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  1. Von Krolock

    Cricket thread

    England 4 - Aus 0. Top class knockers Marsh & the other bloke Finch, but England far too good for Aus.
  2. Von Krolock

    Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    Top class kit Poly & welcome to the forum.
  3. Von Krolock

    What are you listening to right now?

    From Human Touch Inspired: But when I see you walkin' with him Down along the strand I wish I were blind When I see you with your man
  4. Von Krolock

    What are you listening to right now?

    More Osbourne - this time with the rather good Mr. Zakk Wylde on it...
  5. Von Krolock

    What are you listening to right now?

    Osbourne has always had the good fortune to work with ok guitarists - Randy Rhoads wrote most of this and he wasn't too bad eh?
  6. Von Krolock


    The gardener's respect for life doesn't include gastropods. Slugs and snails feast on marigolds and hostas with petunias as a dessert. The little blue pellet helps a little... Impatiens downy mildew absent so far.
  7. Von Krolock


    Some garden centres do a nice English brekkie Mick - beans included.
  8. Von Krolock

    what classical music are you listening to now ?

    Oh dear, prefer some Richard Clayderman Grumpy Git? Thought not.
  9. Von Krolock


    Racks & trolleys full of wilting & dying bedding plants in or outside supermarkets is a common & very annoying & disappointing sight. They're nearly all guilty of it but around here Asda are the worst. The plants are unloaded & just left - no staff member will take responsibility to look after them. Blame the management. Just for the sake of someone spending a few minutes watering a shop's whole stock is lost. The shops' disinterest & apathy makes it worse.
  10. Von Krolock


    Ever reliable Clematis Montana now fading, with the blue, bee attracting Ceanothus starting to flower. Great to hear the gentle hum of bees - they're also keen on front garden's Sorbus blossom which is now spent. Smells like almond in flower. Today's wind has battered a few plants but it always happens in mid June.. Morrisons & Asda annuals need to start perking up.
  11. Von Krolock


    Do you really want to be merged with us Darlo lot Baz? Poor old Quakers have had enough knees in the nads in recent years without being merged into thread with teams like Newcassle & others...
  12. Von Krolock

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    Most on this forum are oldish or oldish middle age with a substantial collection of LPs & records - is there any point in selling them for a pound or two each? Better to play & enjoy them -at least some of them. What else to do with them?