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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    One of the finest albums from the 80's. Never tire of it.
  2. Playing old vinyl 45's - Best deck combination

    With such expensive & valuable records have you considered getting them professionally cleaned 1st? Hand cleaning records is better than nothing but a vacuum record cleaner or perhaps an ultrasonic cleaner will do a far more efficient job. There are dealers who offer record cleaning services.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Very good is this..
  4. Yes, especially if one's collection is primarily downloads with no physical CD backup. USB hard drive fragility could cost a lot of money.
  5. Got cheesed off with PC audio after a USB hard drive failure with 200 or so CD rips that wasn't backed up. CD & LP now equally.
  6. What are you reading?

    Yes, it's a sobering but superbly written book. The crews faced almost certain death & they knew it. With an average loss rate of 5% & the necessity to complete a tour of 30 missions they hardly had a chance.
  7. Once is not enough...

    The title track from Roger Waters' Amused to Death. Some hate it, some love it - I love it.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    A corker of an album Pete. 'Have a drink on me' in such good taste after the recent death from the bottle of Bon Scott. He wouldn't mind though. Their previous album's a corker too.
  9. A mirror of the hierarchical British class system - visit a typical manufacturing organisation.
  10. Miserable at work - now there's a thing. I'm self motivated & just get on with me job, which is just as well as some further up the food chain in my company show absolutely no interest whatsoever in what I (or colleagues) do. Some can't even be arsed to say Good Morning. Fat salaries & company cars do not make happiness it seems.
  11. Newcastle United

    . Some top class footie from Ritchie. Joselu frustration.