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  1. Yes indeed. It could well be GLB's lucky day after all..
  2. Well good luck with that! When I started looking a number of the potential suppliers, including Uptone themselves, reported being completely out of stock. However, if you are prepared to splash out, Vortexbox in Tunbridge Wells had a small number in stock when I got mine a few weeks ago....... Go on, you know you want to..
  3. Yes, these are the sort of cables I am looking for. From the further research I have been doing it is evident from postings on the Uptone and PS Audio user forums that another chinese company (Ghent Audio) do a range of DC cables using wires from the likes of Canare, Gotham and Neotech which are highly regarded. I just thought I would see if anyone had any decent similar cables in their possession that they no longer required. If not, then I will probably place an order with Ghent based on the positive user comments I've read. Thanks for providing the links though.
  4. I would quite like to try an audiophile DC cable between my Uptone LPS 1.2 power supply and a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 converter. Ideally around 0.3m in length but must be fitted with 5.5/2.1mm connectors and wired centre positive. Bit of a long shot but has anyone got one of these lying around that they would like to sell?
  5. Dear Santa, Please find me a new home for Christmas....
  6. Midweek bump for these very nice headphones. Lovely treat for Christmas? £375 including UK postage.
  7. Lehmann Linear amp now sold separately which leaves the headphones feeling lonely and searching for a new loving home... Would accept £375 to include UK postage?
  8. With limited interest in theses headphones thus far I thought I would revise the listing to include the Lehmann Audio Linear headphone amp referred to earlier. The Lehmann headphone amp is also in excellent, little used condition and comes complete with user manual and box. Asking £675 for the pair plus postage.
  9. Thanks. I prefer to be as honest as possible and I also like to sleep at night with a clear conscience. Nice to hear some positive feedback regarding these cables. If I'm honest, I thought based on the reviews I initially read when I was thinking about purchasing a set coupled with many other positive comments I found at the time, I thought these would sell with little difficulty....just goes to show, what do I know?
  10. Thanks for your question. Having moved to a balanced system configuration some years ago I initially purchased a budget set of xlr interconnects and was generally happy. I saw an advert on one of the forums for a set of balanced artisans but they sold fairly quickly, however, there were some rather positive comments made related to that sale. I did my own internet research and found quite a few positive reviews on the basic and ultimate version e.g :- I was sufficiently intrigued to want to give them a try and bought this set. Contrary to my expectation of finding a bright and analytical sounding cable I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely balanced the sound was in my system. Indeed as per some of the comments in the various reviews, I found the sound to be really natural and even-handed with nice detail and good reproduction of vocals. It was only after some months of usage that I thought the bass reproduction was not as heavy as I was used to. This was only apparent when listening to heavier rock music. With simpler acoustic, classical or middle of the road music the artisan's were excellent. Unfortunately, I realised that my music collection consisted of slightly more upbeat rock music and so when I got the chance to try a £600 set of balanced interconnects and found them to have a bit more bottom end heft I decided to buy them instead. I hope this be of some help
  11. Unfortunately, I fear that the successive 'failures' of a number of respected managers to make an impact in turning round the fortunes of a once great club, despite the more recent availability of significant funds, is now turning the manager's position into something of a poisoned chalice...