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  1. Film capacitors job lot - 70% off SuperCap Robert Hovland Series (new versions) 4x 0.22uF 500v (new and unused) SuperCap Robert Hovland Series (new versions) 2x 1uF 200v (new and unused) Milflex KPCU-01 copper foil polypropylene in oil 2x 0.47uF 600v (new and unused) Jantzen Superior Z-Cap 2x 1.8uF 800v (new and unused) Jantzen Superior Z-Cap 6x 0.56uF (new and unused) ClarityCap CSA 6x 0.22uF 630v (2x new and 4x lightly used, maybe 20hours) ClarityCap ESA 4x 0.1uF 630v (2x new and 2x lightly used, maybe - few hours) ClarityCap ESA 1x 0.22uF 630v used, maybe 20 hours or so ClarityCap ESA 2x 0.47uF 250v (new and unused) Retail for these is £371 excl postage Selling as a job lot for £116 incl post
  2. Yes - line level only. With the mods it’s a little more transparent with a smoother presentation (sounds more linear).
  3. Douk 12AX7 / 6Z5P valve preamp on steroids for sale 230V 115v / 230v version (not the 110v / 220v). Well known as a great sounding pre for little money. Often bought off eBay in kit form or complete. This one is very much hot rodded. So you get much more for you money than a new one :) Upgrades: 1) Preamp tubes are now new issue Tungsol 12AX7’s 2) 1st gain stage coupling capacitors upgraded to Modwright film/oil types 3) Output capacitors upgrades to ClarityCap CSA types 4) Volume pot upgraded to a TKD - nice! 5) IEC input now a Furutech gold plated type 6) Fuse upgraded to a HiFi Tuning Classic Gold 7) Some chassis dampening applied 8) Pearl tube coolers / dampeners included :) Sounds great for what it is. No original box, no manual. Will be well packaged for post. £125 incl UK delivery.
  4. Let’s male it appealing 🙂 If unsure or tempted, bring your speakers around to demo. £600
  5. MP EL84 Principino class A valve amplifier Link here- hand made in Italy, super rare (interesting website): One for sale is an older version by the look of the internals and valve locations. Mine has some decent upgrades as mentioned below. According to their website: Ultra-linear Push-Pull with EL84 class A Based on the LEAK 20 schematic 15W output 8 ohms 10Hz-30Khz frequency response Bartolucci transformers (supposed to be very good and specifically designed for this circuit) Amp has superb bass and slam. Lovely sweet sound, very revealing. Upgrades to this unit: 1) Coupling caps are Mundorf ZN and RelCap Teflon/tin - very expensive 2) Binding posts by Jensen 3) RCA’s by CMC but with a true 24ct gold plate (soft, not hard plated with nickel) 4) IEC is a ACME Audio silver plated type and cryo treated 5) Selector switch is now an Elma type with gold pins 6) Rectifier tube is supposedly a high spec 5U4G from the Soviet Military, which I imported from the US of all places. Bad bits: Some blemishes to the light oak chassis - still looks amazing though. Amp comes with no bottom cover (comes like this). Just means one could grab the amp from underneath and get a nice shock. I’ve avoided it but just so you are aware. While the amp sounds amazing, it is not the quietest amp I’ve come across (low noise speaker hum as with some tube gear). But once the bass starts kicking and highs do their sparkling trick, it is more than forgiven 🙂 Selector switch moves to 3 locations but there are only 2 inputs. Selector switch can be removed and the plug moved to accommodate this but I’ve been lazy and it never bothered me. Bespoke well made packaging for it (but just a box). Tubes have low hours, maybe 120 hours on them. Collection with demo preferred but I will post. Priced to sell. I’ve got a valve pre and power combo as well as a new amp on the way so this amp will get little use now - needs must. A lovely and very rare piece. £750 incl post. £730 collected. These retail for 1995 Euro.
  6. All sorted now - thank you to those who took the time
  7. I've come accross similr marine and militry grade wiring - silver plated, PTFE cover and shielded for very fair money. If the term HiFi or Audiophile were added to the packaging I do wonder if the price point would differ No doubt in industrial application price is a bigger issue than marketing and who can best articulate an argument. Thanks for the link.
  8. Wanted: Speaker Cable single ended 6m pair Trying to save on buying new as cable margins are extortionate (cost of copper is the cost of copper?). So, hoping someone on the forums has a spare set that they will move on. I’m after a 6m set of speaker cables – single ended (speakers are not bi-wire). Terminations is not too much of a concern as I may change these anyway to silver types. In terms of comparison, I’m currently looking at some VdH higher up the ladder types and Neotech Nemos so you know where I’m at. Possibly even WireWorld or non-networked MIT. There is much hype around cables as we all know so some brands I do not favour where upon listening to them I could not hear what I was told to hear by their marketing info – often the opposite 😊 So I mean no offense if I don’t respond to some offers. Budget £160 or so….
  9. The MCPS come with the amp. It’s in the photos - seen as a separate power supply. There is a small connector on the back of the amp to link it up (not the molex connector). Lots on the tech here: I have no idea why they put the molex into the amp. I can only presume that due to the size of the Bang and it’s associated product line being the same size, this connector may be there for alternate pc based systems and installs.
  10. Burson Audio Bang V6 Vivid power amplifier Has the Burson Vivid opamp upgrade. Amazing amp! You can now only buy these with the V6 opamp or a lower cost NE5532 opamp. Retail is $599. No class D here - read the link and see the reviews. Pure class AB. Sonically amazing, especially when you consider their size! I have the original packaging so can post. In excellent condition. While the power supply is universal, the power/mains cable it comes with is not. Needs a UK fig.8 cable - no doubt you got something special :) 4 ohm rated at 40w per channel class AB 8 ohm rated at 29w per channel class AB 16 ohm rated at 15.2w per channel class AB £260 UK posted.