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  1. Are the satellites in this set Piega TMicro 40 AMT's? Is the subwoofer a TMicro SUB? Thanks
  2. Bump - Reduced to £100 Delivered
  3. Bump - Reduced to £110 Delivered
  4. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (MFSL UDCD 517) in an archival pocket. This disc is the 24kt Gold Plated version. I purchased this new in 1988. Please note that the back insert was trimmed to fit into the archival pocket. I'm located in Shrewsbury £40
  5. The Complete Capitol Singles Collection (4CD Boxset) Pal Joey (2008 Remaster) Sinatra Live in Paris 1962 Frank Sinatra Collectors Series Classic Sinatra Frank Sinatra Live in Australia 1959 Sinatra’s Sinatra A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra Please note that these discs are all in archival pockets except Pal Joey and The Complete Capitol Singles Collection which are in their issued packaging. All CD's are in very nice condition. All 11 CD's £40 I am located in Shrewsbury.