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  1. HiFi Lounge Goes Motor Racing!

    HFL Race Team Wear, The Fashion Clothing of 2018 :-) Hi Everyone, So with only less than 2 weeks to go to my first race the excitement is really starting to build, in preparation we have had our Team HiFi Lounge Race Wear designed with the help from Simon at UPE Motorsport who are running my car this year and it does look really great if I do say so myself :-) We are going with fleeces and light weight jackets to start with, the fleeces are around £50 and the jackets £70, if anyone would like to grab any let me know and we can get more ordered. A Testing Time! One major problem with only less than 2 weeks to go till the first race is that I still haven’t actually driven the Radical SR1 that I will be racing yet due to the first test being cancelled because of snow, so we are planning to be running at Rockingham tomorrow but once again the snow has hit us, hopefully the worst is out the way though and we actually get some miles in, being a big Nascar fan it is going to be awesome to run on some of the Oval at Rockingham :-) Then on Friday we are up at Oulton Park, where the first race will be held, for more testing then it is straight into qualifying on the Saturday of the Easter weekend, no pressure then :-) but hopefully by the end of this coming week I will have a good feel for the car. Here is my Radical all loaded up at UPE ready for action, hopefully. Please keep an eye on our Motorsports page as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates from the track. Cheers, Paul.
  2. Hi Everyone, This is just a quick heads up to say that Devialet have decided to make the very special and severely limited Gold Phantom ‘Opera de Paris’ edition available in the UK for a short time and whilst stocks last and the good news is that it only costs £200 more than the standard Gold Phantom at £2390. Earlier this year, the Paris Opera and Devialet announced a ten-year partnership and licensing agreement. To celebrate the occasion, the pair have created a special limited edition Opéra de Paris Gold Phantom. Inspired by the gilded interiors of Palais Garnier (home to the Paris Opera), this special edition Phantom gets special side inserts thanks to hand-applied leafs of a palladium-yellow gold alloy called Moon Gold, so a very special Phantom indeed that performs as the top of the range Gold Phantom but looks truly stunning. If you are interested please let us know asap as these really are not going to hang around long. Cheers, Paul.
  3. Hi Everyone, So I guess it is fair to say that I am a bit late to the Instagram party but I am totally sucked in now, most definitely my favourite form of social media along with Facebook of course. So this really is a quick blog to say that if you want to keep up to date with all the latest HiFi Lounge news and what we are up to then please follow us on Instagram, you will find pics from our latest installs and new arrivals for demo as well as few weird an wonderful goings on and once my Radical Racing starts I will be posting live feeds from the races if I can figure out how to do that :-) Anyway please feel free to follow the link below, so far got 991 followers so be nice to get to 1000 - https://www.instagram.com/hifi_lounge/ Below are a few pictures I have recently posted on Instagram, mostly from installs I have done but a few other bits a bobs - Cheers, Paul.
  4. HiFi Lounge Goes Motor Racing!

    Anyone Got Any Snow Tyres? Hi All, Just a quick update today to say that I was supposed to be having my first outing in the car today at a test session organised by Radical Cars at Snetterton, I got up at 5am and headed off but as I got closer the temperature dropped to -7 and the whole of the track was covered in snow, we waited around for an hour or so but the conditions got worse and it was decided to cancel the session which was a real shame as I was keen to get stuck in. At this rate I won’t get any track time before the first race in a months time, just as well that I like a challenge :-) My car is in there somewhere! Good to see pictures of my racing hero, Mika Hakkinen on the walls of the Cafe at Snet though :-) Better luck for the next test at Rockingham in a few weeks time. Cheers, Paul.
  5. HiFi Lounge Goes Motor Racing!

    Cue Drum Roll …….. So just got back from a day at Brands Hatch and I am pleased to say that I passed my ARDS Test. Not sure that quite makes me a racing driver yet but it is definitely a step in the right direction and I can now look forward to a year racing in the Radical SR1 Cup around the UK. In the end I was surprised how relaxed I was, I was expecting to be riddled with nerves but they never materialised, I think listening to Bruce Springsteen live at New York on the way must have helped :-) In the written exam there were a couple of questions that were designed to catch you out but I got a 100% pass here then it was on to the driving exam, this was in a turbo Peugeot that was a lot softer sprung than I am used to but was still fast and I got commended on my speed, consistency and awareness, especially as I had never driven Brands before and passed with flying colours. I have to say that driving Paddock Hill Bend at speed is awesome, so much steeper than you realise, can’t wait to try that in the Radical, could be quite scary. So all in all an excellent day, the next steps are for me to head over to UPE Motorsports tomorrow for my first time to sit in the car so we can adjust the seat, peddles and belts etc and get me as comfortable in the car as possible before my first days testing at Snetterton on Tuesday, there could be a major fly in the ointment here though with the impending snow that is due to hit so we’ll have to see how that pans out. Anyway really pleased that the ARDS test is out the way, such a small stamp below should hopefully unlock a year of fun :-) Cheers, Paul.
  6. Hi All, It’s been a while since we have had any new product announcements from Naim, which to be fair to Naim is no suprise as I know they have been trying to get on top of demand for the new Uniti range which has been far more popular than anyone could have foreseen which has given Naim a few headaches with trying to meet demand but I think they seem to be on top of it now, we even have Atoms and Nova’s in stock So the good news is that Naim have now announced 3 new network players to replace the previous models, I think most people guessed what with the new digital section in the Uniti range + colour screens this was inevitable but it is still nice to see how Naim have approached these players, the ND5 XS2 is interesting with it’s lack of a screen and from what I am told the NDX 2 get’s very close to NDS levels of performance. But I guess the big news is the ND555 which is Naim’s first 500 Series streamer, I can see being very popular indeed, from what I understand it is going to be quite a fair bit more expensive than than the out going NDS but the performance is supposedly a major step up, personally can’t wait to hear this. I think Naim learnt a valuable lesson with the delays to the new Uniti range so they are not releasing too many details on launch dates etc for these new streamers until they are 100% sure that they are on track but please be assured we have already arranged with Naim an Open Day based around the new streamers with Naim on hand to demonstrate and discuss all the new features so please watch this space I think the ND555 will be first to hit the market, followed by the NDX 2 and ND5 XS 2 but if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch and I’ll help where I can. You can read more on Naim’s website - https://www.naimaudio.com/network-players As soon as we have any more info I will update this blog. All the best, Cheers, Paul.
  7. HiFi Lounge Goes Motor Racing!

    Yes I see what you mean about the rear wings looking the wrong way round, never noticed that before, I'll have to ask the question. A Big Day Tomorrow! Hi All, So tomorrow is a big day as I am off to Brands Hatch to take my ARDS Race License test, now that is something I never thought I’d be saying a couple of months ago :-) All a bit nerve racking really as it is a 3 hour test and it must be 30 years since I last did a test of any kind and I have never driven Brands in anger before so lots to learn, I have been told that the test is pretty straight forward though which almost makes it worse as if I fail I will then look like a right Muppet :-) Anyway plenty of PMA needed for tomorrow and I will post if I pass or fail. In other news I want to thank the guys at UPE Motorsports yesterday for collecting my Radical SR1 which was finished being built this week just in time for my first test in the car on Tuesday at Snetterton, exciting times, I wonder what adventures this car will see this year, hopefully not too many trips to the kitty litter of worse. Just need to get some HiFi Stickers on it now :-) Cheers, Paul.
  8. HiFi Lounge Goes Motor Racing!

    Thanks guys, should be a lot of fun although as the first race get's nearer the nerves are starting to creep in I just thought I would post a few pictures I took when on a Factory Tour of Radical Sportscars the other day, I have to say I was really surprised at the size of Radical as a company, good to see a local company doing so well This is just a small part of the factory! So this what my SR1 looks like under the skin Now onto the cars! Love the colour of this one! This is really is a road going version, the RXC GT, Nice! Cheers, Paul.
  9. We Must Be Crazy :-) Hi All, So this is probably the craziest thing I have ever decided to do but we has just bought a race car and HiFi Lounge are going Motor Racing :-) We are entering a 12 round championship with races around the UK and I would love as many of our customer’s as possible to become involved by coming along to the races, other than being a hifi dealer I have always joked that being a racing driver would be my dream job so this is an attempt to merge my 2 passions together, I have spent my whole life watching far too much motorsport so I am hoping some of it may have sunk in :-) So when we say race car, what have we actually bought? Well there is no point mucking about so we have jumped in at the deep end with the slightly scary Radical SR1, for those who don’t know Radical Cars they are a local company based up the road at Peterborough and make pretty much everything in house and offer a range of pretty epic cars and for many people Radical offer are their first steps into motorsport, especially with the SR1 as they make the whole daunting process of going racing reasonably straight forward, you can read more about the car below - https://www.radicalsportscars.com/our-cars/sr1 The Best Of British HiFi The idea is to run a ‘Best Of British HiFi’ Car, we have a few sponsors lined up but as soon as everything is confirmed we will make an announcement regarding who is crazy enough to back us. What started as an idea for a bit of fun has turned into a serious project now, basically I needed a race medical which luckily I passed this week, I have had to get all the racing kit, you know it is serious when you have to buy a Hans device :-) I have then got my racing licence test at Brands Hatch at the end of February, we have had to employ a race team to run the car, we have gone with the guys at UPE Motorsport so look forward to a fun year with these guys, please see a link to their Facebook page below and my my first test in the car is at Snetterton in a few days with another shortly after at Rockingham then Oulton Park, the Car is being built now then we can have the fun part of designing the livery. https://www.facebook.com/UPEMotorsport/ Keep Up To Date On How The Season Is Going! We have a Motorsport page now on HFL’s homepage where all this years goings on will be posted with live feeds from the track so please keep an eye on this if you are a fellow petrolhead and also we will posting regularly on our social media feeds so if you don’t already follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram please follow the links below HFL Motorsport Page - http://hifilounge.co.uk/index.php?route=information/motorsports Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HiFiLoungeUK/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/hifilounge Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/hifi_lounge/ We will also be holding a motorsport themed ‘Boys Toys’ open day shortly where we will be running a driving based competition where the winners will get full hospitality at one of the race meetings so please watch this space. Please Support Us At The Track! The races are on Saturday’s so it means HFL will be closing on 6 Saturday’s this year but as many of our customers are petrolheads I am hoping that a lot of you will come along to support our efforts and believe me I will need as much support as I can get as this is the fist time I have driven a car with real downforce which is a scary thought. So please see the race calendar below and please put any of the races in your calendar that you think you can make it along to, if you can’t get to the track then the races are also broadcast live on you tube although you probably won’t see much of me as I expect to be trailing round at the back until I’ve got some experience in the car :-) So this is really just a headsup to the madness ahead for 2018 but please keep your eye out on the website on the Motorsport page for all the latest news, just hope I can get to the end of the year unscathed and with my dignity intact :-) Definitely looking forward to a fun year though with lots to learn :-) Please see a few photo’s below from the recent AutoSport show where I signed on the dotted line, I must say it seemed like a good idea at the time but as the first race gets closer I am already starting to feel the nerves. Cheers, Paul.
  10. Sony VPL-VW760ES 4K HDR Laser Projector Now On Demo! Hi Everyone, This is just a quick one to say that we now have the amazing Sony VW760ES 4K HDR Laser Projector on permanent demo. Up until recently I have always run JVC Projectors in the shop and at home but their reluctance to offer affordable 4K Native Projectors made me switch to Sony who are really leading the way in this area and I have to say I have no regrets moving over to Sony. I will say though that with the rise of big 4K OLED TV’s and their ability to show how dramatic HDR content can be, which can be a bit of an achilles heel for projection, for the first time ever I have been leaning towards watching films on a 65″ OLED and although I was really missing that big screen experience it was the stunning quality of the picture that seemed worth the size decrease sacrifice. Well, that was until Sony bought in their new VW760ES Laser Projector a couple of weeks ago to show us, talk about stunning, it really is quite shocking how good the projected image is from this Projector, amazing contrast, great black levels but it is hard to put into words just how immersive this picture is, Wendy commented that you really feel like you can walk into the scene being shown, almost like 3D without 3D glasses. So I just couldn’t resist and ordered one for demo, at £14,999 this really isn’t cheap and before I have always been content at the £5000 price point for a PJ but once I had seen this I just couldn’t go back and to be fair for a Laser Projector this is actually very good value, especially when you consider that the JVC Laser equivalent is £20,000 more expensive at £34,999, no wonder Sony can’t keep up with the demand at the moment. So needless to say if you’d like to come in to see state of the art projection in our Atmos cinema room please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment. At the moment we have the 3 Sony Projectors on demo giving a good representation of the range with the VW260ES at £5199, the VW550ES at £9899 and this VW760ES at £14999, all 4K HDR but for me if you can stretch to the 760ES you really won’t be disappointed. http://hifilounge.co.uk/sony-4k-projector-VPL-VW760ES Many thanks, Cheers, Paul.
  11. Hi All, Just a quick blog to say that we now have the stunning SME 15 Turntable on permanent demonstration, seemed the perfect turntable to take pride of place in the Highend Room :-) We have fitted it with what many consider the best tone arm in the world, the SME V, which brings the overall price to around £10,000 without a cartridge but then you see the workmanship and feel the weight you just can’t help that think it is worth every penny. It took a few hours to assemble but it was actually very straight forward, the most time taken was setting the arm but I should state that SME’s instructions really are brilliant and if you follow each step before you know it you have a perfectly setup turntable. At the moment I am running one of my favourite cartridges on it, the Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua, this seems to work extremely well giving a fast and insightful sound with enough attack but still sounding very analogue, I also have a Koetsu Urushi Vermillion to try on it which I am sure will give a warmer and richer presentation, that is the great thing about an SME turntable, they are pretty neutral so they allow the strengths of the cartridge to really shine. I also want to mention that we used the new Musical Fidelity NuVista phono stage with the SME 15 and I have to say that they seem like the perfect partners, I love the way on this stage that you can alter the loadings on them fly to get the perfect match to your cartridge but it also sounds so good, really is hard to fault really. Anyway if you want to come and demo them SME 15 anytime please feel free, please find a few un-boxing and setting up pictures - http://hifilounge.co.uk/sme-model-15-turntable Cheers, Paul.
  12. Feel free to come along :-) going to build my new demo SME 15A today with Koetsu Urushi so will try this with that setup should sound gorgeous.
  13. Update 3 Hi everyone, So this is the last update on our McIntosh demo stock for a little while but you could say that we have saved the best till last, the MA9000 Integrated Amplifier, this really is a big Mc coming in at nearly 50KG’s and is definitely a 2 man lift. With 300 Watts Per Channel, 10 analogue inputs, MC and MM Phono Inputs, Full Digital section, discrete 8 band tone control and headphone amplifier this really is a power house of an amplifier. So I think we have a good spread of McIntosh on permanent demo now but if anything else in their range interests you please get in touch, I am still hankering after getting the MC275 soon, one of my all time favourite looking amps of all time so watch this space http://hifilounge.co.uk/mcintosh-ma9000-amplifier Cheers, Paul.
  14. Update 2 - More McIntosh Goodies Unboxed! Hi all, So today we are unboxing 2 more McIntosh products, the MCD350 SACD / CD Player and the RS100 Wireless Speaker which has got to be one of the coolest wireless speakers out there. Just one more un-boxing to go, the mighty MA9000 Integrated which is an absolute monster weighing 45kg’s so need to eat my Shredded Wheat before attempting that one McIntosh MCD350 SACD / CD Player http://hifilounge.co.uk/mcintosh-mcd350-cd-player McIntosh RS100 Wireless Speaker http://hifilounge.co.uk/mcintosh-rs100-wireless-speaker Cheers, Paul.
  15. Yes I have to agree, the NuVista kit really is very good :-)