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  1. Boats , Cameras , Woodturning - working
  2. Can you get one 3D printed ?
  3. From the photo I cant see whats broken ? do you have the broken part ?
  4. Why not a valve amp 1, They look nice when lit up 2, Even better in the winter with a dim side light lovely and warming 3, You can sit in anticipation waiting for a valve to go up like a volcano 4, Then you can buy some more £££ upgrade valves 5, Get cought the the tube rolling world 6, Look at spending even more money on all types of hybrid valve amps 7, Send it away and have loads of upgrades done at even more ££££ 8, When working they sound lovely ( my opinion ) subjective Dont ask me how I know this
  5. Mick Hucknel ? Or is it Edwood Shitsong / Shheeron / shitron , something like that ,
  6. Jamiroquai , The return of the space cowboy 11 tracks 10 sh-t 1 decent , Space cowboy
  7. Doh ! typical me , spelling wrong these
  8. I also had a full blown 1210 , strathbone feet / Mike new bearing / Mike new ETP platter / Time step HE power supply , That was very very good . Origin live encounter MK3c arm , Shelter 5000 cart , still have the arm and cart waiting for another project Have you seen the video of the making of the new 1200G ? , They contacted the remaining engineers who made the original 1200 / 1210 to design the full blown 1200G
  9. Collecting Sunday evening , will have it up and running Monday 00.01 am
  10. Thanks I am a Technics fan boy still have a 1200 and a 1210 , Always wanted a 1200G , Excited to see what its all about