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  1. I have to say that my MISOS with modest active Majik 4100s and my newly acquired ADSM/3 Katalyst sound mighty fine to me.
  2. I have used the ADSM MC phono with my LP12/Ittok/ DV20XL and previously had a Linto/ Akurate Kontrol and LK140 set up with active Kelidhs, then went MDSM, Misos Aktive with two 4100s to ADSM Renew and now have ADSM3 Katalyst. I preferred the DSM phono to the Linto as I feel it has a lighter touch with more transparency. Cheers John
  3. Thanks guys , I think I was having a bit of a moment, listening to my Specials album at the moment, all good..........
  4. This is my dilemma, I have had an LP12 / Ittok since the 80's. I have now got to a Cymbiosis LP12, Cirkus, Hercules, Tramp2, the 80's Ittok, and DV20xl. I have Majik isobariks, aktiv with two Majik 4100s and an Akurate Renew DSM , I could afford , having retired recently, about £3000 and I am thinking of trading in the renew and the LP12 for a better streaming solution as I feel that the incremental cost of improvement is greater with digital than with the LP12, especially when reading of issues experienced with a Klimax system such as the above.
  5. Thanks guys, I think I should involve Billy Vee in Lewisham who are closest to me
  6. I think I need to replace the mid driver on one of my Majik Isobariks, is the procedure for getting to the unit as described by Hans ? Thanks John