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  1. I could use a big room , but happy If I get room 7 again if I am selected
  2. Good idea John ,but not worth doing for 25p , Got to be at least £2 each to make it worthwhile with a new vinyl sleeve , It IS FOR CHARITY
  3. Did you say DJ'ing A Technics 1200 / 1210 , bomb proof Stood the test of time for decades
  4. Just found the invoice for my Loricraft RCM , I thought it was a PRC3 but NO its a PRC4
  5. If these are available I would give them a go please
  6. Okki Nokki NOISEY Moth Noisey Loricraft PRC3 , Bliss, quiet and does a very good job
  7. I must be missing out ? not been banned yet , any advice
  8. Is it propper BIG , Please clarify
  9. I remember the days well , Now have cleaning bliss with a PRC 3 , and breath , " Ahrrr "