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    one word daily

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    one word daily

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    one word daily

    Top man - I'm on meds whats your excuse
  4. enrae8

    one word daily

    Open the doors of perception _ William Blake - The Doors used that
  5. enrae8

    Experience of hospital

    I feel the need, and want to post but I'm going to wait till I have further tests (its the not knowing that gets you going) - I have to say I've had nothing less than great service from the NHS
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    one word daily

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    Guess the album cover

    Is that the bottom half of your avatar ?
  10. Happy New Year to You too I get a little frustrated with all technical probabilities/possibilities of why your system doesn't sound right - it's music, enjoy it, maybe there's a weakness in your system so what turn the volume up I have been bogged down with stuff like this in the past it can take over your life and stop you enjoying yourself Anyway I know nothing PS I have been told many times the Laptop has to go ... It measures well and will do for me until it expires
  11. I have heard music at various times - on the radio,emanating from a party, even in a shop! - I think - I like that I'll have to get it ! I don't know what this music sounded like when it was recorded or first played live - I just like it and would like to hear it at home in the comfort of my Pitt with a large glass of something nice
  12. enrae8

    Take care at the ATM

    Am I safe- I only use mine at Vinyl and Hi Fi outlets Back on track- I'm always very cautious when using anywhere other than the places I normally use, the way things are these days it's just a matter of time before you get hammered by fraud or speed cameras
  13. I started following this thread from the beginning and intended to post,I get knocked down by all the Measurements,graphs,DSP etc... I really only follow vinyl,I have a DAC and a beaten up old laptop and it sounds great - just how I like it of course some material is hard to listen to as it's not up to scratch but it's the same with vinyl
  14. enrae8

    one word daily

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    one word daily