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  • Turn Table
    P2 Inspire upgrade
  • Tone Arm & Cartridge
    Nagaoka MP150, RB250
  • SUT / Phono Stage
    GS Era V Gold
  • Digital Source 1
    Squeezebox Touch
  • Digital Source 2
    Arcam cd73
  • DAC
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    Arcam A80
  • My Speakers
    Mission 773e
  1. jamesrfisher

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Very nice indeed. Inspire Monarch? What arm are you using? Did Robert fix the arm for you too?
  2. jamesrfisher

    Upgrade from Rega RP3

    Have you thought about the Inspire HiFi quest upgrade? I went down this route and it really transformed my old Planar 2 into some me thing rather special. Also added a nagaoka mp150 which is a great cartridge.
  3. jamesrfisher

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Are those the original feet on the RP3? If not where did you get them?
  4. jamesrfisher

    Turntable upgrade options

    I had (have) an old Planar 2, a couple of years ago I was looking to upgrade. Considered a number of options and decided on the Inspire Hi Fi rebuild. Can thoroughly recommend it, came back sounding amazing. Have since added a Nagaoka MP150, with the money you have could add the MP200. Very very happy. Worth checking out their website. Subsequently added a Graham Slee Era V Gold phono stage.