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  1. The innovative and forward thinking British couldnae compete with Boeing or the US.
  2. The British tradition of beautiful aeroplanes is illustrated by the Comet. Airfix kit in the loft. A death trap due to then unknown metal fatigue. (The Boeing Max 737 is a very ugly sister).
  3. And spoken in cut glass RP of course..
  4. That's a Dick Van Dyke accent.
  5. Von Krolock

    Cricket thread

    Stokes let the knobs in the crowd wind him up & he lost it. They're getting hammered again.
  6. Handsome combo. Interesting you define the Classic III with attack & detail - these characteristics are there in spades with the Series 6 too. It just allows the cart to get on with job - the Cadenza Blue in my case sounds superb.
  7. Always nice to beat chelsea..
  8. Jeezuz christ.. It was the BBC trying to be a favourite uncle again & they had a very good shot at it. The shite on Duran afterwards was good an all. Copeland is American & isn't yet cursed with british negativity. Sumner's little cameo was marvellous eh?
  9. Copeland, as expected, was very entertaining - the basic message being that music is a fillip to shagging.