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  1. Well at the least I think you should consider a reset of the router..there should be help somewhere on the web from BT on how to do it.
  2. Well I did my Desktop last year after it got a bit know ! And I thought the OP was using the Desktop App in preference to the browser route (I'm mostly Firefox with just a touch of Chrome )
  3. No..but you will spend that amount on cheapo adaptors that fail and a cheapo powered hub.|sL4w7cF5j-dc_mtid_187079nc38483_pcrid_104154899041_pgrid_23949283681_&cid=aos-uk-kwgo-pla-btb--slid---product-MK0W2ZM/A-UK Buy twice If you feel tha laptop is borked, you could consider doing a Windows 10 reset. I recommend a little reading before you do this, but if the primary and only function of the laptop is for music playback, then copy any files you need off and go ahead (or find a local computer shop and pop in and have a chat). pm your address to me and I'll pop my connector in the post so you can have a borrow ronnie
  4. That's how I use my Ipad with a Khadas toneboard.
  5. Do you have the camera adaptor with the power input ? Have you reset the router to 'Factory Settings' ? You may need your ISP login details for this. ronnie
  6. here is a comment from a fishie look for try before you buy deals if you go further ronnie
  7. There's the rub If you can borrow one, then give it a try
  8. Ah... Richard I was just thinking about a usb outlet to a dac, but a quick browse ont'internet gave no clear indication if it is possble....shame ronnie
  9. Ok, do you intend to use a dac-hat or usb for the audio out put ? Also It will be best if you go to and register an account (you need this for the Tidal plugin). ronnie
  10. Tell me which pi you use (player also if poss) and I'll knock up an image for you. ronnie
  11. Jon, just be aware that using UPnP all control is from the mobile phone. MusicBee has to be open on the computer but you can not control selection or playback through the web gui, everything is via the phone. ronnie
  12. I hope it works out for you If you decided to go further with streaming, drop me a pm and I can set you up with a raspberry pi
  13. It all sounds the same to me you have to decide these things for yourself