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  1. Thetiminator

    WTB - B&W DB1 Subwoofer

    Sorted now thanks
  2. Thetiminator

    WTB - B&W DB1 Subwoofer

    Must be boxed etc to ship, I can arrange a DHL collection and sort shipping and insurance. Good condition, not bothered about colour but preferably gloss black, but never repaired or casework opened up. Thanks
  3. Thetiminator

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    On instruction from her I've just had the speakers re-finished to match the new leather with a bit of gold leather down the horn to break it up a bit. Not my favourite finish but way better than the old faded oak colour and much less imposing. They do fade into the background more, to give you an idea they're 9ft ceilings and a 75" TV and note how titchy the amps look....and if it keeps the peace....
  4. I have 2 pairs available of these world class cables. 8ft length (closer to 9ft inc. tails). One pair is 2 spades (amp end) to 4 spades (speaker end) and the other has 4 bananas at the speaker end. Probably the thickest and heaviest cables I've ever seen - to give you an idea, the pen in the 2nd photo is thicker than the Furutech cables in my other system. Huge powerful sound with mighty bass and a touch of warmth to them. They now retail for c.£2200 per pair. £400 per pair inc. delivery. £700 for both pairs.
  5. These were bought for a pair of Transcendent Sound Pinnacles I had built in November past. I've recently put some more money into the valves so these are up for sale. There are two matched quads, but I will split into pairs if the quads don't sell. All have boxes except one and one other box has a torn lid. I'd say they have c.100 hours on them tops. £180 per matched quad or £100 per matched pair posted.
  6. Thetiminator

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    No I haven’t tried the Brimar, being a tube noob I stuck with the same valve numbers in case I made a boo boo. Well the Golden Lions arrived last week and they’ve settled in. Like with everything hifi there are those who differ on whether valves need running in. The first day I used them they sounded very detailed but quite bass light, I wasn’t impressed, I ran them for c.8 hours on the first day. The next day the bass was completely different, it just filled out and very powerful. Literally overnight. I can’t detect much if any change after the massive difference in day 2. Although rolling the 300B’s brought a decent enough improvement it wouldn’t be half the difference that rolling the 82’s to the NOS Toshibas brought....for the princely sum of £15 ea. If I had my time again I’d probably leave the 300B’s be. Not that much of a gain for £1k...
  7. Thetiminator

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    Just another update....yesterday I got a pair of Genelax Golden Lion EC83’s to replace the standard JJ’s. Not as big of a difference than the Toshibas but still worthwhile. Cleaner, a touch more detail and a touch more punch in the bass. Great upgrade for a few quid... Two matched quads of Genelax Golden Lion 300B’s en route
  8. Thetiminator

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    Now on the hunt for 803’s.....
  9. Thetiminator

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    Just as an update: On a rec from David Coe I ordered a set of the Toshiba NOS 803’s from Langrex for £15 a go. I ran them for c.10 hours before listening, then replaced the old JJ’s. They def make a decent difference...particularly in the bass and the ability to handle the complex stuff. They’re a tad smoother than the JJ’s but a lot more organised if you get my drift, way better bass and just more natural. Highly recommended for the outlay. Just one thing to note...David had said that he had a couple of duds and ended up with 4 to get 2 that were working properly. Mine were fine but just a heads up...
  10. Thetiminator

    Splitting main pre-amp output

    No it’s not for the Salons, they definitely don’t need a sub! I have a pair of large Living Voice horns in my other system which roll off quickly from c.50hz. SpeedySteve is building me a horn loaded sub, I just need to check whether I can split the output from my pre before I give him the final go’s a no go if I can’t run 2 sets of cables from the one vol controlled output on my pre....
  11. Thetiminator

    Splitting main pre-amp output

    Thanks RH
  12. Thetiminator

    Splitting main pre-amp output

    Hi Alan Thats another one of my problems...there’s no more room to connect anything else to my power amps, there’s already two runs of stupidly thick cables going to each one....and they’re 8ft apart which is also a problem. Does the sub have to be connected to the power amps or can I just use the XLR’s from the pre? Thanks for all your help....