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  1. If the' general kitchen fitter' is any good they will know that a registered Gas Safe engineer has to fit and sign off on the job. If that includes clearing an existing installation they should know that too. If the 'general fitter' tries to string you along to accept anything less than using a full 'Gas Safe' engineer get rid of them. It's for your safety.
  2. Bathroom renovate help.

    I use a Screwfix tube cutter, part no 49428. They cost £2.99. Rehearse with a spare bit of pipe before you do the actual job
  3. Which pre-amplifier?

    I would consider spending some of the £3K on a trip to Scalford. There will be a lot of amp combos on demo and owners who will be only too happy to chat to you about them. Then you will have more of an idea of what to do with the balance of your money. Buying blind is very risky unless you can get most of your money back if you decide to move the kit on.
  4. Dependent on what you are thinking of buying it could be worth getting a cheap flight and picking it up. If its in northern Germany you could drive, stop off overnight and make a mini break of it.
  5. Equity release

    I would have a chat over a beer with a couple of Wammers who are landlords. It's quite difficult to understand what you need to do to be a good landlord exchanging messages on line. You need to have your business model worked out - why are you doing it? Also understand that when things go wrong and need fixing it's never at 9.00 on a Monday morning and you have to provide back up. If you use an agent to provide your back up that has to be costed in.
  6. Referenda (or Referendums....)

    The plural of Referendum is Referendums.
  7. SOLD Quad ESL988

    I've got 18 inches behind my 2805's which is enough if you put a bit of acoustic dressing behind. You are welcome to listen to mine but I'm in London so you might as well go down to Robin's for an audition.
  8. grammar schools ? good or bad ?

    The Conservatives don't want to increase the number of Grammar schools for equality or any other reasons to do with education. It is simply about vote buying. Children who go to a Grammar school are viewed as on the up by their families although their education could be less good than at any other school. The families view themselves as part of the establishment and start to act accordingly. This is another way of Gerrymandering at the tax payers expense. If the Conservatives were interested in improving children's lives they would allow more social housing to be built with the money that will be squandered on this covert electioneering. PS : I was educated at a Grammar school.
  9. Windows 10 (free)?

    W10 works very well on a new PC and I was expecting to have all my computers on it. It's just the way the forced upgrade has been handled, I now have 3 operating systems 7, 8.1 and 10. I only had 7 because 8.0 didn't work properly. This is how to turn a success in to a debacle.
  10. Windows 10 (free)?

    I think the whole W10 upgrade has been a complete and utter debacle which has eroded my faith in Microsoft. I had 3 laptops and a desk top to upgrade to upgrade but only 2 of the laptops would accept the upgrade. None of them were very old - in fact the oldest was one which took the upgrade. One laptop refused to upgrade because there was a hardware compatibility issue and on the desk top which is quite high spec everything was fine but there was no internet access after the upgrade. Given that what I was upgrading from and to was all a string of 1's and 0's a 50% success rate is piss poor and the whole thing very badly handled. I wouldn't worry about sticking with what you've got. I'm so cheered up about the whole thing that I'm going to look at Ubuntu on an old desk top. I don't want to go over to Apple but I want an OS I can have faith in.
  11. IT Microsoft Scam?

    So far this week I've had a 'problem' with my Yahoo account - the problem being that I don't have one and a 'problem' with my Paypal account for which I need to send my bank details to a web address called which is in Malaysia. You will never receive a genuine email with any content other than a request to log in to your secure account to get info. If you get emails asking you to go anywhere else and with any confidential info it is a scam.
  12. I do approve of democracy and I would like to live in one. This majority government was voted in by a third of those who voted leaving the majority of voters with no representation. We live in a [not very] benign dictatorship and will continue to do so for as long as it suits the vested interests of the 2 main parties. Sovereignty is a state of mind, an emotional feeling, and this referendum needs to be decided based on facts and for the leave campaign there aren't any because nobody knows what will happen if.... The most reasoned advice I have read on how to vote comes from Martin Lewis on the Moneysavingexpert website .
  13. Jo Cox MP Murdered.

    The reason will come out and from early TV reports it looks to be incited by the work of Gove, Farage and Johnson. Of course they will sleep easy knowing there is no direct link to them. Let's see how this pans out ...
  14. Windows 10 self installing.

    I found out why my Samsung RV511 won't update from Windows 7 to W10. Update error C1900101-20017 which is telling me that the Broadcom 802.11n WiFi adapter installed is not compatible with W10. Microsoft have known about it for a year and couldn't give a toss.If they are trying to build credibility and confidence in their operating system they could hardly do a worse job.
  15. Windows 10 self installing.

    I've successfully updated 3 laptops, one from W7 and two from W8.1. I'm having a problem updating my last W7 laptop . It sets itself up and downloads the update correctly but when it attempts to install it the screen goes dark blue with a 4 section pale blue window displayed. So far this has happened 4 times - this time I've left it to cogitate for 16 hours so far. To stop it and get the laptop to respond I've previously had to pull out the battery and it will start up with W7 again and I delete the downloaded update before trying again only to get the same pale blue window on screen. Any suggestions how to fix it? Thanks in anticipation.