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  1. Man in a van

    Calyx DAC not working through USB

    from here The dac mfg should have provided a link for download of the driver. You could always try Asio4All if you have no luck with Calyx
  2. Man in a van

    Flashback...... PC Mainboards with Tube Soundcards

    I seem to remember it (or a similar mfg) being mentioned in HI-Fi World
  3. Man in a van

    Traditional Amplifier to Apple Music

    Second hand Apple TV? (maybe a recent model?) google is your friend, for example
  4. Man in a van

    Quick chromecast audio > 44.1 question

    Well If it was me, I'd say yes But google would be my friend
  5. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4

    Andrew, this ia a shot of the screen (after resetting the resolution) just to show the dropdowns
  6. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4

    Andrew, I understand if you want to wait for piCorePlayer. Just to let you know; This morning I used the link I pm'd to you yesterday and downloaded the zipped file. When I tried to burn the image with Ethcer it reported a failure to unzip the folder. I have had this problem with Ethcer before (I normally use 7Zip to compress files, but yesterday I used Windows). Anyway I unzipped the folder and Etcher burned the image. I checked for updates and there were 6 packages available, so completed that procedure and rebooted. After the reboot I had to reset the VNC screen I check the IP Address of the pi by hovering the mouse arrow over the Wireless & Wired Network Settings icon (up and down arrows top right corner). Opened LMS. I don't know what went wrong ,but if you want togive it a try again, please do. If you are waiting for the piCorePlayer beta then I'll not bother with the exfat thing, let know. Keep well ronnie Sorry it's a long post
  7. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4

    Andrew I don't understand the printout from the LMs install, sorry. I also had a problem with VNC, It behaved differently in Stretch, but just needs a little fettle with Buster (it's running headless which makes the problem, I think). I will send you a pm after this post. It has a link for a Download. It should work, but I have not had time to test it. SSH is enabled and VNC also. LMS is installed. If it loads ok please do a sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y then reboot. I'll look at the exfat thing tomorrow, first I'll try nfts and fat32 as well as ext4. Keep well mate
  8. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4

    Andrew, I have been playing all afternoon. Installing LMS on Buster is not a problem. I have had it running for nearly a week now. I keep my music on a Qnap NAS in a folder called Squeezebox. Access is fine. I did a fresh install of LMS on the Buster Desktop and frmatted a usb drive to exfat and copied all my music over. I followed instruction from a web page and the disk seemed to mount OK. I set it up for automount. I restarted a few times played around a little and lost all the Music I had copied over. I then tried Buster-lite as a proper headless LMS. Again the LMS install went fine. This time I only copied one folder of Beth Orton over. Mount was OK, after I altered the line for fstab. Thinking I was home and dry I looked at unmounting the hard disk and remounting it. I could not find a clean unmount command. After a few attempts I found that I had lost half of the tracks on the Beth Orton Album. Something is not right. I'll try the usb drive formatted to HTFS tomorrow, see how that goes. Sorry about the mess up ronnie
  9. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4 so sudo apt -y install libio-socket-ssl-perl lame ntfs-3g exfat-fuse exfat-utils
  10. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4

    Hi Andrew. Sorry to hear you have been poorly. I have had a quick google and some stuff does need to be added. I have just formatted a usb drive to exFat and I'm loading some files on to it. As your feeling a bit peely wally and I have to try out the procedure myself, I'll knock up an LMS on my rpi4b this afternoon, check it out and send you a link for a download. You take it easy and get your rest ronnie
  11. Man in a van

    ATC Owners Club

    ATC have there own stuff, like this for instance http://CDA2 – CD Pre-Amplifier DAC and there are similar devices from other mfg's. This approach allows for unrestriced choice of streamer as funds allow. Plenty of streamers also offer pre-amp facilities. A more traditional pre-amp allows for even more choice of components, obvs. The permutations are many, only yourself can work out what you want. I would suggest starting with the most basic and cheapest device that fulfils the requirement to play music, work out what you want and then upgrade; be prepared to take a hit on a cheaper option. ronnie
  12. Man in a van

    ATC Owners Club

    How it actually works; this is from an e-mail sent to me from an enquiry I made
  13. Man in a van

    Release of the new Raspberry Pi 4

    Update on the rpi4B Squeezelite working well (using a khadas toneboard). Yesterday built a Spotify-Connect client (using librespot and instructions from the web). ronnie
  14. Man in a van

    PVR advice please.

    @karlinamillion does it do the same with a scart connection?