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  1. Limited Edition Chord Mojo/Poly Gift Pack! Hi All, A really quick blog to say that Chord Electronics have just released a severely limited edition gift pack for the excellent Poly and Mojo Combo. Only 100 have been made worldwide, we have managed to secure a few sets so please give us a call if you’d like to secure one, please find more info below. Available now, the Mojo/Poly Gift Pack offers a complete (and highly advanced) audio streamer/player solution for the discerning music lover and tech enthusiast at a fantastic price. The Gift Pack contains the following: Mojo DAC/headphone amp Poly streaming/SD card module Official Mojo/Poly protective case 64GB Micro SD card Charging cable Configuration tool Gift Pack box http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/chord/chord-mojopoly-gift-pack–limited-edition Cheers, Paul.
  2. Exciting Offers From Devialet on Both Expert & Phantom! Hi All, Devialet are certainly feeling festive as they have just launched some great offers on both their Expert Pro and Phantom ranges, these offers are only available from a few select Devialet retailers that I am happy to say HFL is one. http://hifilounge.co.uk/devialet Devialet Phantom Offers - Valid till 15th January Firstly I would like to point out that the entry level ‘White’ Phantom has had a bit of a makeover recently with power up from 750 to 1200 watts, it also now has the latest internals just like the Gold Phantom and the price has been reduced to £1290 so this really is an incredible active speaker at a really attractive price, we have the full Phantom range on demo if you’d like to come in for a listen anytime, anyway back to the offers. http://hifilounge.co.uk/devialet-phantom-range White Phantom 1 x White Phantom and 1 x Treepod Stand - £1390 Silver Phantom 2 x Silver Phantom + 2 x Treepod + 1 x Dialog - £3580 Gold Phantom 2 x Gold Phantom + 2 x Treepod + 1 x Dialog - £4580 Devialet Expert Pro Offers - Valid till 15th January When I was told about this offer I was really surprised how good it is to be honest as the Expert range is brilliant on it’s own but up until 15th January you now also get for free an Innuous Server / Player + Roon Subscription, basically with the 440 and 1000 Pro’s you get Lifetime Roon Membership and on the 130 and 220 you get 1 year free and on all models you get a free Innuos Zen Mini CD Ripper / Server / Player worth £799 and on the 1000 Pro you get a free Zenith MKII worth £2299, these really are very generous offers. I should also mention that we have just got back our demo Expert Pro models from Paris as they have now had the new Core Infinity boards installed which really does turn the range into a true all in one product that is very powerful as this board brings all the streaming features to Expert Pro. http://hifilounge.co.uk/devialet-expert-range Expert 130 Pro 1 x Expert 130 Pro + Free Innuos Zen Mini MKII + 1 Year Free Roon - £4990 Expert 220 Pro 1 x Expert 220 Pro + Free Innuos Zen Mini MKII + 1 Year Free Roon - £6990 Expert 440 Pro Dual Mono 1 x Expert 440 Pro + Free Innuos Zen Mini MKII + Lifetime Free Roon - £11,980 Expert 1000 Pro Dual Mono 1 x Expert 1000 Pro + Free Innuos Zenith Mini MKII + Lifetime Free Roon - £22,900 So there you go, Christmas really has come a little early this year, we have the full Devialet range now on demo so please feel free to come in for a listen anytime. Many thanks, Regards, Paul.
  3. New Showroom Pictures! Hi All, Just a quickie to post some pictures as we have had Jason Beeby in again to take some more pictures now that our Highend Room is now finished, he also took the Highend Headphone showroom picture + Naim Lounge shot which customer’s always comment on, he really is very good I have to say, if you need any high quality pictures taken please let me know and I can put you in touch with him. We have also had our Virtual Tour re-done as that was originally shot 5 years ago so is a little out of date to say the least, we will get that uploaded shortly but that also has come out really well. Anyway on with Jason’s pictures - The Man Himself In Action! The So Called 'Highend Room' Our Downstairs Demo Room Is More A Reception Room Now! A Fresh Picture Of The Naim Lounge With Wilson Yvette’s Installed. The Excellent Martin Logan ESL 11a’s. The Naim Uniti Wall My Favourite Wall With Keith Sunasky’s Art Cheers, Paul.
  4. Just finished converting the Naim Lounge into Cinema Lounge for tomorrow, works really well actually :-) Using a bit of Rammstein to warm it all up - Cheers, Paul.
  5. Hi All, Just a quickie to say that we are busy setting up today for tomorrow’s Arcam Home Cinema day, Andy Moore from Arcam will be in here shortly doing his Dirac magic on our AV860 processor, Wendy is running around getting the food organised in a cinema theme, so think Hot Dogs, Pop Corn Etc, I do love a Hot Dog so you’ll know where to find me :-) The idea is to run Cinema clips in our newly re-furbed Atmos Cinema demo room with the Arcam AV860 Processor, Arcam Amps and Sony VW550ES Projector then we are going to convert the Naim Lounge for Music video’s using the Arcam SR250 into a pair of Wilson Speakers which should be fun. So please feel free to bring any favourite films or music disc’s to try out. Right back to work. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Regards, Paul.
  6. ‘Cinema’ Demo Room Refurbishment Finished! Hi All, There is certainly no rest at HFL, as soon as we finished the new showrooms it is time to give our old showrooms a bit of a makeover, starting with our trusty old upstairs demo room that has done us proud for the last 5 years and many of you will know well. As we have 5 demo rooms now we thought it would be a good idea to give the upstairs room a bit more of a cinema feel as this is where we have our Atmos 5.4.1 setup with all our Arcam receivers, processor and Sony Projectors, basically we needed to darken the wall down a few shades to help with the contrast for projecting + we took the opportunity to add some soundtrack Vinyl to our Vinyl wall and also add a movie poster form one of my favourite films of all time. So what with our Arcam Cinema open day coming up this Saturday I would say we are all set to make the most of the best Hollywood has got to offer. Here are a few pics - Dismantling The Room Is Never Fun! Andy from AW Decorations Doing A Great Job Some Great Soundtracks Here! Room Re-Assembled and Looking Great! Time to test the Projector Planet Earth II Really is a Reference 4K Disk The Darker Walls Certainly Seem to Help With the Black Levels Cheers, Paul.
  7. Quite Possibly The Coolest Display Stand Ever! So Wendy is now back from her trip to Germany as a guest of Sennheiser and whilst out there she ordered our demo Orpheus and to be fair when she showed me this video of the stand that comes with it I got a little excited myself, I know the headphones are amazing but this has to be one of the coolest stands ever Cheers, Paul.
  8. Arcam ‘Cinema of Excellence’ Open Day - November 25th! Experience The Ultimate Home Cinema! Hi All, So with the winter evenings now firmly here what better way is there to look forward to those cosy nights at home than a Cinema open day, the BBQ’s are now safely packed away and it is time to catch up on the latest blockbusters and pull out some old favourites so why not join us for our Arcam ‘Cinema Of Excellence’ Open Day on November 25th to see what really can be achieved at home when it comes to experiencing that big picture. As far as we are concerned when it comes to Home Cinema then no one does it batter than Arcam for processing and amplification, especially since they introduced Dirac room correction a couple of years ago, this is a real game changer and personally at home I couldn’t live without it in my system. So in preparation for the open day we are having the upstairs demo room given a bit of a make over to give it a bit more of a cinema feel with darker walls to help with projection and a few movie related pictures dotted around so this will be a nice re-launch for the room. We are not going to be mucking about here and will be showcasing the ‘Ultimate Home Cinema’ so we will be running the Arcam AV860 Processor with 1 x P49 + 1 x P349 + 1 x P429 for amplification with a full PMC Speaker setup and REL S5 sub, this will be run in a full 5.4.1 Atmos configuration with Dirac so hang on to your seats as this is going to sound good http://hifilounge.co.uk/arcam 4K Projection With New Sony Laser Projector Having great sound without a great picture is a waste and I think it is fair to say that 4K or UHD is now firmly established as the ultimate for picture viewing and obviously you can’t beat the big picture experience and no one is doing this better than Sony at the moment and we are thrilled to have Sony’s new Laser Projector the ‘Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K HDR SXRD Home Cinema Projector’ running for this event, personally I really can’t wait to see this as apparently it is quite stunning, needless to say this will be hooked up to our demo OPPO UHD-205 4K player. http://hifilounge.co.uk/sony-4k-projector-VPL-VW760ES We will also have another Sony projection system setup in one of our new showrooms hooked up to an Arcam SR250 so there will be plenty to keep everyone busy. We will have representatives on hand from both Arcam and Sony to help run the day and answer any questions with also light refreshment will be available throughout the day, please also feel free to bring along any material you’d like to experience whether movie or music based. Please Register. If you love your home cinema this is defiantly not an event to miss, if you feel you’d like to come along it would be great to see you but could you please let me know on my below e-mail so we can have an idea on numbers that would be great, thanks - paul@hifilounge.co.uk Many thanks and hope to see you on the 25th November for some Home Cinema fun. Regards, Paul.
  9. Thanks Naimkiller, I wish I was making too much money but I keep spending it, way too many temptations :-)
  10. Video Walkthrough, New Showrooms Finally Finished! Hi All, Well it has taken much longer than originally envisaged but our new showrooms are now finally finished and up and running so I thought I would do one more video walkthrough to show the finished rooms. We decided to take on the extra rooms around a year ago and I really thought it would only take a 3-4 months and we’d be up and running, obviously that wasn’t the case and there was much more work involved than I originally thought, I guess it was more a case of getting the room treatment right so we tested it with the Naim room first which was a big success then we had to design and order the treatment for the Highend Room which added another 2-3 months to the total time. In the end though we really couldn’t be happier with the finished results, I seem to spend more time doing tours nowadays than HiFi demo’s but everyone seems impressed so far, I have to say that we really are spoilt with our location here as the views from the new showrooms really are quite special. So for the last 2 weekend we have been putting the new rooms through their paces and on 2 occasions now we have been running 5 demo’s at once which has been interesting to say the least with still just me and Wendy juggling things, it’s good to be busy though :-) Please enjoy the video below, I must apologise for the poor camera work but hopefully it will give you an idea of how HFL V2 has ended up and if you are ever in the are please pop in for a look round. Thanks, Paul.
  11. Wendy's Sennheiser Factory Tour! Hi All, At the moment Wendy is on a jolly, sorry I mean working hard, in Germany as a guest of Sennheiser, today was a factory tour amongst other things + she got to listen to the new Orpheus HE1, a snip at £54,000, we have been mad enough to have ordered one for permanent demo so watch this space as it is very special indeed, hopefully we’ll have it at Highend Headphones in time for Christmas. Please find a few pictures from Wendy’s trip so far - Cheers, Paul.
  12. They went in our room no problem at all with minimal set up to be honest but we only tried them on our NAP 500 which made them sing unsuprisingly, unfortunately Focal have taken them back now as they were just on loan Seriously impressed though.
  13. Hi All, Don’t worry we haven’t lost it and to be fair when setting up HiFi Lounge a few years ago I never thought we would end up selling curtains, in fact I do wonder if any other HiFi Dealers do, but we are really pleased to offer Vescom Acoustic Curtains to our customers and now have them on demo, can you demo curtains? + we have samples of all the different colour and fabric options. So how did it come about that we got involved with Vescom? Well it is all to do with the 2 new showrooms which one of the long walls in each is all glass and obviously this offers a challenge when it comes to acoustics, to be fair though glass isn’t as much of a problem as I originally thought, anyway one of our customer’s recommended we get in touch with Vescom as they offer Acoustic Curtains and here we are. I can’t recommend them enough as they offer the full service of measuring and installing so it really takes all the hassle out of it and the results really are brilliant and they offer a huge selection of colour and fabric choices, you can read more below - https://www.vescom.com/en/curtain-read-more For us they work really well as we can have them open so to see the beautiful views then we can either pull one side along to help with the first reflection point of the speakers or we can draw them right over which damps the room a little more but also makes the room feel really cosy and intimate, also they are very light weight and translucent so still help keep the room feel open and spacious. So along with us now offering Vescom and Artnovion room treatment I feel we have 2 really great options that can help with any problem room as we all know that the room is the biggest part of your HiFi and can sometimes be the most troublesome part to fix. Please see below for more info on both Vescom and Artnovion and some pictures on our new curtains :-) https://www.vescom.com/en/curtain https://www.artnovion.com/ Next we are going to look into selling Sofa’s, only joking but we do get a lot of questions regarding where we got the sofa’s from for the new showrooms so whilst we are talking curtains please find a link to Fama Sofa’s, they are a Spanish company but do have outlets in the UK, they really are super comfy - https://www.fama.es/inicio-en.html Right back to HiFi Sales :-) Naim Lounge Helping with the first reflection point! Highend Lounge Samples Cheers, Paul.
  14. New Sennheiser HDV 820 Amp + HD 660 S Headphones Now On Demo! Hi All, Just a really quick one to say that we now have Sennheiser’s much anticipated new headphone amp, the HDV 820, now on permanent demo + we have just taken delivery of Sennheiser’s follow up to one of the most popular headphones of all time, the HD 660 S which now supersedes the HD 650, I really have lost count of the amount of people that come in here that own HD 650′s and at £429 for the HD 660 S I can really seeing these being equally as popular as the 650 over the years to come, especially as they do sound really good. http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/sennheiser/sennheiser-hdv-820-headphone-amplifier http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/sennheiser/sennheiser-hd-660-s-headphones Anyway if either of these are of any interest please feel free to come in for a listen. MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Backs Now Here! In more headphone related news I am pleased to say that we now also have the new MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Back Headphones on demo and again very much like the closed back version I can see these being very popular as they really do get close the the Ether Flows in performance but at almost half the price, not overly sure that it is such a good business move for MrSpeakers but it great news for headphone enthusiasts :-) http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/mr-speakers-headphones/mrspeakers-aeon-flow-open-back-headphones Cheers, Paul.
  15. A Big Thanks To Everyone Who Came And Made Our 5th Birthday So Memorable! Hi All, Both Wendy and myself just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone that came along on Saturday to our 5th Birthday Anniversary bash and really made it a day to remember, it was an amazing turnout and had a really party feel with everyone just getting stuck in playing their favourite tunes. What blows me away is that 5 years ago we were starting on our HiFi Lounge journey not knowing what the future held but during that time we have met so many great people, many of them good friends now, so it was really nice to see everyone together enjoying themselves. We both really want to send a huge thanks to Peter Thomas for running one of our rooms all day, most definitely the star of the day playing a brilliant mix of music that all sounded amazing, his presentation at 1pm though did throw up one problem, even with the new much larger showrooms we just couldn’t fit everyone in, but it was such a rare opportunity to hear songs we all know and love in different ways with cuts straight from the mixing desks to the released version, it was such a great insight how the version we have at home can sometimes be so different to the original take, in many cases much worse, for me hearing the Freddie Mercury recording with just his vocal track was amazing, so thanks again Peter :-) Thanks also to Chris and Dawn for bringing along the vinyl for sale, as popular as ever, I thought I was going to survive without buying any records but resistance is futile and in the end I had to get my wallet out. Finally a big thanks to PMC for our awesome lemon Cake that tasted amazing and looked really cool also, classic PMC humour :-) and thanks to Rita for quite possibly the best Carrot Cake in the world which really did get demolished in a matter of minutes and a big thanks to our support team of Ross, Ady, Damo, Kyri who helped run the rooms and make the day run smoothly also a big thanks to Lesley for helping Wendy. So thanks again everyone, we really do appreciate everyones support, here’s to the next 5 years :-) Please find a few snapshots from the day below - Cake Fest! Demolished! Meet Jtan, Our awesome secret Weapon Web Designer, watch this space. I think we need bigger Rooms! Peter Thomas, The Star of the show! A Big thanks to everyone who helped out! Cheers, Paul & Wendy.