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  1. Les , How much work has been done on the train image , On my screen it almost looks like a watercolour
  2. OMG , WOW love it , will read all your links , boy you are a Lucky person to own those
  3. I could not attend as I now work weekends However i'm going to buy some chunky chips and fish fingers for next time I have my system running
  4. FFFffu-k in nell I thought I was bad at around 700 + Respect to the Man
  5. Doh ! 170 miles each way Doh ! Have a pleasant day everyone
  6. Do you have a local RSPB site ? I joined about 5 years ago now and when I need a chill out and a walk around the site thats where I go They have a cafe / visitor centre , If you like it that are allways looking for vaulanteers for differnt things Buy a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope and keep a record the the birds you see , different seasons different birds Only a suggestion Re the shed and woodturning any questions i;m your man
  7. Sadly I must agree , A TV show some years ago " A Audiance with Diana Ross " was dire , She tried to sing her best but sadly the vocals have gone , I felt sorry for her and could not understnd people saying " you still have the voice of a angel " ????? must be out of politeness Retire gracefully Diana
  8. I still have a LG full HD 1080P led TV , must be over 10 years old now and is as clear as I could ever want , I did go and look at the OLED tv's when they first come out but found the screen artificially crisp sort of chrome looking tinge to it , Went back 3 times to have a second and third look and then decided to stay with what I have , More than happy
  9. Audio Al

    JBL K2 9800

    Michael Have you tried listening to this on youtube The subsonic bass is amazing on my Tannoy Glenairs's and they only have 15 DC drivers My setup is a Arcam dac, Roksan Caspian M2 into the Tannoys , I should think this would sound even better with the 18": drivers Have a listen and see what you think The only time I have heard bass like this was in a Imax cinema
  10. Be Quick, " EU shipping only "