts are welcome. Others need not bother to apply
  11. Getting the same here. The ip address is being hijacked unless you give a direct link to the forum.
  12. Dogs bring you so much joy. Really sorry to hear about this. I still miss my old dogs, but at least I'm luckier than some, because I have the memories.
  13. Yes, I'd like to help. The Wam is a commercial concern now, so I presume you will be paying air fares , accommodation and meals.
  14. You know, the first four letters of your monicker explain everything. Perhaps a display name change is due?
  15. You seem to have misunderstood the word 'humor'. Humor makes people laugh or smile. Twaddle makes them despise you. Just trying to help.
  16. So you're going for the Dolly Parton model?
  17. Cats have the intelligence of a headless chicken, which is why they dominate their owners.
  18. I really did shoot a cat. Still haunted by the death throes. If I ever found out who laid the trap the creature was caught in, I'd be having more than words.
  19. Shot a cat. Wasn't today, but, and was for humane reasons
  20. Well, I went. Only took one photo.
  21. You should examine who you want on this forum. Some give you no credit. If you find it tiring, get yourself a conscience before you join the uncaring side of this planet. The choice is yours. You allowed the idiot back.
  22. Hundreds will die. Hundreds will be tortured. Hundreds will be forced to deny their beliefs in order to exist within a regime that goes against everything they bellieve in. You post a picture of a cow.