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  1. a loong six weeks !

    I've been lusting after an SJS preamp for a while after noticing the following they have here and PFM. One day! I can barely last a day at work without thinking about the system, especially when there's new kit to play with...
  2. BBC speakers and Class D Amps ?

    Surely a prize here for the most remote Wammer! Assuming the Wam has a centre, that is...
  3. Pretty sure that's Audio Gold but why have they made him look like he's mixing?!
  4. I can't open my (double-glazed) windows and listen as there's a busy road outside. Running a big class A power amp and a very toasty valve pre and i'm sweating like the proverbial! Time for some Class D action?!
  5. Plumbing the depths

    Do try to have a listen with a First Watt amp if you can. I have a DIY M2 and it is dynamic across the frequency band, much more than its 25W rating would suggest. And I have been using it with 86dB speakers...
  6. Recommend me an espresso/coffee machine

    These days Workshop and Square Mile are charging £11-14 for a bag that size. I discovered JG 2 years ago and haven't once thought of going back to those two. I'd say try the Formula 6 and go from there: http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/formula-6-espresso-beans/ I tend to buy the filter roasts for home as I prefer acidity and fruit. But the house style is very much for clean, juicy fruit-driven roasts so even the espresso blends are on the lighter side of things. p.s. totally take GinTonic's point about Espresso being a different beast. I've just come to feel that the work involved in preserving the fruit flavour in espresso is too much bother for home, so I can live without the extra intensity most of the time...
  7. Recommend me an espresso/coffee machine

    Go for the Aeropress. Seriously. It's so easy to get maximum flavour from it and you can make your coffee in varying degrees of strength/intensity depending on your tastes and whether you want to add milk. I've been preparing espresso in restaurants for 15 years and it takes a LOT to get it right. Most espresso being served is really not very good. Buy a cheap burr grinder (not blade), an Aeropress, good quality beans (I use http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/ - it's the equal of stuff twice the price) and with a bit of practice and rigour you'll be making better coffee than 99% of coffee shops. If you're very fussy filtered water will make a cleaner cup.
  8. SOLD Forte Audio Model 2 Pre

    Excellent. Glad it's staying in the Wam.
  9. First Watt M2 and some P3ESR. FIXT.
  10. SOLD Forte Audio Model 2 Pre

    pretty tempted to have this back myself... did you try it out as a phono stage??
  11. Help needed-using pre as phonostage only

    ...good idea mate better than selling for peanuts while the market is slack - it's a great pre...
  12. Has anyone heard the Cabasse Dinghy 211?

    Great post ...i am tempted to have a go with these, unfortunatley the seller has gone dead quiet
  13. Paul will sort these taking great care to preserve the original character as far as possible - especially important given you may need to look for alternative drivers. He is well aware of KEF's attention to component matching and computer analysis techniques... btw, bet these sound ace - I love my 103.2s... holographic is the word...
  14. Get in touch with Paul at RFC. I have been corresponding about making changes to my KEF 103.2 and he is very, very knowledgeable...
  15. Has anyone heard the Cabasse Dinghy 211?

    Thanks for the tips there Uzzy My initial thought was that the driver comprised a woofer and a tweeter in the manner of Tannoy DC, I am a bit doubtful now whether a single full-range driver will do what I need, although of course only ears can tell...