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  1. Bought from Richer Sounds so would have a 5 year warranty? Transferable? I’m just about to purchase new but would consider this if there’s a warranty on it....
  2. Hi Andy, Did these sell? If not you have a buyer...
  3. Hi Daisy, Did you ever sell these? I managed to damage one of the drivers on mine trying to get a dent out, absolutely fuming as it was so unnecessary! Can’t say exactly when I can collect but I’m happy to pay you to secure them, I think we are going to a gig in Birmingham in a couple of weeks so could make my way up from there. Best, Trevor
  4. I did use some Cable Talk Concert 4 once upon a time, dark red and about 15mm diameter, which led someone to ask whether my speakers were water cooled
  5. And an incredible amount of knowledge ! I will take the amp out and hopefully get something up today, thanks again. (Edit) Cover is held on with 6 M3 button head screws which have been done up by someone who knows as much about torque as I do phono inputs. Consequently one has already been rounded out before I've even started, this is going to need drilling out....ok pictures :[ATTACH]9660[/ATTACH][ATTACH]9661[/ATTACH][ATTACH]9662[/ATTACH] So the input is definitely wired but whether it's a phono input and if so which type I really don't know.
  6. Ok should have read this first before replying to Rick, to summarise as I think I understand you guys; the SUT allows you to use a MC through a MM input, the HOMC should also go through the MM input, if I'm using the Quad I just need to adjust the sensitivity of the MM input so that it doesn't sound wrong, I don't need to worry about frying anything. There are some fantastically helpful people on this forum, thank you.
  7. Yes Rick sorry my mistake, told you I'm inexperienced in these things! So does a SUT allow you to use a TT through any input you want then? In that case what's a phono amp, ffs I'm really crap at this. I only assumed the Prophet had a phono stage as the inputs and label are there, another lesson learned. I will try contacting Tube Tech. (again) and see what they say.
  8. Hi all, I'm soon going to acquire a modded Thorens TD160 with Denon DL110 cartridge. Having had a quick look on the web it seems that there isn't a problem putting the Denon through a MM stage. My big problem is too many choices and sweet nothing in the way of experience and knowledge! I have 3 pre's I could try, Exposure XIV which has MM & MC so which would I use? Quad 77, which I'm currently using, this has both and each has 3 sensitivity settings! A Tube Technology Prophet for which I have no manual / info and they don't seem to want to give me it either. It does have a phono input though the previous owner didn't use it as he had a separate stage anyway so no joy there. As the Quad sensitivity can go from 100 micro volts to 7.75mv, that suggests to me that there is huge scope for getting this wrong which ever amp I try and I'm worried about frying something expensive.
  9. No neither am I, that's what I would like to find out. I have several pre amps with phono stages luckily, an Exposure XIV which has both MM and MC inputs (which would I use on an HOMC btw?), a Quad 77 which, having just looked at the manual, is switchable and each has 3 sensitivity settings....(crap I'm glad you mentioned this, maybe I should start a new thread!!) and a Tube Technology Prophet that I have no idea about and despite emails they don't seem to want to tell me! I'm going to start a new thread instead of hijacking someone elses..
  10. I too am just about to purchase what I hope is my first "serious" TT, a Thorens TD160 with original arm and Denon DL110 cartridge. I love the vintage look and "feel", that in itself should make it sound at least 50% better than it really does . I guess because they've been around for so long there is a lot of in depth knowledge out there too, perhaps not OE parts though. There are some stunning TD160 creations out there; http://www.theanalogdept.com/ron_hesse.htm or this one; http://www.theanalogdept.com/marcelo_olza.htm. I'm looking forward to pick up day with increasing excitement and just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this combo and whether it will give me a real insight into why vinyl has a magic ingredient that CD can't touch.
  11. Right, Angel's going on right now.....Ok wicked...to a point. The fade out to that song is mad but the fact that I can hear stuff in my room rattling really does detract I think. Mezzanine is probably the most ominous album I've ever heard anyway. I remember when it 1st came out me and my mate listened to it start to finish together in total silence. When it got to the end we just looked at each other and said f****n hell that's quite frightening! Quite a shock after the comparative light-heartedness of Blue Lines and Protection. (and that was on his Technics midi system with bookshelf speakers!)
  12. Your location might help, sure there are some people on here with spare gear that you can try out / buy