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  1. Thank you very much for your comments and clarification. Very helpful. The reason for my question is that I have the Leema Xones which has been described as dry as well. So "dry" and "dry" could easily be an overkill.
  2. Heaving read the review I want to check with the DIA 250s owner on the mentioned dryness. Do you consider the DIA 250s to be dry? Thanks.
  3. You could also contact Fidelity Audio? https://www.fidelityaudio.co.uk/
  4. Hi thank you for your reply. I actually have Leema Xones as speakers. They could sound a bit lean and forward. I have partnered them with an Arcam A 38 which is actually a good combination. But I have also an Exposure 3020s2. I like this combination as well but it could be too forward at times. Same applies for my third combination: Chevron Paradox Pre & Avondale S100 ... So I really need to sell some stuff btw. But it is actually a kind of combination I am looking for: the Arcam A 38 and its smoothness combined with the Exposure 3020s2 which is more detailled. So easy going and enjoyment sound very good to me.
  5. Hi there, I could buy a Gato DIA 250 here in Austria and I am interested in its sonic character and traits. How would you describe those? Is it smooth and full sounding or aggressive and forward sounding? Just as an example. Thanks for your support.
  6. Hi Solid State! Just wanted to thank you for your input. Just try again my old MF X-A 200 R, it needs some renovation, together with my Arcam Alpha 7 SE cd player. Not that bad actually. I could live again with it for some time to come - hopefully the amp doesn't break down completely. But I still can see that the MF X-A 200 R is on the bright side and seems I have that earlier not so sure about now.... Anyway I think, I will join the integrated-camp again. Thinking of your much cherished Rega Elicit or Arcam A 38 or maybe a QUAD 77 integrated amp. Then add a decent dac, Arcam, Rega or Audiolab. Arcam or Cyrus cd player remaining as a transport. And finally maybe change the speakers. If speakers are to stay, then I think the partnership with the Arcam could be rewarding. Still I have some standmount-speakers - the AURA with the lineaum tweeters - if you ever heard of those tweeters....
  7. Hi Earl! Thank you very much for your input - I appreciate it a lot! Good to hear that you consider it to be serviceable in the future. So I guess I will start to tinker with the other components as you have recommended. I will start with the pre-amp and cd player as I am anyway thinking of something like a pre-amp + dac - audiolab m-dac comes to my mind as I have a Cyrus CD 8x and an Arcam Alpha 7 se as a transport anyay plus it will provide me the possibility to use my laptop and other stuff in the future more flexible. Next, I will be looking for smooth loudspeakers - bringing me back to SSM and this thread. So, thanks a lot from Austria! PS: Nevertheless, I am still interested to hear the opinion about the QUAD 909.
  8. Dear Solid! I have read quite a lot of your thread, so not everything, and I am actually interested in buying a Quad 909. At the moment I am running an Avondale S 100 as a power amplifier which is very good indeed as far as I can say. Preamp is a MF A1 FBP and main source is a MF A1 CD Pro. My speakers are cheapo Aura LS with Lineaum tweeters or Leema Xones. Especially the MF/Avondale/Leema combination is much too forward for my likening and the Xones will have to leave, methinks. But it is not priority nr. 1 at the moment. Anyway I have the feeling that I would like to have a smoother sound. So I might change everything in due course but the first thing I consider to change is the Avondale S 100 because I have read at PFM that Les, Avonadales's very kind mastermind, is retiring at might not be able to repair the unit in the future - I have bought it back in 2010 as a ready-built unit. Swapping the Avondale with the Quad 909 might smooth the sound and I would like to hear your or other forum users' opinion on that matter; plus Quad will repair the unit in the foreseeable future. My listining is mainly to pop & rock, classic rock, 80s pop and rarely baroque music. So my question obviously concerns the QUAD 909... Thank you all for your comments! Ewald