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  1. Von Krolock

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    Indeed. Ringmat developments modestly called it the 'Biggest advance in CD reproduction since compact discs were introduced etc & blah. Almost as useless as the CD spray-on sound improving panacea distastefully called the 'Vinyl Solution' from about the same time.
  2. Von Krolock

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    Have a giggle at this load of mince.
  3. Von Krolock

    What are you listening to right now?

    A Wam recommended recording a while ago. Very good too. Contains some very deep bass...
  4. Von Krolock

    The Hi-Fi Pub (Cafe, Restaurant...)

    Great idea , except that sadly the General Public are completely disinterested in hi-fi. The majority of people are not & will never be interested in well reproduced music. Back a few decades when it was third in priority after a house & a car a hifi had bragging value but now it means nothing. Owning good hifi has no cachet.
  5. Von Krolock

    Three Words Daily

    bigger the cushion
  6. Von Krolock

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    The V versus D debate surfaces regularly - like a recurring boil - & should be lanced.
  7. Von Krolock

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    Off-centre record spindle holes is an unfortunate & clumsy manufacturing issue which doesn't do classical music - & piano music in particular any favours. Nor any other type of music. Given a properly manufactured record, a decent record player can play classical music superbly - sublimely, with wholly convincing timbral resolution, instrument seperation & dynamics. Classical music is generally very well recorded - superbly so in many cases. CD does it well too but the superiority of one over the other is not clear cut.
  8. Von Krolock

    Aside from your own system...

    Systemdek ref turntable with Audio Origami arm, big Mac amp & ART speakers was very impressive. One dealer demo from many years ago that sticks in the memory was a Gyro /Krell/ Sonus faber combo - wonderful imaging.
  9. Von Krolock

    HMV - yes? No? Maybe?

    Let's hope the new owner makes a go of it & HMV succeeds under his ownership - he says he's a vinyl lover which can only help. With the dominance of streaming he has his work cut out though. At least Ashley didn't get it...
  10. Von Krolock

    Songs with LOW bass

    One or two.. Black Sabbath - Sleeping Village, End of the Beginning Massive Attack - Angel, Future Proof Sting - A Thousand Years Roger Waters - Three Wishes Luther Vandross - Come Back Rush YYZ
  11. Von Krolock

    What are you listening to right now?

    True words. A band ignored by most critics - but their opinions aren't worth a great deal anyway. Signals still sounds superb.
  12. Von Krolock

    Cricket thread

    England's batters are still unreliable & seem to have a crisis of confidence. Their form & performance swings more than Jimmy Anderson's best bowling. Need to sort it out before Ashes.
  13. Von Krolock

    What are you listening to right now?

    Top class playing..
  14. Von Krolock

    Favourite childhood toy(s)

    Electric powered 'Round The Pole' model flying in the back garden. This sort of thing: