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  1. Warning Warning , These machines are noisy , please be aware of this
  2. I'm open minded to most things hifi , however having looked last night and again today I can't influence my receptors re the arm , to me it just looks wrong , Sorry Hope it does the job for you though
  3. Still available to a lucky lucky owner
  4. Sutch a shame when people depart I have a 508 CDP and rate it quite highly , RIP the man
  5. Max Bygraves followed by Mrs Mills
  6. This is my as yet unused GL75 A531ED58-4E7E-4A3A-AAF3-F57F0285BB6D by , on Flickr Whatever i need for this please
  7. As we are advised to stay home and self isolate , how about a Wam play list , anyone can join in , Come on you Wammers My first of the day is U2 The Joshua Tree
  8. Do they come with a foot pump and pressure guage so they can be adjusted
  9. I could try one of these , How do I know what one I need ?????? All the 5.5.and 6.5 and 1mm Doh !
  10. 2 4 8 9 10 please Do I get a bulk deal
  11. Opps ! should have said ( I'm not coming out Until the virus is over )
  12. I,m under the stairs and not comming out
  13. Come on , MAN up and ask her if you can decide