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  1. A Big Thanks To Everyone Who Came And Made Our 5th Birthday So Memorable! Hi All, Both Wendy and myself just wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone that came along on Saturday to our 5th Birthday Anniversary bash and really made it a day to remember, it was an amazing turnout and had a really party feel with everyone just getting stuck in playing their favourite tunes. What blows me away is that 5 years ago we were starting on our HiFi Lounge journey not knowing what the future held but during that time we have met so many great people, many of them good friends now, so it was really nice to see everyone together enjoying themselves. We both really want to send a huge thanks to Peter Thomas for running one of our rooms all day, most definitely the star of the day playing a brilliant mix of music that all sounded amazing, his presentation at 1pm though did throw up one problem, even with the new much larger showrooms we just couldn’t fit everyone in, but it was such a rare opportunity to hear songs we all know and love in different ways with cuts straight from the mixing desks to the released version, it was such a great insight how the version we have at home can sometimes be so different to the original take, in many cases much worse, for me hearing the Freddie Mercury recording with just his vocal track was amazing, so thanks again Peter :-) Thanks also to Chris and Dawn for bringing along the vinyl for sale, as popular as ever, I thought I was going to survive without buying any records but resistance is futile and in the end I had to get my wallet out. Finally a big thanks to PMC for our awesome lemon Cake that tasted amazing and looked really cool also, classic PMC humour :-) and thanks to Rita for quite possibly the best Carrot Cake in the world which really did get demolished in a matter of minutes and a big thanks to our support team of Ross, Ady, Damo, Kyri who helped run the rooms and make the day run smoothly also a big thanks to Lesley for helping Wendy. So thanks again everyone, we really do appreciate everyones support, here’s to the next 5 years :-) Please find a few snapshots from the day below - Cake Fest! Demolished! Meet Jtan, Our awesome secret Weapon Web Designer, watch this space. I think we need bigger Rooms! Peter Thomas, The Star of the show! A Big thanks to everyone who helped out! Cheers, Paul & Wendy.
  2. Thanks, that is very strange.
  3. Time will tell but I feel we may have bitten off more than we can chew trying to run 5 demo rooms tomorrow, taken all day to set up but getting there, the fun part was getting the mighty PMC MB2 SE's down the stairs, luckily Wendy is a strong lass :-) A couple more hours and we should be done, Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, Does anyone know who is under this “Brilliant Disguise’ :-) Cheers, Paul.
  4. Tomorrow’s 5th Birthday Requests Bash Update! Hi Everyone, I just wanted to write a quick update regarding our 5th Birthday requests party tomorrow which basically is just a celebration of all the music we love with PMC Speakers at the heart of every room, we are going to try and go with the concept of running 3 different themed rooms but we’ll see how that goes, at the end of the day we just want it to be a fun day where everyone can request their favourite music so please feel free to bring in any CD’s or Albums as we will have a turntable, CD Player and streamer with Tidal setup in every room so in theory we should be able to access everything. So as mentioned before the 3 rooms will be the below - Upstairs Demo Room - Guilty Pleasures, thinking about his most of the early 80′s have become my guilty pleasures :-) also I thought yesterday we should use our new Sony Projector so we will also be running video requests from You Tube in that room also which will be fun. Naim Room - In here you can request your favourite all time songs, I’ve got my Springsteen playlist ready to go with a bit of Elvis thrown in for good measure. Highend Room - I think this room will be quite popular as this will be our Lost Legends room, over the last few years we have lost so many great artists so this will be a chance re-live and enjoy their great music. PMC’s Peter Thomas Goodie Bag! This promises to be the highlight of the day as PMC Co-Founder and designer Peter Thomas is going to be joining us for the day and around lunchtime he will be taking over the Highend Room to play us some real gems from his collection, being that PMC are so en-trenched in the studio world, he has access to some real gems, certainly not to be missed, the answer phone is definitely going on for this part of the day :-) Vinyl Frenzy! Another highlight is bound to be Chris with his vinyl for sale, he really does bring a great collection of new and old vinyl at great prices, I always try to resist but once you start flicking through all his records you get sucked in and before you know it you’re wallet has become a lot lighter but you’ve added some great vinyl to your collection so that is all that matters :-) Quite possibly the best cake in the world! So for any birthday party a great cake is a vital element and we are so lucky that Rita, who lives next to the Headphone Shop, is an amazing cake maker, now I have eaten a lot of Carrot Cake in my time and a couple of months ago Rita bought some round for us to try, it was amazing, by far the best I have ever eaten, so we asked her nicely if she would make us a Carrot Cake and a Chocolate Cake for our birthday so quite possible this could be the real star of the day :-) We will also have sandwiches and drinks + nibbles, not sure if Wendy has bought party hats though, I’ll have to check. So there we go, really looking forward to tomorrow which should just be a relaxed day and a lot of fun where we can all enjoy our favourite music, we will start at around 9am and go through till everyone has had enough. Hope you can make it to help us celebrate 5 years, look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Cheers, Paul.
  5. New Art Installed, The Highend Room Is Finished, at long last! Hi All, I just wanted to say a big thank you to our resident artist and friend Keith Sunasky who has just been in and installed 2 paintings that we commissioned him to do for our new Highend Room and we really couldn't be happier, they look just awesome, Perfect, thanks Keith We have got quite a lot of Keith's art up in the showrooms so if you like what he does then please feel free to come in and see if any of it takes your fancy. Cheers, Paul.
  6. Hi All, Well it has become big news when Focal announce a new headphone after the amazing success of the Elear and Utopia so it is great news that yesterday they announced their new ‘Clear’ headphone, I have listened to these and basically they are a more open sound compared to the Elear and really sit quite nicely between the Elear and Utopia and in presentation, priced at £1399 these are going to be very popular indeed. You can read more below, we will have these on permanent demo anytime soon so please get in touch to arrange a demo - http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/focal-headphones/focal-clear-headphones Cheers, Paul.
  7. New Focal Clear Headphone Announced! Hi All, Well it has become big news when Focal announce a new headphone after the amazing success of the Elear and Utopia so it is great news that yesterday they announced their new ‘Clear’ headphone, I have listened to these and basically they are a more open sound compared to the Elear and really sit quite nicely between the Elear and Utopia and in presentation, priced at £1399 these are going to be very popular indeed. You can read more below, we will have these on permanent demo anytime soon so please get in touch to arrange a demo - http://www.highendheadphones.co.uk/focal-headphones/focal-clear-headphones Cheers, Paul.
  8. Birthday Bash Newsflash, PMC’S Peter Thomas Joining The Party! Hi All, We are really pleased to announce the Peter Thomas, the co-founder and designer at PMC Speakers will be joining us for our 5th Anniversary on 14th October, what is really cool is that Peter is going to bring along some very rare recordings that us mere mortals will never have heard before, obviously being that PMC are so entrenched in the Pro Audio world they have access to some amazing gems so it is going to be a real honour to get a chance to hear some of these, the perfect Birthday present I have to say :-) Full details are to be confirmed but I think we will have a special presentation around 1pm in the Highend Room, please keep an eye on our website as I will announce once we have finalised the full details, certainly not to be missed though. For anyone who hasn’t seen the below video it is well worth a watch if like us you are big PMC Fans. https://pmc-speakers.com/about/pmc-history Cheers, Paul.
  9. Devialet ‘Gold My Phantom’ Promotion! Hi All, I just wanted to make everyone aware of a great promotion Devialet are holding at the moment until the 15th November, basically if you have a White or Silver Phantom then Devialet are making it very easy for you to upgrade to the excellent Gold Phantom which is more powerful, has a much more open tweeter and has a later internal architecture to give a real step up in performance, we have the full range of Phantom’s here if you would like to come in to compare. Please see below for the costs involved to upgrade to the Gold Phantom - How much? Phantom to Gold Phantom: £1,190 Silver Phantom to Gold Phantom: £990 As you can see it is a very good promotion, if you are interested please get in touch, all you need to do is bring your Phantom’s into me, pay the balance and you will walk away with your Gold Phantoms. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, don’t forget though that this promotion only runs till 15th November. http://hifilounge.co.uk/devialet-phantom-range Cheers, Paul.
  10. Goosebumps, Teardrops and Guilty Pleasures. Hi All, Well what can I say, where does the time go, can you really believe it was 5 years ago that we started our dream of running a HiFi shop and here we are now having taken on 3 more buildings since launching in 2012, not in my wildest dreams did I ever think we could have this much space to fill with loads of HiFi goodies :-) In reality first and foremost both Wendy and myself would like to thank our awesome customers as without everyone’s support and their love of quality music and hifi there is no way we would still be here as I am the first to realise that everything we sell is expensive and although we now have all this space actually no one needs any of equipment within it’s walls, everything we sell is a total luxury and not essential to anyones life, saying that music is so important to so many people that hopefully the love of quality music and equipment to play it back on will continue to be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come and we can continue to help people choose the right hifi for them. So here we are on the eve of our 5th Anniversary, now normally I am not short of ideas for open days but this one has proved a bit tricky, we have done many music events over the years, Zeppelin, Bowie, Springsteen, 70’s and 80’s to name a few, a lot of people want to do a 90’s event but for me that wasn’t one of my favourite decades, then we thought what about a ‘Guilty Pleasure’ day or ‘Hear your favourite track like never before on a highend system’ or ‘Artist’s that have passed away’, then we thought sod it let’s do all 3, so we are going to run 3 different themed rooms where you can request any song within that theme, at the end of the day we want it to be a relaxed fun day where basically anything goes, it may be a disaster but we’ll give it a go :-) In Collaboration with PMC Speakers. Who else would we rather share our Birthday with than PMC Speakers, as many of you will know it was thanks to PMC’s excellent speakers that led to us starting a hifi shop in the first place as we had a pair of MB2’s at home and I couldn’t wait to get home from work to listen to my HiFi so it only makes sense for every room to have PMC speakers at their heart, so we will be running something like the below with every room having a CD Player, Turntable and streamer ready for the requests and please feel free to bring any music along you’d like to hear - ‘Your Guilty Pleasures’ Room Using PMC’s brilliant new COR amplifier with the excellent Twenty5.26 speakers, this room could be a lot of fun, as long as you are willing to request it then we will play it, no questions asked, we won’t tell anyone, honest ‘All Time Favourite Songs’ Room Using the Naim 500 System in our dedicated Naim Lounge with PMC MB2 SE’s, this room speaks for itself, don’t worry I won’t play Bruce Springsteen songs all day. ‘Lost Legends’ Room Using the new Highend Room, which is almost finished, with PMC Fact.12 Speakers driven by Audio Research and using the dCS Rossini as the source. So for those artist’s no longer with us, sadly there are certainly plenty to choose from nowadays. Vinyl For Sale On The Day A lot of you will know Chris and Martin who have supported a lot of our events in the past by bringing along a great selection of vinyl for sale on the day so it is great that they will be joining us again, this always proves extremely popular and since we launched there has been a massive growth in the interest in vinyl again, I expect them to be very busy so if you love vinyl please come along to see what gems you can pick up. Cake, Cake and more Cake So basically give it some thought and feel free to bring along any CD’s or records or thanks to Tidal just request any songs from the above categories on the day and let’s have some fun, now I just need to figure out how we are going to man the rooms :-) Needless to say we will have Birthday cake and refreshments throughout the day so it would be really great if you’d like to join us to help celebrate what have been an amazing 5 years of living and breathing HiFi and music :-) I guess I should mention we will be celebrating from 9am till late so please feel free to come along anytime. Many thanks, Paul and Wendy. A bit if a trivia question, did anyone recognise where we stole the logo idea from for this event? yes Top Of The Pops, what a great programme that was :-)
  11. Devialet Phantom’s Setup For Tomorrow’s Lotus Silverstone Open Day! Hi All, Just got back from setting up the sounds for Lotus Silverstone’s open day tomorrow, took a couple of Devialet Gold Phantoms and considering the size of the showroom they definitely rocked :-) Should be a fun day tomorrow of all my favourite things, Music, HiFi, Lotus Cars and I found out there is even a free burger van, guess where I’ll be all day :-) We’ve got a few of our customer’s heading over so if anyone else fancies coming along please feel free, the weather is looking good so is a good opportunity for one more run in your car before Autumn sets in, hope to see you there. Gold is definitely the theme here. Cheers, Paul.
  12. Hi All, Well pretty much exactly 1 year after showing the world the new Uniti Range Naim have now launched the Uniti Star to complete the line up of the 4 new Uniti Products and I am pleased to say that we received our demo model today and now have the full range on permanent demo in our dedicated Naim listening room. So it could be argued that the Uniti Star really is the ‘Star’ of the Uniti Line up as it has all bases covered including CD playback and CD Ripping, although this part I have yet to play with, along with UPNP Streaming, Tidal, Spotify, iRadio, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Airplay + much more, it really is the all in one unit that can cater for all tastes as I know for a lot of people CD playback is still a very important part of their music playback so the Uniti Star is going to be very popular indeed. If you are interested in any of the new Naim Uniti Products please feel free to get in touch anytime to discuss or to arrange a demo, in the meantime please find some pictures, funnily enough when we designed our Naim room the back wall was always intended to be the Uniti Wall, hence the Uniti Artwork, so it is nice to finally see it completed, if anyone like the furniture we have it sitting on, this is from Quadraspire and is perfect for holding vinyl so please get in touch for more information, anyway on with the pictures. http://hifilounge.co.uk/naim-uniti Cheers, Paul.
  13. Hi All, By now most of you will know that my passion for Music and HiFi is also matched with my love of all things Lotus Cars, now Lotus Silverstone have been brilliant in their support for our Boys Toys Day’s Days so it is great to be able to return the favour for their open day on Saturday 30th September by taking along some HiFi bits to give their open day a sound track of quality music, to be fair though I will just probably put together a playlist of classic driving songs like ‘The Chain by Fleetwood Mac’ ‘The Race by Yello’, ‘Autobahn by Kraftwerk’ and ‘Driving In My Car by Madness’ then I can go and talk cars all day, who knows, I may even get my Esprit back from the garage in time to take along :-) I am thinking of taking along a couple of Devialet Gold Phantoms as like Lotus Cars these are all about top level engineering and performance and really are quite spectacular to see and hear in action, they will certainly get the showroom rocking so if you have any requests just ask :-) I have to say we seemed to have become the hifi shop for Lotus owners which is great news so if any of our customers have a Lotus or are interested in Lotus Cars please come over to Lotus Silverstone on September 30th between 10am-2pm for what looks like being a fun day. I know a lot of people SORN their cars at the end of September so this is a great opportunity for one more drive before Autumn sets in, hope to see you there, if you do think you’d like to come along please let Aimee know on the below address - RSVP to - aimee.mitchell@lotussilverstone.co.uk More Details below - Lotus Silverstone are having an open day at our showroom on Saturday 30th September. The event starts at 10am and will continue to 2pm The event starts at 10am and will continue to 2pm We have a host of exciting things planned for the day to include the following: Free Lotus health check workshop clinic with Andy French from the Lotus factory, please book in advance *full details below Test Drives with Scott Walker from the Lotus Factory and Bibs of The Lotus Forums in the amazing Evora Sport 410 & Exige Sport 350, call us to book a time slot. Our friends from the HiFi Lounge will have some of their superb product on show within the Lotus showroom to excite your ears The Lotus Driving Academy will also be available on the day to discuss the Lotus Licence Food and drink on us during the day *Lotus will be inspected by our technician with Andy French, wheels or under trays will not be removed and should take around 30 minutes Hope to see you there for what is obviously going to be the hottest and sunniest day September has ever seen :-) Cheers, Paul.
  14. Hi All, I just wanted to write a quick blog to say that yesterday we took delivery of our demo PMC COR amplifier, a lot of people probably don’t realise that PMC have been making amps for around 25 years for all their active speakers but it is a first for them to release a domestic amplifier for home use. Firstly I have to comment on the build quality, it really is quite stunning and as a piece of design it really looks the part, much better in the flesh than the pictures to be fair, also the addition of treble and bass controls will be a welcome addition for a lot of people, and quite rare nowadays, don’t worry though as there is also a bypass function to take this out the loop for the absolute purists out there. The treble and bass sliders are taken from the recording studio mixing desks and really have a quality feel to them but even better is the fact that you can adjust them from the comfort of your arm chair with the supplied remote, very cool. We have been lucky to be one of the first to get ours but I think availability is going to be quite limited to start with as they are all hand build at PMC HQ, and to be fair I don’t think PMC really know how popular this is going to be as it is a new venture for them, although on first impressions anyone looking for a highend integrated will definitely put the COR on their audition list, so basically the first 50 are going to be available in silver with the PMC 25 year anniversary logo printed on the top plate, once these are all sold then silver and black finishes will be the options. As for sound quality, PMC have designed this to be neutral but musical if that makes sense, the idea is to not impart any character onto the recording so in theory it just becomes a volume control but really is capable of driving most passive speakers, we love the PMC Fact.12′s here but they are not the easiest speaker to drive well but the COR really does take them in it’s stride and really makes them sing, please see below for an excellent review of the COR from Jason Kennedy at The EAR. http://hifilounge.co.uk/PMC-Speakers-Cor-amplifier If you think this could be the amp for you please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo, thanks. As ever please find a few pictures below. PMC Logo is the touch sensitive ON/OFF button. Cheers, Paul.
  15. Hi All, Just a quickie to say that we now have the new Focal Scala Utopia III Evo’s on demo and they really are brilliant, just launched they offer improved drivers and crossovers compared to the previous version along with the latest TMD suspension and NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) technology so please feel free to come in for a listen, at the moment we have them running on our Naim 500 System. I have to say that they are in the new Metallic Blue finish which look absolutely stunning, anyway here are a few pictures. https://www.focal.com/en/home-audio/high-fidelity-speakers/utopia-iii-evo/scala-utopia-evo http://hifilounge.co.uk/utopia-iii-focal Cheers, Paul.