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  1. Von Krolock

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    The US bought Von Braun and his chaps, smiled at them nicely & made them US citizens. Just think of that..
  2. Von Krolock

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Oz were humbled today - from the start as soon as that bloke Woakes started bowling. Great to see England in this form.
  3. Von Krolock

    2018/19 Football Season

    You & Baz & yer predictions - eff off
  4. Von Krolock

    Adding mass to CDs

    Recalling the hands-on vinyl playing experience to CD users with the introduction of faff - like an antistatic CD mat or clamp to put on.
  5. Von Krolock

    Favourite female singers

    Just a few here - Tracey Thorn Oleta Adams Randy Crawford Julia Fordham Karen Carpenter Rita Coolidge Bonnie Raitt Toni Braxton Anita Baker Sarah McLachlan Skin Clare Torry
  6. Von Krolock

    2018/19 Football Season

    Ashley is a businessman with skin as thick as his arse & his only concern is his S****s D****t empire & making money. Promoting his SD empire by having the name of his company on the telly via NUFC's continued presence in the PL is now up shit creek. He seems to love to be hated.
  7. Von Krolock

    What Movie are you about to watch?

    Another fecking swastika & surly nazi knobhead. Vulgar but no doubt a reasonable film.
  8. Von Krolock

    Assange extradition

    There's no thread on the Yemen crisis either mate or the Boko Harem in Africa - what the hell do you expect?
  9. Von Krolock

    D-Day celebrations by the BBC

    Time to listen to some Vaughan Williams... Good post Mr Wait. The government, from the mouthpiece of Hammond, recently proclaimed that austerity is over.Thank you Philip for the enlightenment.
  10. Von Krolock

    Cars with ridiculous names

    Wank mags were named after Escort & Fiesta & the connection is that their cars are a load of wank... Buying a Ford is a lottery like it always was - get a good one & you're smiling..
  11. Von Krolock

    Finally come out of the closet.

    Sharing cell space with Saville? - probably not but it's a thought..
  12. Von Krolock

    one word daily