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  1. Never mind the bollocks here''s the lovely late Rick and the Quo..
  2. Don't be so damn humble about it - they lied through their teeth. Society has 'divides' all over the place - the wealth one which stinks the most & a few cultural ones which are hard to put down but they make you effing laff...
  3. Now & again you listen to an album by a band or artist you'd ignored or disliked.. Bruce is shouting his masculine sensitivity here... Ain't no mercy on the streets of this town Ain't no bread from heavenly skies Ain't nobody drawin' wine from this blood It's just you and me tonight
  4. Rush's Exit Stage Left & Hugh Masekela's Hope.
  5. Nice choices. Supernaut , Thrill Of It All, Symptom of the Universe , Sabbath Bloody Sabbath .. the list could go on .. Rush's Earthshine, Spirit of Radio, Jacobs Ladder ... AC/DC's Shot Down in Flames, Motorhead's No Class.
  6. I'm a bonetop, a death's head on a mopstick
  7. Oh Flash that is splendid - Gyro cravings and all.
  8. Genesis never really lost their creativity entirely & came up with some lovely songs in their post 70's er ..slump - there's Heathaze on Duke & some splendid & lovely moments on 'We Can't Dance'...
  9. It almost saddens me to listen that album Dave mate - when you think of the wonderful music they made before.
  10. Some fools are idiots. Love this album.
  11. Les, It's like the calm before the bastard storm - the whittled UK manufacturing strugglers wondering what the f***s going to happen. Parochial Westminster sad****s .
  12. The usual British reliance on 'it'll all work out in the end.' We smile but we have no bastard clue.