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  1. Hi, I had a 34 a while back and it was impressively neutral. Like I could pull it in and out of the signal chain and not hear a difference. The tilt control was really handy for bad recordings. Build quality was excellent, a really solid bit of kit.
  2. Hi ya, I had a RX1065 for years that is very similar. Your amp has tone controls and a parametric EQ. It also has YPAO room correction and a few other things like dynamic range compensation and dialogue lift. I'd be inclined to check everything is off to begin with, and see if you like it 'direct'. Then have a play with the various features. I know YPAO has a few settings you can play around with and you can access the parametric EQ in the same menu. The tone controls should be on the front but they're usually just a bass and treble control.
  3. AC/DC - Thunderstruck Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving (bass riff) The Stranglers - Golden Brown (harpsichord riff)
  4. From the Basement by Radiohead runs it a close second, but Heim by Sigur Ros wins for me.
  5. The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole (1993)
  6. I''ll see him tomorrow so I'll ask, but I'm pretty sure anything remotely useful got sold a while back, unless your TV from the 50's needs a valve.
  7. My old man has built his own tester and seems to be collecting weird and useless valves. I'm sure he'd be happy to test and return the audio ones in return for all the weird ones that don't fit anything. I'm in Bedfordshire, let me know if it's any help and I'll ask him.
  8. Nina Simone - To Love Someboy (1969)
  9. In the past when I've wanted to separated my hi-fi and home cinema bits, I've used external speaker/RCA switches. Which would give you a lot more choice when picking an amp. Edit: The Creek OBH-12 passive pre is also great for this, as it has a remote.
  10. Otis Reading - Nobody's Fault But Mine
  11. I also wish I'd ignored hi-fi magazines, reviews and buying based on them. I've gone from Cyrus and B&W, through PMC and Bryston, to Quad and Spendor, and will most likely end up with valves.
  12. The folks went away, so I've had the honour of going round to feed Lord Thomas.