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  1. Topping TP60 T-Amplifier with fuse upgrade and spiked Well known and regarded. Fuse has been upgraded to a Hi-Fi Tuning Gold. Also sits on ebony wood feet with copper spike tips. They rest on ebony wood bases which are also included. Feet can be removed if wanted / needed. Couple of scratches on top. £100 incl U.K. post.
  2. Used pair Electro-Harmonix 300B Gold Vacuum Tubes Gold plated grids. About 250 hours use, came out of a demo amp I recently purchased and swapped out the tubes. Original box and in good condition. £95 incl U.K. post.
  3. Open door

    jolida glass fx tube dac3

    Whoa that was a bargain! Nice one
  4. Apollon AS1200 ICEPOWER Based CLASS D Amplifier ICEPOWER’s new top of the line module. Lots about it on the web and well regarded. I was taken aback by how good it was. Going back to an integrated though for a lesser box count. Weblink: The one for sale is the same as that in the link however mine is full sized! So you can put another component on top of it. The one for sale has XLR inputs only. Reason I went for the Apollon version vs others is that the ICEPOWER board has a fuse on it, so Apollon do not add an extra one in the IEC like the other companies. I thought this to be a bonus. Also no IEC filter! Nice :) I have tweaked it a tiny bit being: • Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme fuse • Some dampening to the chassis as seen in the photos as well as to the output filter caps. On superb condition bar the tiniest mark on top. No more than 300 hours use so likely still to burn in a little. Save on a new one! Got the original box but that is not much to write home about. The cost new 1133.00 Euro from Apollon direct - website said 890 but at checkout they add TAX and shipping. So UK price is about £965.00 landed and £1000 with the fuse Selling this one including U.K. postage for £735.00 as only a few months old. Spec: ETI Research BP-20C binding posts Neotech UP-OCC 13AWG Solid Copper Speaker output wire Neutrik gold plated XLR connectors Furutech Gold Plated FI-06 pure copper mains input socket without EMI filter Black Finish Stereo Case with anti vibration black aluminium feet • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +0/-0.5dB • Low Distortion: 0.003%THD+N@1kHz,10W/4Ohm • High Input Impedance 38K • 26 dB Gain • Power rating (per channel) 700W @ 4ohm 620W @ 8ohm • Case Dimensions (W/H/D) 450 x ? x 185 mm ( 104mm height with feet) • Weight 6 kg Collection welcome.
  5. Anyone welcome to pop over just for a listen out of interest.
  6. Clarifying a question on another forum: SSX is on permanently. EQ bypass cuts the tone controls - sorry for the confusion. Switch by the SSX is to cut the visuals as explained in the manual. When the SSX is at the 12pm position, it is in a ‘null’ state. I have one running in my system so anyone is welcome to come and have a listen and see how the SSX works (and sounds 🙂).
  7. Black Ice Audio ( Jolida ) F360 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Valve With SSX - Rare in the UK! Listed at £750 under list price. U.K. 230v version. Condition is brand new, still sealed in the original box. A very special tube preamplifier designed by Jim Fosgate with tone and dimension controls - has the SSX Sound Expander built in. Plus rear rca outputs. Remote volume control. When the EQ is switched to bypass, this preamp creates a perfect square wave (and uses no negative feedback). Jim Fosgate uses an upgrade to the classic Cascode circuit design and adds a mosfet which gives the musical performance of tubes but with the speed and detail of current solid state designs. So the design is a HYBRID - valve and solid state mix to fix issues of buffering the signal, controlling high and low frequencies, focusing or expanding a 3D image and rear outputs for the option of creating an analog surround system (or a false ambience to expand what can be perceived as the actual location of the recording) The 360 offers both XLR and RCA inputs and outputs as well as outputs for a mono or stereo subwoofer. It also has a full tape loop for external components or a legacy tape deck. And for those who want to go even further there is a set of outputs for rear stereo speakers (volume setting can be set and then controlled via the main volume pot). Gain is 10dB Max output voltage: 13V RMS front channels, 8.5V RMS back and sub channels. £1250
  8. Open door

    mit diy modules for speaker cable

    I’ve used em and still do at times.
  9. Open door

    FS: Audio Technica AT-OC9III MC Cartridge

    Pm sent
  10. Couple extra details: • Writing on the power supply capacitors are actually Akiko Tuning Chips. These can be pealed off if the new owner wanted to hear what they do. If they prefer the sound with them in place - just reapply them. • Fuses - one in the IEC is a HiFi Tuning Supreme and the one in the pcb is a HiFi Tuning Silver Star. • Just recently tried the amp with some 87dB Tannoy speakers and it sounded ace!
  11. Mastersound Dueundici EL34 Single Ended Class A Valve Amplifier Selling as going pre / power. This is the non RC version. The Alps pot does have the motor connected to it but it does not have the board (not sure if this can be retrofitted). New retail of the RC version is £2300. I am the 2nd owner of this amp and it is in excellent condition. When I received it I removed the amp cage but the new owner can add this back on if wanted. So the picture of the amp with the cage I a stock photo (not one I took). I also wanted the cage off the amp so I could add Pearl Tube Coolers / Dampers as seen in the photos - these will be included (x4 of them) :) So this amp has had a few small tweaks. 1) Output tubes a new issue Electro Harmonics from Cryoset in the USA. They have been cryo treated. They have about 80 hours on them. 2) The preamp tubes have been upgraded to NOS ECC82's made in Yugoslavia on Telefunken tooling. They too have low hours, about 90. So the tube compliment cost a few £££'s. 3) The original Arcotronics coupling caps were removed and upgraded to ClarityCap CSA types as seen in the photos. This improved transparency, dynamics and opened up the top end of frequency spectrum. 4) Hifi Tuning fuses in IEC and on the audio board. 5) Some Sound Coat inside the chassis to absorb any resonance - can be seen in the photos. Review here but with the cap, fuses and tube upgrades, expect a more lively amp: Spec: Single Ended in Class “A” Power: 2 x 11 Watt Tube complement: 2 x EL34 Driver: 2 x ECC802 Input: 3 Line Load impedance: 4 – 8 Ohms Negative feedback: 0 DB Dimensions: 40,5 x 29,5 x 20 Cm. Weight: 15 Kg. I have the original box so can post but would prefer pick up after a demo. Please pop in for a listen if unsure as it is connected to some Zu Audio bookshelves (which I may part with as well - in one of the photos too). £900
  12. Open door

    FS: Modwright LS 36.5 preamp.

    Nice sweet deal Nick This time about space 🙈, lacking!