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  1. Gonna have to jump behind the sofa after this but.....Uptone Regen for me. Digital isn’t truly listenable without one....£70 2nd hand...a no brainer.
  2. Yeh that sounds like a plan....good thinking ta I’ll give that a shot...
  3. Yeh but I’m a ham fisted idiot so I’d rather find someone to do it properly
  4. Hi guys I have an A&K120ii that’s in need of a new battery. Mine is draining after c.3-4 hours of use and even drains completely from full if switched off for a day or so. Has anyone any experience or know someone who would be able to do it? Rather than send it back to the service centre in Germany and wait weeks on it coming back....if it ever does as Brexit is round the corner Cheers
  5. The most enjoyable CD player I ever heard was an Audia Flight, it was played after a DCS something or other and it made the DCS sound like a bag of nails. Really beautiful stuff but very little known about in the U.K. if I was in the market I’d buy it in a flash....
  6. Looking for a good quality XLR cable. Length needs to be min 3 metres. Budget max £300. WHY?
  7. Thetiminator

    JBL K2 9800

    Congrats on your fabulous speakers Tune, you’re a lucky guy! I nearly bought a pair a couple of years ago but ended up with big Living Voice horns, they sound surprisingly similar. I agree with your point re the bass entirely, once you’ve experienced proper bass to 30-40hz, it’s more than satisfying, much below this and you’re just exciting your room, especially with the massive drivers our speakers have. Mine cut off sharply at c40hz, I have Revel Salon 2’s in another system which are renowned for their in room bass being flat to 20hz. Yes they do go lower but the quality of the bass from the LV horns is in another universe....
  8. Sorry UK delivery only unless at buyers cost and risk for shipping. Cheers Tim
  9. Bump and final reduction to £1950...that’s less than the cost of the valves